Head through the Master’s Gate and grab the Cave Painting before pushing the boat into the water and hoping aboard. After hitting land, use the ladder and follow the slope up, grabbing the Straight Pipe . At the Hermit’s shack, grab the Cave Painting and then push to box off to the right to allow you to jump up the ledge. Head all the way to the other side of the island now and move the new box left into the cave below.

Grab the straight pipe next to the Cave Painting at the hermit’s hut (left). Place the pipe into the relevant gap in the piping on the right hand side of the island (right).

Place the pipe in the Pipe Socket and then grab the Cross Pipe from the Hermit’s shack and return. Head inside the cave and go under the balloon and take the upper path to place the pipe in the cross-shaped Pipe Socket and view the Cave Painting nearby. Now, grab the L Shaped Pipe and head left, passing a possible Cave Painting on an large rock (it depends on the characters if it is there), to place it in another Pipe Socket .

Grab the L-shaped pipe from next to the Cave Painting (left) and insert it into the relevant gap in the pipe on the left side of the island (right).

Descend to the level below and turn the Water Valve and then go left and grab the boat and push it all the way right until you reach a new pool of water that is blocking the way.

Remember the two Pirate Flag s you passed on the surface? Well there is another to the bottom right of the boats location. Move your characters to each flag and pull them to reach the powder kegs. Move a keg to each of the following location:

  • The ladder
  • Just before the set of four stones
  • Under the water and breakable stones

Now go back to the east side of the island and grab the **Can of Corn** and place it by the keg under the water. Now grab the keg by the ladder and pull it until it lights. Quickly push it back the way you came and cause a chain reaction of explosions that should destroy the rocks and get you the **Creamed Corn** trophy/achievement. Also, if you have the adventurer, get the **Cave Painting** on the rock between the lava by swinging to it.

Pull the three pirate flags (left). Position the powder kegs as such (right), place the can of corn from the right hand beach of the island next to one of them before detonating for an achievement/trophy.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Creamed Corn

Saw every Can of Corn in The Cave destroyed.

Trophy icon

With the water now gone, return to the boat and pull the Lever and push to boat until it stops under the balloon. There is another Water Valve nearby, use it and then push the boat to the ocean. Sadly, the Hermit has occupied one of our seats, so let’s get rid of him.

Use the valves in the cave to move the boat through to the right hand side of the island.

Return to where the powder kegs were and grab the Femur and head to the Hermit’s shack and drop it off by the Spanky . Now, grab the Box of Crackers by the east ocean and find the Parrot , located by the first flag, and use them to cause him to land on your shoulder. Now head back to the shack and wave the femur at Spanky to record his bark and head to the Hermit. With the Hermit gone, board the boat and head off.

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