When you reach the large pit of spikes, pull both levers to create a cave in and make your way across. Now head to the bottom of the shaft and meet the Miner. He will throw three things at you, a Shovel , a Bucket , and a Can of Corn . We want to let the Can of Corn get blown up and become a Destroyed Can of Corn for a trophy/achievement, so just leave it.

Pull the levers to begin the section (left). Climb all the way to the bottom to meet the irate miner (right).

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Fire in the Hole

All three characters killed by one Miner's dynamite.

Trophy icon

Grab the bucket and climb back up to the Water Puddle and fill the bucket. Now return to the miner and when he throws a stick of dynamite grab it with the bucket to put it out. Now climb back up and jump off the rope to the right and use the Dynamite and Flame to head into a side cavern. Using one character, block the mine cart to stop just below the crane and then use another to pull the Claw Lever , while collecting the Cave Painting . Now push the cart through to reach the miner.

Catch a stick of dynamite in the bucket of water (left) to access a sealed passage. Inside, use one character to position the mine cart below the claw and another to use the lever (right).

Return to the miner and grab another stick of dynamite and this time use it on the rocks on the level above the Water Puddle . You will need to use all three characters to create counter weight pressure and allow you to push the mine cart into the left tunnel. Before leaving, make sure to get the Cave Painting in the upper left.

Use all three characters as counterweights to move the cart to the track on the central left.

Once again, return to the miner for a stick of dynamite and blow the rocks up on the level above the previous. Head inside and jump across the large gap for a Cave Painting and then go down to the mine cart. With whoever has the shovel, jump into the cart and then push them into the tunnel with the other character. Make sure you’re on the character with the shovel as you pass through the tunnel and slap the Track Switch to get the cart to the miner.

Grab the Cave Painting as you enter (left), put the character with the shovel in the cart and give them a push (right).

Now bring all three characters onto the weakened track to drop down.

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