Chapter 5: Underwater Facility

Rank Accuracy: Allowed Deaths: Completion Time: Enemies Killed:
A 70%> 3 40+
B 60-69% 5 80-110 Minutes 30-39
C 50-59% 9 110-120 Minutes 25-29
C 9+ >120 Minutes 0-24

Underwater Facility

Head through the nearby doors to trigger a scene. Crawl underneath the gate and smash the [ WOODEN CRATES x3 ] in the next area. Boost Piers over the gap and hop down by the ladder. Once the blades stop spinning, head through.

$$$item 1659

Move to the far side of the area (grabbing a [ WOODEN CRATE ] by one of the support pillars) and wait for Piers to deactivate the next set of blades. Loot the [ WOODEN CRATE ] nearby. At the end of the ventilation shaft, crawl down a smaller shaft to reach a walkway down below.

If you hide behind the boxes to your immediate right it’s possible to stealth melee the first guard to death when he passes by (just make sure you’re in a crouched position). Waste the other one and pull the lever, then call the elevator with the red button to get Piers. He’s probably fighting loads of creatures so quickly ride the elevator down again when you get the chance.

Head through the door at the end of the walkway and prepare to waste quite a few Neo-Umbrella J’avo in this room. A grenade helps tremendously against groups larger than three, and be sure to take cover whenever possible. Be sure to let them come to you here and use the sliding door as a choke-point. Once you’ve taken them all out, it’s Serpent Emblem time!

$$$item 1660

After that, smash the [ WOODEN CRATE ], then move through the next hall and search the left side before heading through the door to find a [ WOODEN CRATES x2 ] and a metal box in the corner that contains [ 40MM NITROGEN ROUNDS ] and [ 40MM ACID ROUNDS ].

Beware of the Neo-Umbrella J’avo with RPG’s around here. Surely you can’t pick them up after they die. Head into the next room and quickly kill them and grab the [ WOODEN CRATE ], then make your way to the next elevator, which leads to a circular chamber.

There’s an upper level as well which allows more maneuverability (just watch), and it also houses [ WOODEN CRATES x2 ]. Check the doors and MANY enemies appear, including Napad and even a Gnezdo, along with various snipers. Head up the upper level to take out the snipers, but don’t stick around too long. Go downstairs and circle the area to buy some time. If the snipers start to annoy you, head up again to kill ’em.

After a few minutes, head through the doors. You’ll only want to do this if your partner is close and not too many enemies nearby, or otherwise it’s going to be a painful experience. A scene plays afterwards.


Check out the machine to watch .. worldwide SATURATION! Yesh.. Ahem. Okay, anyway. Press the switch, then search the area for [ WOODEN CRATES x2 ] and [ WOODEN BOXES x2 ].You’ll now have to flip all four levers at once. Go up to any of the levers to ride the elevator up. Various J’avo drop onto it, and snipers will soon make your RE6 life a little more complicated as well. Dispatch as many of them as you can while also swiftly eliminating the ones on your platform.

Clash Of Egos

After all the scenes you’ll need to escape ASAP. Rush up the ladder and dash over the catwalk until you can boost Piers up. Quickly tell him too pull Chris up as well, then proceed. Jump off the platform and unload on the creature. Now QUICKLY rush over the catwalk and slide underneath the obstacle at the end; then immediately recover and fluently climb the next catwalk. If you fail this on the higher difficulties, it’s game over. You must at all times make the slide perfectly and get up ASAP.

From here, proceed over the catwalks. The creature (who is called Haos) will attack one more time during which you’ll have to unload on him. You’ll soon have to hold onto the platform as Piers unloads on him. Quickly make your way to the elevator up ahead - to safety.

