Chapter 4: Learning The Truth

Rank Accuracy: Allowed Deaths: Completion Time: Enemies Killed:
A 70%> 5 40+
B 60-69% 7 80-110 Minutes 30-39
C 50-59% 9 110-140 Minutes 20-29
C 9+ >140 Minutes 0-19

Well, they certainly want to keep us, don’t they? We’ll be driving the motorcycle and need to avoid getting blown up! The bike does have a health bar, by the way. During this first part of the chase, the chopper will shoot missiles that explode ahead of you (watch out!) and will even get ahead of you and fire its machine guns at you, so be sure to swerve to avoid these hazards.

Soon you will be doing some rooftop riding and at one point time will slow down while Sherry must kill the enemies with RPG’s. Even if you’re playing alone, you will still control Sherry here so aim for the explosive barrel by the J’avo on the right to take them out. After that you will be back on the streets but with motorcycle J’avo. One will be ahead of you tossing Moltov Cocktails behind him so try and avoid where they land. There will be some tight turns as well, but small cutscenes will handle those for you so keep the accelerator floored!

Soon there will be two J’avo throwing Moltov’s at you in a much wider street. Beware of the cars and trucks in the way. Stay in the center as much as you can to avoid the vehicles, but keep your eyes open for a jump on the right hand side of the screen. Once you hit it keep going to see another cutscene.

Well, we’re short one Sherry! There will be a timed button press, so hit it and then hit the gas. The chopper will send bamboo flying on the left, but don’t go too far to the right. You can drive through the bamboo. Hit another jump and soon you’ll be reunited.

After that continue fleeing until you see a scene where the chopper blows up a tanker. The thing will swerve across the road making you press a timed button press to skid underneath it, but once you do Sherry will have a chance to get a Serpent Emblem and blow up the truck:

Sherry Gameplay

BEFORE you shoot the tanker leaking gasoline, look for this Serpent Emblem:

$$$item 1675

Continue on, watching out for the vehicles in the road until you can hit a jump on the left. You’ll be in a building for a bit but soon the chopper will be right in front of you. You will have to quickly hit a timed button press to avoid being mowed down.

You’ll soon be out on the street again, avoiding vehicles and more Moltov’s. There’s more vehicles this time around, so slow down a bit if you have to. Keep going until you see a short scene and then you’ll need to avoid cars flying off the back of a trailer. You can easily avoid them by sticking close to one side of the road or another. Soon you can use the trailer as a ramp which will lead to a cutscene.

A Little Help, Guys?

Well, time to avoid dying. You’ll be helped out by Chris and his team, but you’re still very much exposed down here. Start killing off the J’avo that you can while avoiding machine gun fire from the chopper. Hand-to-hand isn’t a bad choice here. You can also find [ WOODEN CRATE x3 ] by running around the perimeter of this area. J’avo will keep pouring in but just keep killing them and soon they’ll be marked with red objective markers, meaning that you only have to kill the ones that are left.

Once they are all dead, the helicopter will blow up a nearby column and make a pipe swing for Jake, clearing the way ahead. Go ahead and use it and climb the ladder you find. Up here you can lower the ladder for Sherry and continue through the dual-person door.

Head through the hallway and drop down into the next area. Break the [ WOODEN CRATE x2 ] you find and soon your objective will be updated to “Shoot down the helicopter”. While you are down on the street, J’avo will come down to battle, some already mutated!

As a note, Chris and Piers are high above us fighting the helicopter as well. If you take too long in this upcoming section, they will (eventually) down the chopper and you will continue after a cutscene. But first we must deal with these J’avo!

Fight if you wish, but from where you landed take the left ladder up. In the corner up here are [ WOODEN CRATE x3 ]. There’s another ladder up here, but you will need to toss Sherry up so she can kick it down. Once you can climb it you can reach [ WOODEN CRATE x4 ] and you’ll also be able to kick down another ladder on the other ledge up here. Drop down here and to your left is some more [ WOODEN CRATE x3 ]. Talk about loving crates! This path leads to where the middle ladder would have taken you.

From here we can either go further up to the left or cross 3 swinging pipes to the far right. The far right has a ladder leading to [ WOODEN CRATE x2 ] that you can grab if you want, but where we want to go is up the ladder on the left, heading further up. You will find [ WOODEN CRATE x2 ] up here. Climb the ladder by the crates and you can find [ WOODEN CRATE x2 ] even higher up as well.

Now, to fight the helicopter I would recommend explosive rounds out of your Bear Commander, and I’d stand on that higher-up section. The chopper will be on the move of course but will occasionally hover above you. When it does this, there will be a grappling line that you can grab from this roof! Be sure to grab it and then you’ll be prompted to climb it by jamming on a button.

Climb up to the top of the chopper and once you are over the class aim down to the pilot and press the right trigger. Feels good taking it down yourself, doesn’t it!? A couple of scenes will occur once you’ve done that (or once you’ve taken too long in this section).

