Nia Khera

Item Checklist
500 Gald
Skits Checklist
Milla’s Hometown
Sub Events Checklist
Incoming Monster

Start by talking to the Elder again to accept the sub event Incoming Monster and then enter the building nearby to find 500 Gald . A skit Milla’s Hometown should pop up as you explore, so watch it and then head down the hill and enter the building on the left to find an Apple Gel .

To the south is the Inn, which doesn’t have anything special, but just north of it is the Temporal Fire Stone and east of it is the Temporal Water Stone .

Collect the Temportal Stones around Nia Khera.

Near the east exit of the village is a boy looking for a Napple, so accept and complete this sub event Something Tasty if you picked up the Napple in Hamil for a Drippy Nose . To the left of this kid is another man who will unlock the sub event The Myth of Maxwell .

Grab the Temporal Earth Stone nearby and check the nearby building for a Sandwich (Small) . The building north of this has a Mysterious Jewel that you should get and then head northwest to get the final Temporal Wind Stone .

Make sure to grab the Mysterious Jewel in the hut before by the Temporal Earth Stone.

Talk to the Devotee nearby who wants an Insect Husk for the sub event Offerings for Milla . After finding all four temporal stones you should get the skit The Silencing and can either advance the story, finish the sub events, or grind some levels.

To grind levels, head to the northwest exit into the Floodmeadow, which has very hard enemies that can kill you in one hit, but if you manage to win a round you can level up quickly. To advance the story and complete the sub event Incoming Monster, head to the southwest exit.

Xagut Floodmeadow

Item Checklist

Start by heading east to a small rock with a Lavender on the other side and then follow the water east to another chest with a Chamomile and zone north. Head north along the west side of the area and get the chest with a Saffron .

From the Saffron, head east along the wall to find an Aifread’s Treasure containing the Black Dog’s Muzzle . To the south is a chest with Jet Black Feather x10 that you should get, and then climb the vines to the east.

Follow the south wall east to a chest with a Savory and then head almost directly north to find a tunnel that leads to 5000 Gald before you zone north.

If you zone to the southwest you will be on the upper ledge of the previous area, but the only thing here is one of the fastest Devils’ Beasts. From the southeast zone, head north and climb up the small ledge and hug the east wall to an Omega Elixir . Now run all the way to the west side, jump down to the south and open the chest with Great Tree’s Fruit x2 near a tunnel. Follow the west wall north up two ledges and open the chest with a Jasmine before you zone north.

Start by following the east wall into a small tunnel south that has a Mysterious Jewel and then head north toward the center of the area to find a Verbena by a small rock. Head northeast only a few feet to a tree with an Aifread’s Treasure containing 10000 Gald and then backtrack west of the previous chest to find a Basil along the south wall.

Nia Khera Spiritway

Item Checklist
Panacea Bottle

Head west along the northern wall until you reach a chest with a Panacea Bottle and then head southeast to a small outcropping to find 800 Gald in a chest near the cliffside. Follow the southern wall south to a cliff that you can climb and check behind the boulder on your left for another Aifread’s Treasure , Framed Glasses , and the enemies for the sub event in Nia Khera. Hope down and grab the Jet Black Feather x5 from the chest on the west wall and head north toward the zone.

There is an Aifreads Treasure in the southwest, on a cliffside near the Jet Black Feathers.

Take the southern path up some ledges to chest with a Yakisoba Noodles (Small) and then follow the area to the west. North of the first offshoot, on the middle cliffside, is another Aifread’s Treasure with a Mysterious Jewel and the west offshoot has a Leather Cape at the end.

There is a second Aifreads Treasure in the west zone to the east of a Leather Cape.

You can now check the northern section for a chest with Sage and search points and treasure bags before exiting to the west.

Millas Shrine

Head straight toward the shrine for a scene, with the hilarious Ivar, and then make your way back to Nia Khera.

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