Royal Hunting Grounds

Lavender, Specific, Panacea Bottle x2, Melange Gel, Treat, Blue Savory, 3000 Gald, 4000 Gald, Beef Bowl (Small), Mind Ward, Topknot, Hazardous Liquid x5, Fur x8, **Jet Black Feather x6** , **Mysterious Jewel**

Follow the west wall and climb up the ledge and continue to a tunnel that leads to a Lavender . Cut back east and climb up the other side for another tunnel, this one leading to Hazardous Liquid x5 , and then head north along the east wall to find an Aifread’s Treasure with the Topknot inside on a tree.

Continue along the east wall to a tunnel, with a Specific, and then cut across the grounds to the west for a chest with a Mind Ward . Now zone to the north.

Head west along the wall to a Beef Bowl (Small) and then go east and north to a ledge with a tunnel, which has Jet Black Feather x6 on the other side.

Check the boulder on this ledge for an Aifread’s Treasure with a Mysterious Jewel and then hop off the ledge and go east, and a little south, to a chest with Panacea Bottle x2 . Continue east and hop up the ledge and enter the tunnel for 3000 Gald and then zone north.

Head north straight to a treasure with Fur x8 and then climb the cliff straight ahead to reach the bandits for the sub event, which you can turn in later. Grab the Melange Gel and hop of to the west and go south to a cliff with a tunnel that leads to a Treat .

Now; hop off and go north to another cliff that you can climb and enter the tunnel to find a Blue Savory and then head east, just south of the shopkeeper, and find the tunnel that leads to the final treasure with 4000 Gald . You can how head to Labari Hollow .

Labari Hollow

Treat, Life Bottle, Melange Gel, Syrup Bottle, Blue Basil, Verbena x5, 2000 Gald, 3000 Gald, Tofu Miso Soup (Small), Battle Guard, Middy Blouse, Stone Ward, Goofy Glasses, Giant Shell x7, Crown Feather x10, **Skill Tome: “Gifted Healer”** , **Jet Black Feather x5**
Alvin’s Wound, The Mercenary-Client Privilage, Elize’s Stalker

As you enter head left and enter the first door to get the Tofu Miso Soup (Small) from inside and then exit again. Continue around clockwise to a dead end with Giant Shell x7 and then head counter clockwise toward the entrance .

The first room has only random loot; so continue counter clockwise to the end and grab the Stone Ward before you cross the bridge , which has an Aifread’s Treasure with Goofy Glasses hidden under the walkway on the right side as you cross.

On the other side; grab the Battle Guard from the open and use the door to reach the other side of the canyon.

Hop down and follow the path to two sets of door, the first one leading to a Treat and the other advancing you through the dungeon . Check the fourth room for a Life Bottle and then exit.

Grab the Melange Gel from the chest before crossing the bridge and then grabbing the Syrup Bottle on the other side. Enter the first door for a Blue Basil and then enter the second to find 2000 Gald and regroup with Alvin and Elize .

Exit out the nearby door and jump down. Star by heading counter clockwise and entering the first door to get Verbena x5 and then exit and continue to find a small alcove with Crown Feather x10 .

Return to where you jumped down and head into the opposite door and follow it to an Aifread’s Treasure with the Skill Tome: “Gifted Healer” before you exit the nearby door and get the Jet Black Feather x5 on the other side.

Finally; return to the previous area and jump down to the final level to get the Middy Blouse and 3000 Gald .

We can now leave and finish up a few loose ends, but first you’ll need to walk back out of the dungeon for a scene. Afterwards; watch the skits Alvin’s Wound and The Mercenary-Client Privilege before you follow Elize. Once you have regrouped; watch the skit Elize’s Stalker and then warp to Xian Du .

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