Sillea Tundra

Red Sage, Lemon Gel, Red Jasmine, Omega Elixir, 4000 Gald, Seaweed Salad (Small), Heart Eyepatch, Pearl x8
Milla Wakes

Head east along the north wall to a chest with Pearl x8 and then check the nearby tree for an Aifread’s Treasure with the Heart Eyepatch.

Cut southwest to a chest with 4000 Gald and then head south along the west wall for a chest with Seaweed Salad (Small) . Going south more only leads to Fezebel Marsh, so zone north, heading back the way you came.

Head north a bit for a scene and then watch the skits Milla Wakes . West of the south zone is a Red Sage that you should get and then cut across to the east side for a chest with a Lemon Gel.

Back on the west side, climb the vines to get the Red Jasmine in a chest and then hop off to the north and check behind the boulder for an Aifread’s Treasure with an Omega Elixir. You can now zone to the Nala Lava Tubes .

Nala Laval Tubes

Life Bottle x2, Miracle Gel, Red Savory, Specific, Saffron, Apple Gel, 10000 Gald, Spicy Chicken Roll (Small), Gothic Cardigan, Flame Cape, Iron Leggings, Monster Fluid x5, Silver Ore x20, **Skill Tome: “Wall of Soul”** , **Jet Black Feather x4**
The Outside World, Cooking with Fire Teagle, An Unexpected Chill

Head north, ignoring the loop, and hug the south wall as you head west to find a tunnel with Life Bottle x2 . Continue west to a dead end for a Miracle Gel and then backtrack and hop up the ledge and continue north.

Ignore the vines and get the Aifread’s Treasure for the Skill Tome: “Wall of Soul” just north on them on the east wall and then get the Red Savory at the dead end.

Now backtrack and climb up the vines and follow the path to an opening for a scene. After the fight, watch another scene and then watch the skits The Outside World and Cooking with Fire Teagle . Check the west wall of the open area for a tunnel with a Flame Cape and then zone north.

Head north to a split and then follow the path north and then hop down. The north path here leads to a Specific , while the south only loops around for some random treasure. Head back to the split now and go west and then north, hugging the west wall to find a tunnel with Iron Leggings .

Continue north, stopping south to a Gothic Cardigan, and get the chest with a Spicy Chicken Roll (Small) before you climb the vines to a tunnel on the south wall with Jet Black Feather x4 , while the dead end has an Aifread’s Treasure with 10000 Gald .

Now zone north and save your game! Follow the linear path north for a scene.

Boss: Fire Teagle

The Fire Teagle is fast and uses charge attacks that can knock you over an break through your hit combos. Additionally he is aided by minions that will respawn even when defeated. Focus on taking out the Teagle and let your allies deal with the minions.

Using water based attacks like Rowen’s water magic will help make this match end quickly. If you use Item Steal you will get a Omega Elixir.

Drops: Might Ring & Garnet

Watch the skit An Unexpected Chill and then zone west. Follow the path north until you reach a large room and then check the northeast corner for a tunnel leading to a Saffron before you continue west. Take either path of the loop to continue north and hop down at the split.

To the west is a dead end with an Apple Gel that you should get and then continue east, hugging the south wall to find a tunnel with Monster Fluid x5. At the split, head south to a chest with Silver Ore x20 and then zone north.

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