The Streets Are Dangerous

Once you have control, head out into the alley and break the [ WOODEN CRATE ] to your right. Continue down the alley and over the barricade to the truck. You can actually find a [ WOODEN CRATE ] to the left of the truck, [ WOODEN CRATE x2 ] to the right of it, and [ WOODEN CRATE x3 ] behind it. Jump over the next barricade and immediately look to your left for a box with [ 2000 SKILL POINTS ]. Continue down the alley and you’ll see J’avo run off in the distance. Break the [ WOODEN CRATE x2 ] on the left and soon you’ll be in a street with car’s on either side.

Out here break the [ WOODEN CRATE x2 ] behind the truck to the right and then get ready for a Serpent Emblem:

$$$item 1676

Continue on past another barricade and break the [ WOODEN CRATE x2 ] to your right and then continue on to the dual-person door.

You’ll be on some more streets now. There will be J’avos walking to the right who may or may not spot you and immediately attack. Try to let them walk by and grab the [ GREEN HERB ] on the right and be sure to smash the [ WOODEN BOX ] on the left. Out here in the streets you’ll run into several J’Avo, some that mutate and some that turn into annoying Strelats. Be sure to have your Elephant Gun handy when you take on the Strelats to make things easy. On this initial portion of the streets, also be sure to check the sides for supply boxes ([ WOODEN CRATE x2 ] on the left, [ WOODEN CRATE ] on the right). You can also find a small stand to snipe from if you wish, as there are plenty more enemies ahead.

At the end of street you will fight some more J’avo (with guns!) and another Strelats. There are more supplies down here too, with [ WOODEN CRATE x2 ] in the middle of the street and [ WOODEN CRATE x2 ] at the end of the street on the right. Near the middle boxes you will find some [ 7.62MM NATO AMMO ] as well.

Jake Gameplay

In order to advance, you will need to climb the ladder at the end of the street up two flights and jump over the gap. From here you can shoot down at any remaining enemies. When you’re ready, drop down to the alleyway and open the door so Sherry can get through.

With the path open, beware of any Strelats that may emerge from the J’avo and head into the alley and collect the [ WOODEN CRATE x2 ] that you will find, then open the dual-person door with your ally. The next area is pretty confined, but has a lot of small boxes, stalls and corpses littered about.

We’re about to be jumped by half a dozen J’avo coming in from the VERY BACK of this area. You can take them on head-on or you can climb the left ladder in this area and walk on the striped roof to shoot down at them. Take them out however you wish and enter the door they came from. There are some [ WOODEN CRATE x2 ] in this small area and another dual-person door.

Break down the door and head up the stairs. Keep your eyes open on the left for [ WOODEN CRATE x2 ] and, two more flights up, keep your eyes peeled for a large container you can open for [ 4000 SKILL POINTS ]. Pretty sweet. Head to the top and break the [ WOODEN CRATE x2 ] up here for some supplies and be sure to check the lockers for the always-welcome [ SHOTGUN ]. NOW we are talking! There’s also a metal cabinet up here you can hide in, if you were so inclined…

From here, climb up the short ladder and jump over to the poorly-constructed walkway. You will, of course, fail here horribly. Once you are on the street, get ready for an onslaught of J’avo. There are mutators here and one will even turn into a Strelat, but this is a good place to try out your brand new shotgun.

$$$item 1677

Further up the street you will find some [ 7.62MM NATO AMMO ] lying on a box to the left and the [ WOODEN CRATE x2 ] to the right. There is also a unique ladder here that Jake can send Sherry up:

Sherry Gameplay

This upper area provides a FANTASTIC vantage point on the J’avo up ahead. You can fire from the first story or climb up to a second story. On the second story, be sure to find the path leading to the right-side of the street and jump over there. Here you will find some [ WOODEN CRATE x2 ] and a [ GREEN HERB ]. From there, drop down and open the door to allow Jake to advance with you.

On the street you will have to deal with several J’avo shooting at you, as well as mutations and even a couple of Strelats! Take them all out and then be sure to send Sherry up one of the two ladder points so she can unlock the way forward. The Strelats may wait until the door is opened before emerging and attacking, so stay on guard!

Enter the small alleyway and be sure to break the [ WOODEN CRATE x2 ] that you find. Read the following serpent emblem note before going up the ladder though:

$$$item 1678

Climb the ladder now and follow the pipes to the other side. Drop down and break open the [ WOODEN CRATE x3 ] before using the dual-person door. Out here gather the [ WOODEN CRATE x2 ] to the left before heading inwards towards your objective and seeing a cutscene.

Introducing Ubistvo

While this may look like a boss, let me guarantee you right now: it isn’t. He’s actually pretty pathetic, but what he lacks in attacks and skills he makes up for in, well… determination, as you will see throughout the rest of the chapter.

Ubistvo can put you into dying mode fast, but only if he hits you. Thankfully, his slash attack with his chainsaw arm is his only move, and to top it off he doesn’t move very fast at all. One or two J’avo may join Ubistvo at the start of the fight, so be sure to kill them as well.

