Using the Hillbilly’s special ability, swim through the underground tunnel and out the other side. Head right and grab a stick of Dynamite from the Crate of Dynamite and light it with the Flame to allow your party to enter.

Head left down the tunnel and meet the Amazing Two-Legged Lady before heading left to the prize booth with a Pink Bear. You will need to get 5 tickets to get this thing for the lady, so let’s get started.

Walk left, grab the nearby Carnival Ticket and place it in the Ticket Taker.

After swimming through the tunnel, blow up the wall to let your allies enter (left). Collect the Carnival Tickets and stick them into the Ticket Machine (right).

Now continue left until you reach the Dunking Booth and hop the Hillbilly on top and have an ally smack the target for another Carnival Ticket. Switch to the Hillbilly and swim through to tunnel to the left and climb the ladder for a Cave Painting .

Use the dunking booth to have the hillbilly enter the water below (left). Climb the ladder to the left for a Cave Painting (right).

Drop down and head right to climb the rope and then head left at the Guess Your Weight Machine . Keep going left, past the Wheel of Misfortune and up to find the Wrench and then switch characters.

Now climb up and this time go right at the Weight Machine and head all the way up to the top to find the Man of Ordinary Strength and a Barbell . Grab the barbell and head back the way you came and stop at Magnifico’s tent. Watch Magnifico make the cupcake disappear and then place the barbell on the Magician’s Table . Magnifico will make the barbell insvisible, but you can still pick it up and head to the weight machine.

Find the Man of Ordinary Strength and grab his barbell (left). Take it to the magician below to have it become invisible (right)

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Weight of the Beast

Got the Weight Guess scale to read 666.

Trophy icon

Stand on the pressure plate and hit the button to net yourself another Carnival Ticket . Note that if you are getting the 666 weight mentioned above you will need to make the barbell invisible again.

Using another ally, head to the top of the cavern and ride the carnival wheel around to grab a Cave Painting and then reach the Fuse Box . Switch to the Hillbilly and use the wrench on the Generator Truck to shut down the power and grab the Fuse . Now, drop to the ground and run across the carnival wheel to the left side and climb up by the Carnies . Once again, shut off the power and insert the fuse into the Empty Fuse Box .

Ride the ferris wheel around to reach a Cave painting (left) and a fuse (right).

The Carnies have now moved, so grab the Sledgehammer and use it on the Test Your Strength Machine for another Carnival Ticket .

Return to the fuse and grab it once again by shutting off the power and head right, past the carnival wheel, and insert it into the Empty Fuse Box by the fortuneteller Xavetar . Talk to him and note the color of his crystal ball and head to the Wheel of Misfortune. Use the Color Picker to select the color of Xavetar’s crystal ball and pull the Lever to get the final Carnival Ticket .

Use the fuse in the empty fuse box next to the fortune teller (left). Select the colour he gives you on the wheel of Misfortune for another ticket.

After inserting all tickets and getting the Pink Bear, return to the lady for a scene. There is now a new prize in the machine and you need only one ticket, which is located to the left with the kid again. Grab the Carnival Ticket and get the Lighter . Grab the Wrench with the Hillbilly and head back to the dunking booth and drop him into the water, where he can swim off to the right to reach a Pipe Valve Nut and a Cave Painting .

Use the dunking machine again to access the Valve Pipe Nut beneath the carnival (left). Venture a little further to the right for a Cave Painting (right).

Turn the pipe valve nut and then use the Lighter on the Hay Bales to the right of the lady to finish the area and continue.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Funnier Than a Burning Carnival

Completed the Hillbilly's side-area.  (Xbox only)

Trophy icon

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