Culmar Trail

Item Checklist
Black Dog’s Tail
Skits Checklist
When Elize Grows Up

Although you can switch out party members to suit your battle style, I suggest you keep Elize in the party for healing and status ailments.

While traveling you will likely get the skit When Elize Grows Up , so begin by following the path west and at the first split that does not return to the main road head west to a dead end with a circle that has an Aifread’s Treasure with a Black Dog’s Tail . Head back east, hugging the wall, and take the small tunnel on the south side to a Mysterious Jewel and then return to the road.

The Black Dog’s Tail is in an Aifreads Treasure near a tunnel with another Mysterious Jewel.

Return east and head south, turning right before the dead end. Take the west path at the loop to a tunnel, which leads to Orange Soup (Small) , and then return and head southeast to a dead end with another Aifread’s Treasure containing 4000 Gald .

Grab the Orange Soup (Small) and make sure to get the Aifreads Treasure before leaving.

Now head through the tunnel nearby to reach the Syrup Bottle x3 and then zone to the next area.

Bermia Gorge

Item Checklist
Seal Ward
Skits Checklist
Nachigal’s Consolidation of Power

After the scene exit the cavern and watch the skit Nachigal’s Consolidation of Power before heading south for some random loot and then climbing up to the Seal Ward you passed under on a short ledge.

Head north now and climb the gorge walls to a level with a set of vines, but ignore them and head south to jump down to a small ledge with Jet Black Feather x7 . Climb back up and take the vines to a bend north with a Panacea Bottle x2 before you zone.

Jump off the ledge for the valuable Jet Black Feathers and then continue for more treasure.

Follow the path, taking the west path to a Potato Salad (Small) , and then return and follow the path up. When you reach the vines to climb up check the ledge to the right to jump down and get a Wind Cape on a ledge below.

You must now drop down to the lowest level, getting the Orange Gel x2 , and then climb back up to the vines at the top. This time, jump off on the left side to find an Aifread’s Treasure with a Headband and then climb up the vines to get the Silver Hat before you jump off to the north and zone.

Get the Aifreads Treasure on a small ledge before climbing up to a chest.

Start by heading northeast and jumping down to a small ledge that may have a treasure bag and then jump down to the lowest level and take the only set of vines up to a chest with Lavender .

Return to the level you entered on and this time go west until you get the chest with Pure White Puffball x5 and then head north up the vines and immediately look right for an Aifread’s Treasure with an Elixir x2 . Continue to a chest with a Fancy Ribbon and instead of zoning to the east head south to a set of vines that lead up to 3000 Gald . You can now drop down and zone.

Some Elixirs lie in the next Aifreads Treasure and a Fancy Ribbon is also nearby.

Save your game, but don’t head up the vines. Push the nearby boulder that blocks the vines that we passed before, but couldn’t climb, to clear the obstruction and then follow the path around the back of the area to get a Life Bottle . You can now return to the vines and climb up for a scene.

Boss: Nameless Anomaly

Weakness: Earth

Keep him busy to prevent him from casting any spells, but stay away when he flies high to cast the AOE’s. Overall the fight is not difficult if you avoid the major AOE attacks, but keep Elize in the party for heals and ailment recovery to be safe.


  • When the Anomaly backs up to cast an arte it will likely be Shimmering Toll, which can cause confusion and easily lead to your characters wiping each other out.
  • Angel Light is a close range AOE that creates a horizontal beam of light that damages the characters directly in front of the Anomaly
  • Sometimes when you are close, the Anomaly will latch on to a character using Panic Veil, which isn't strong but can cause SkillSeal

Drops: **Winged Boots** & **Earth Cape**

After the event watch the skits A Show of Spirit and A Home for Elize and then check the surrounding area for a Melange Gel x3 and 5000 Gald . You can now either head back to Sharilton or take on the first of the Devil’s Beasts.

Devil Beast Boss: Folzam

Weakness: Earth

Without leveling up a bunch this guy will one shot you, so don’t get pissed if you die.

Folzam can teleport from one location to another, attacking your healerunexpectedly, so keep moving to avoid its attacks and keep everyone at full health to ensure your survival. When Folzam reaches low health he will start to summon allies and his attacks become even more deadly.

Drop: Folzex, the Grudge-Bearer

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