At least .. temporary safety. Haos is back to get its ass whooped, and we’ll gladly give him the spanking. Fortunately this is a rather easy fight if you know what you’re doing (and we do). The outer ring of the arena contains respectively [ 2x, 3x, 1x, 1x, 2x, 3x WOODEN CRATES ] if you go counterclockwise. Stay away from Haos (look at your red indicator; 30+ meters = good). It has a ridiculously long range when it attacks with his arms, so really try to keep your distance. Start off with unloading your clips of your machine gun into him with small bursts. When you’ve depleted those, (and be sure to stay on the run; simply circle the outer ring and check the indicator to see how far away you are), grab your rifle and shoot the creature repeatedly. Preferably in the head, since that does more damage, but his other parts will work too. If you run out of ammo you can pick any gun (except perhaps the shotgun, since that’s more for short range attacks) to continue shooting him with.

After defeating the B.O.W., head through the doors and collect the [ 40MM ACID ROUNDS ] and [ 12-GAUGE SHELLS ] on the floor, then move through the hall. Haos attacks again! Quickly crawl underneath the door. Press A (xbox) or X (ps3) while crawling to go faster. In the second cabin quickly shoot its hand once or twice, move past it and slide underneath the shutter. The same applies up ahead until you reach the last shutter. As Chris, climb up when Piers holds the very last one open for you and you’ll have made it through this part. In fact, you even get a reward:

$$$item 1661

Going through the next part is easier. Slide underneath the first gate, then dash towards the exit (the camera will change once). A few scenes play, but as Chris you won’t have to do anything. Afterwards you can explore the area to find a total of the following: [ WOODEN CRATES x4 ] and [ WOODEN BOX x3 ]. When you are ready, hit the switch to start the final boss fight.

This fight is actually rather easy when you know what to do. If you don’t, you’re most likely going to run out of ammo and that’s never a good thing during a final boss fight.

During the regular fight, Haos has two orange growths on his back side which are difficult to reach, but they’re the only way to damage the creature. At this stage all other damage inflicted doesn’t do any good. While it’s possible to shoot these orange bulbs normally, it’s easier to do if you stun the creature first. There are several ways to do this. A flash grenade instantly does the trick, but a few acid rounds or shotgun shells work equally well. When the boss is stunned, run behind him and quickly shoot the orange tumors. It’ll usually only let you shoot one; then you’ll need to stun the boss again (or somehow hit the bulb anyway) to get an easy shot at the second one.

After doing this, a large vital organ shoots out of the creature’s lower chest. It’ll explode upon contact, so you’d best just shoot it. Quickly reload a powerful gun such as the shotgun (or machine gun) to have a full clip ready. The boss crystallizes into a cocoon; your goal is to destroy the cocoon before the creature regenerates and crawls out again. A fully armed shotgun should do it, and if not, quickly swap to another weapon such as the machine gun and unload on the cocoon to destroy it.

But that’s not the end of it! The creature blasts out and will be lying vulnerably on his back. This allows you to move close to him for a special melee attack, slashing away one of three vital orange bulbs. After this, the boss crawls up one of the containers and transforms into a cocoon. This is normal; let him hatch again and repeat the above process two more times to defeat the boss. (That is, stun him, destroy one of the two bulbs, stun him again, destroy the second bulb, destroy the large organ, destroy the cocoon, and move in for the melee attack).

During the last time, Chris is hurled away, putting him into ‘dying’ status while Piers struggles with the creature for the last hit. Quickly crawl towards the boss and use the partner command to deliver the final blow.

After the cutscene, search the area for items and open the door for Piers (he can’t exactly help). You’ll hear an announcement stating the place is about to crumble. The camera will also sweep the area, but try to notice the Serpent Emblem off to the right as it does so. We’ll now have to quickly exit the area. Along the way large fleshy growths will stop your progress, but Piers can take care of them. Quickly advance and let him do so.

Ignore all of the enemies that are likely hatching all around you. After the second barricade is gone be ready to go for the Serpent Emblem and equip your sniper rifle:

$$$item 1662

Congrats, that should be all 20 Serpent Emblems! Wait for Piers to clear the third obstacle and run for the door. From here simply watch the ensuing cutscenes and you’ve done it!

Congrats on beating Chris Redfield’s campaign!


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