Chapter 5: City Under Attack

Rank Accuracy: Allowed Deaths: Completion Time: Enemies Killed:
A 70%> 2 70+
B 60-69% 5 55-80 minutes 60-69
C 50-59% 9 80-100 minutes 40-59
D 9+ >100 minutes 0-39

Follow the BSAA soldier and quickly make your way around the corner. The C-virus gas turns everyone into a zombie, and this time it can also turn you into one, so avoid it. Upstairs, kick in the door and turn right immediately, rushing up the stairs, entering the right door. Safety? Not quite, the gas will spread through the windows soon enough, so search the room VERY quickly for the following items: [ 9MM AMMO x2 ] on the small table, [ 12-GAUGE SHELLS ] on the other low table, a [ WOODEN CRATE ], a [ WOODEN BOX ], and a [ RED HERB ] (in the back near the counter; be fast).

$$$item 1639

Rush upstairs and immediately up the next flight of stairs. Search the place for [ WOODEN CRATES x3 ] and wait for the doors to open. You’ll have to fight a few zombies (to keep you entertained) in the meantime. Dash through the corridors and loot the [ WOODEN CRATE x3 ]. A very large horde of zombies chases you. It’s quite possible to stay around and defend yourself against all of them until they’re all dead, but it takes a few minutes (it does make the next scene funny however). Head through the double doors whenever you feel like it and move into the car.

After the ride, climb over to the other side. The chopper helps you fight off the zombies (which you can thin out until the game forces you to go into the alley). Crawl into the corridor and loot the contents of the [ WOODEN BOX x2 ] there. Move through the building and defeat the two BSAA zombies in the area with the jeep (where you healed Helena, remember?). Aim for their head, then move in for the melee kill. You can find [ WOODEN BOXES x2 ] around here, as well as a [ GREEN HERB ] in the jeep.

$$$item 1640

Head through the door and go downstairs a little. A batch of zombies approaches, so place a remote bomb on the stairs and timely detonate it to destroy the whole pack. Alternatively an incendiary grenade works wonders too. If you don’t have either, you’ll unfortunately have to blast your way through.

Head through the door at the end. As you already knew, the city is in chaos. Shoot some zombies down the road, then hop onto the streets and slaughter some more zombies. Soon enough the way is cleared and the scene that you’ve already seen before unfolds once again. GET TO THE CHOPPER!! (Schwarzenegger voice from Predator, obviously.) Inside the chopper, do what you have to do; you know the drill. Fix your ride, save the lady, smash into stuff, making it out alive without a scratch, that’s what Leon does, you know?

After the scene, look around for [ WOODEN BOXES x5 ] before heading through the doors.

$$$item 1641

After hopping down to the area below a scene plays, then a boss fight starts.

Boss Battle: Simmons - Second Form (T-Rex)

After defeating Simmons a cutscene plays. You’ll have to hoist yourself up by doing the same thing as back in the plane: Hold both triggers down, release the left trigger and hold it again, release the right trigger and hold it again, etc. Mastering it is easy, you just have to get it right first.

Ada appears to be in trouble. Damage Simmons from afar, but keep an eye on your surroundings; a few zombies will spawn. After this you’ll need to hoist yourself up again, but this time you’ll want to hurry it up - Simmons will soon be chasing you. Fortunately Ada shoots him several times, saving your hide. A scene plays when you reach the top. Afterwards you’ll find yourself up against Simmons again, this time in what looks similar to his first form.

You’re fighting alongside Ada, with Helena helping from the vantage point in the building. Simmons packs quite a punch, and you’ll want to avoid his tail grapple, but his ram attack is equally painful. To make matters worse, several zombies roam the area. Fortunately there’s plenty of moving space, so keep a fair distance and strike him with your Shotgun and Magnum (but again, save a few of those precious bullets if you can). As usual, hurting Simmons makes him transform to his humanoid form, allowing you to perform the special melee attack for extra damage.

After defeating Simmons a few scenes will play, after which you’re up against.. surprise, Simmons! Immediately take cover, as his tail attack covers a ridiculous distance. Take out a few zombies, then move in for a few hits and take cover again. He uses his tail attack in the rhythm all the time, so it’s easy to predict when it strikes. Nonetheless it’s still a dangerous and powerful attack. You can loot the [ WOODEN CRATE x2 ] and [ WOODEN BOX ] on the other side; just be careful not to get hit. Empty a few clips of your Shotgun on Simmons (and perhaps a few magnum bullets if you can spare them, or even a remote bomb!), which ought to weaken him enough.

Before heading upstairs, loot the [ WOODEN CRATE ] and [ WOODEN BOX ] in the corner.

$$$item 1642

Head to the roof and loot the [ WOODEN CRATES x3 ] at the end of the walkway. Continue and head downstairs. Before kicking in the door with your partner, loot the [ WOODEN BOXES x2 ] in the corner. Don’t miss the [ WOODEN CRATE ] and [ WOODEN BOX ] on the right side of the next area behind the door either. Climb up the platform, reload your guns and boost Helena up.

Leon falls into a carriage and Helena will have to get it moving. Simply shoot ‘Simmons’ in his head and try to avoid his spit attack. Soon enough you’ll be able to exit.

Here, fight off the zombies and loot the [ WOODEN BOX x2 ] in the corner, then kick in the door. There are [ WOODEN CRATES x2 ] and a [ WOODEN BOX ] in this place. Head up the ladder and smash the [ WOODEN BOX x2 ] and [ WOODEN CRATE ] in the corner before dropping down.

Boss Battle: Simmons - Final Form (Giant Fly)

After the beast takes the lightning hit to the head, follow the path to the chopper. Once you get near it you’ll see another scene. Afterwards, grab the nearby RPG and aim it at Simmons eye… it’s pretty hard to miss as he just sits there waiting for you. Go ahead and fire, then sit back and watch the scenes that come afterward.

Congrats on beating Leon Kennedy’s campaign!


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