Sapstrath Deepwood

Item Checklist
1500 Gald
Skits Checklist
Crowning Glory

After the scene, head west and crawl through the small passage and continue for a scene. Elize is a strong artes user and is great support, but first you need to fill in her Lilium Orb and set up her skills. Note that with Elize in the party, you will likely not need healing through Auto-Items. If you have been using gels, I suggest you turn them off.

After you are done setting her up, climb the vines and crawl through the opening to the south to reach 1500 Gald and a side area with the sub event enemies and Jet Black Feather x6 .

Take the optional path south for two treasures, one with the valuable Jet Black Feathers.

Return to the split on the first zone of the Deepwood and turn right to head west and jump down to a chest with Orange Gel x2 . You may get the skits Crowning Glory and Lilium in Bloom on the way, which are rather funny, and then you can crawl through to the west and get the Poison Ward accessory.

As you enter the next area and jump down you will hit a smoke trap, which you should be careful of in the future. Take the northern route through the branches, while avoiding the shroom traps, and climb up to a chest with Mabo Curry (Small) inside. The vines to the west lead to an Aifread’s Treasure with Black Bunny Ears inside, while the south route leads to a one way jump down. Continue south through a tunnel and zone to the next area.

There is a chest with Mabo Curry near a cliff with another Aifreads Treasure.

Start by heading south and then east at the split through a crawl space to reach a chest with Verbena , with two more chests to the south via the vines that contain a Hard Coat and Apple Gel x2 .

Around this time you should get the skit Elize’s Spiritology , but its no biggy if you don’t yet. Return to the split and climb up to the south now, getting the Orange Gel x2 , and then return to the previous zone to the north.

Head straight north and climb the vines to reach a chest with Mysterious Liquid x6 and follow this to the next zone. Grab the chest with Supple Ivy x9 and then follow the northern wall to a chest with a Holy Bottle before you exit to the south.

This will lead to the upper level of the previous area you visited and with no need to jump down, follow the path west and grab the Life Bottle before you save and zone for a scene.

Boss: Jiao

This guy starts out with some pets that can be taken care of first, although he can whistle to recall them to the fight.

The major thing to watch for is an exclamation point over his head that signals his hammer area-of-effect attack that can pack a good punch and knock the party over. Be ready to back away from this to conserve your life and go all out with Linked Combos when you can.

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