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Saints Row IV

Dancing Queen

Jarrod Garripoli

It’s time to help Ben King finally put an end to Tanya, who is corrupting people with some kind of virus that turn them into her sex trade workers. Meet up with King, who brings you to the first location via helicopter. When he stops, get out and jump down below to find the first virus carrier. Kill the Vice Kings, then attack the carrier until you can get the virus out of them.

Follow King to the second spot, where you see the virus carrier getting away in a vehicle. You have a few ways about stopping it, with the obvious one being to destroy the vehicle with a weapon, like a rocket launcher or something similar. You can also use your Buff power and just run alongside the car, which will either blow it up or set fire to its occupants.

There’s a variety of ways to stop the virus carrier in the car, such as with your powers or even a good ol’ rocket launcher. Once you do, attack the person and absorb the virus as usual.

Whichever you do, attack the virus carrier afterwards and absorb the virus. There will be one more spot, so go to it and kill all of the Vice King members there, then do the thing with the virus carrier one last time. With them out of the way, it’s time to go after Tanya, so head to her newly established club, Technically Legal.

Head inside the club and then go sign up for amateur night. You’ll go backstage, so get onto the actual stage and start dancing. It doesn’t really matter whether you do the button presses or not, but it helps to immerse yourself into the dance. When your dance is over, you find out that Tanya already left.

Get to the roof and you’ll spot Tanya flying off, so chase after her until she stops. She has a shield, so you’ll need to use your powers on her before you can start inflicting damage. Bring her half down to about half and Tanya will run off again, so chase her and continue fighting her in the same manner. Once she kneels down, go up and press the button to toss her into the park. Check on her body and the mission will come to an end with Ben finally ending it.

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