The area you are fighting in will keep you here until you defeat him though, but that’s no real challenge. In fact, you can literally climb the structure in the middle of the area to get away from Ubistvo, then if he follows you you can jump back down. You can literally keep doing this and he’ll never get a chance to hit you. Or you could just walk around any of the obstacles in the area. He does like to chain his slashes together at times and can move awkwardly, but he’s no real threat. Aim for his chainsaw arm to inflict the most possible damage to him, as that is his weak spot. In fact, his heart is powering the chainsaw! How sick is that!? If you can spare them, use some explosive rounds to make this fight laughably easy.

After Ubistvo has fallen, grab the [ 4000 SKILL POINTS ] he drops and head onwards through the narrow path to the right. You’ll see a small scene as you head onward and at the end of the path you’ll get [ WOODEN CRATE x5 ] to stock up on your supplies. Grab them all and head through the dual-person door. Watch the scenes that follow and get ready for a boss fight!

Note that this is the same boss fight as the Leon campaign from earlier in the guide, copied below for convenience:

Boss Battle: Ustanak

Ustanak's Attacks

  1. KICK: Ustanak’s kick is a short range attack and isn’t very dangerous. You’ll want to avoid getting too close to Ustanak to prevent him from hitting you with it.

  2. FOOT CRUSH: If you get close to Ustanak he’ll crush you with his foot, temporarily trapping you. He follows this up with a kick.

  3. ENCAPSULATE: Ustanak can detain a character in the capsule on his back. Rescue your friends by smashing Ustanak (using the partner button), otherwise they remain imprisoned indefinitely).

4.GRENADE BLAST: Ustanak can shoot at you and your friends after he’s switched to his grenade launcher. Avoid standing still and you should be fine.. mostly.

  1. GRAB/THROW: Ustanak grabs you (or one of your partners) and throws you/them at someone else. Both people are hurt by this, and he’ll keep this attack through all stages.

  2. CLAW GRAPPLE/EXTENDED CLAW GRAPPLE: Two versions of the same thing, Ustanak will grab you or one of your partners with his claw arm and detain them for a short amount of time, until they either break loose or are rescued by someone else.

After the fight, grab the [ WOODEN CRATE ] by the tower and head to the objective behind you. There’s [ WOODEN CRATE x3 ] to grab before jumping down into the hole.

Once you jump down, open up the left door to find [ WOODEN CRATE x2 ] and continue on to find another [ WOODEN CRATE ] at the end of the hallway. Go through the door on the left. Here break the [ WOODEN CRATE x2 ], the [ WOODEN BOX ] and grab the [ GREEN HERB ] before going through the dual-person door.

Watch the cutscene and soon you’ll be piloting a barge. Follow the on-screen prompts (rotate the left stick when you need to) and soon you’ll slowly float into a sunken building and you’ll have control again. Head to the roof and grab the [ WOODEN CRATE x2 ] to the right, then try to continue on to see a scene.

The Unstoppable Ubistvo

Hey look, it’s our old buddy Ubistvo! How’ve you been!?

Ubistvo hasn’t changed his attacks or movements at all, so still expect him to be pretty slow and to do his crazy chainsaw swinging. He DOES have more health this time around though and we are stuck on top of this (admittedly rather long) roof with him.

However, it’s not just him you have to sorry about! J’avo will come down from above non-stop until you defeat Ubistvo once again, so you can expect to not only face Ubistvo but waves of J’avo as well. There can easily be 5-6 enemies fighting you at once here.

With that knowledge, try to use area attacks to keep things under control and from getting out of hand. Things like the flash grenade, the remote bomb and explosive rounds from your Bear Commander are all usefull, especially if you can kill more than one enemy at a time. Stay on the move and keep trying to focus on killing Ubistvo and soon you’ll see a scene.

Once he’s dead, head towards the new pathway and grab the [ WOODEN BOX ] and [ ORIENTAL VASE ] to the right (it was way too hectic to grab them earlier! Follow the path and continue onward to a new boat. Go start the engine (which means hit the on-screen prompts) and take the wheel. The light in the water you saw earlier will cut down some towers and force you to turn your boat, but that’s no big deal… just follow the prompts. Be careful of the swinging iron girders as well! Soon you’ll see another cutscene…

Yep! He’s back!

Here you are very restricted in where you can go. A very small battlefield! Nevertheless, you must defeat him once again. He doesn’t have as much health as last time, so two remote bombs should do him in, but be sure to leave yourself room on the boat to get away from him (and your bomb’s blast radius, if you’re using them!). After you’ve done enough damage you’ll see another scene.

Hmmm, do you think it’s dead yet? Let the barge float to the objective and soon you’ll see another scene. Once you have control there’s not much you can really do, so just wait it out and you’ll see another scene. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was still alive even after all of that!

Continue up the ladder and follow the path to the dual-person door. Head through it and watch the scenes. Good stuff!


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