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Your goal is to reach Ramses’ ship via the fishing boat at the back of the docks, but many enemies and some treasures stand in your way. There are numerous enemies in the section, but most have a set patrol path and can be stealth killed when they are not looking. The being said, you can also just head in and begin a fire fight to clear out the section quickly.

As you enter the docks an enemy will begin to walk away from you straight ahead, make sure to kill him before he turns around. Take cover and look over to the next barge on your right to spot another guy patrolling across the water and wait for him to pass before you sneak up and attack him. From this barge turn left and drop into the water to swim across to the barge with a crane on it and carefully make your way over the water onto the next barge to strangle another guard.

The yellow container on this barge is open and has the Silver Tribal Bangle inside that you should grab before you continue. Head back the way you came to the previous barge and hide behind the wooden crate as you wait for the guard to circle around the barge for another stealth kill.

Get the treasure in the open container (left) and then head back and kill Ramses’ man (right).

While over in the corner, turn around from the wooden crate and head to the end of the barge to find the Antique Silver Box on some barrels in the corner. This barge also has the Ancient Gold and Coral Bracelet on the opposite side of the barge if you circle around it and kill the guard on the opposite side.

Get both treasures on the main barge: the one on the south side (left) and the one on the north side (right).

When you finally head for the wench to lower the bridge a cutscene will occur. Quickly swim back to the dock and take out the new enemies that spawn from the right and make your way to the back left corner where another boat waits. When you try to hitch a ride on their boat the enemy will kick you off and a huge wave will hit the docks in a short scene. After the scene, run quickly to the end of the pier and hop off the metal plank and onto the escaping boat.

You’ll need to clear out the crew, but make sure to watch out for another boat on the ocean from which enemies will fire from. Once the first boat is cleared the enemies from the second boat will hop over for some close quarters combat, but but don’t stick around too long and jump to the second boat when it is close enough. Once again you’ll need to clear out the ship of its crew and when there is no one left grab the RPG near the cabin door and look for a third boat on the ocean. This final boat will fire RPGs at your ship and you need to take it out before it takes you down. With your boat sinking, hop on the cruise ships ladder and climb up to complete the chapter.

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