Head left until one of your characters is “killed” and then left and down to spot the monster hunter and get a scene. Pick up the Batteryless Tape Recorder and continue the descent, passing another Cave Painting . Head left until you run into the Crystal Cave Monster and then drop the recorder before getting tossed to the other side.

Find the hunter and grab the tape recorder that she throws at you (left). Climb down the ladder and pick up the Cave Painting (right).

Climb the nearby ladder to find and push a box to the floor and left. Climb the box and run past the lever, and up for a Cave Painting , before continuing left to find the previous explorers. Honk the clown’s horn if you want, but you’ll need to pry the Dead Battery out of the Dead Robot .

from the monster room, climb up to the left to find a dead robot (left) and another Cave Painting (right).

Return to the monster room and switch to either of your other allies not holding the battery and bring them into the monster room: one to pull the Lever you just ran past on the way to the dead explorers and one to pull the Lever in the area below.

Make sure to get the Cave Painting in the area below and then head through the now open gate and return to the pool of Electric Eels and hop in. Swim to the other side for a Cave Painting and get shocked to charge the Battery . Now return to the tape recorder and put the battery in.

Grab the Cave Painting below the monster room (left). Hop into the eel pool to charge the battery and find the cave painting on the left (right).

Trophy/Achievement Icon

To Soothe A Savage Beast

Recorded and played back the elevator music from the Zoo food court.

Trophy icon

Drop the recorder, which should now say Tape Recorder (Recording) and have the crystal monster toss you behind him again to record its growl. Pick up the recorder and return to the Hunter and drop it nearby to play the recording and sent her off. Now, use the Hot Dog Machine to get a Hot Dog and descend again. As you make your way to the cave monster, the monster will start to walk toward you. Run right and lure it across the stone bridge to cause it to crumble.

Once you have a hot dog, draw the monster to the right to open a passage to the next area.

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