Chapter 5: To Save The World

Rank Accuracy: Allowed Deaths: Completion Time: Enemies Killed:
A 70%> 2 5+
B 60-69% 3 55-85 Minutes 3-4
C 50-59% 5 85-110 Minutes 2
C 5+ >110 Minutes

After the cutscene you will once again be free. Of course, you are weapon-less once again. Gah. Be sure to look around in the corners of this room and you’ll see a Serpent Emblem. We can’t get it without our weapons, but keep it in mind for later.

Check the walls until you find your weapons out on a bench (you’ll need to press a button to make Jake notice them). This will in turn show you a vent in your cell. Have Sherry head up there and then wait for her to climb through the duct work and fall down the other side.

At this point Sherry will be able to retrieve the weapons and free Jake, giving him his weapons too, but a new enemy called the Rasklapanje is outside. This foe is essentially immortal… you can “kill” it by blowing it to pieces but after awhile it will get up and re-merge with itself. Note that each piece you kill (the torso, legs, and two limbs) can drop items, which is pretty neat. It will stalk us throughout this level by using the sewage system, so beware of any drains that you come across!

Also, don’t forget about that Serpent Emblem:

$$$item 1679

Nab the emblem and destroy Rasklapanje if you wish, then grab the [ WOODEN CRATE ] on the right side of the room before continuing through the dual person door.

Charging Up

Continue on and you’ll be in a new room. The door at the back with the red button has a [ WOODEN CRATE ] to the right of it. Grab it and interact with the center console behind you. Looks like we need a reserve battery! Huh. Go pull the lever framing the console with Sherry to open up a way forward and to spawn a Rasklapanje in the room. Take it out and the open the door across from the console.

You’ll need to ride a giant machine up to a higher room now. A Rasklapanje will be here to meet you as well. Take it out and find the levers in the room so you can pull them down with your partner. Watch the short scene. 50% charged. Another Rasklapanje will show up in the room, by the way, so be ready!

Find the other exit out of this room and head down that hallway. You’ll come to a split in the path eventually. The left area has a drain that Rasklapanje can come out of so take the right path and head into the door on the right. You’ll be in a lab area here and can find some [ 9MM AMMO ] on the desk. There’s a Serpent Emblem nearby too!

$$$item 1680

You can also find a [ GREEN HERB ] in another glass cabinet nearby! Continue on down the right path to reach a door leading to the machine room. Once again jump out onto the machine’s arm and ride it down to a new room full of body bags.

You’ll have to fight the Rasklapanje monsters here again, so take them out. There are levers in this room as well. The left path has a bunch of body bags in the way but you can walk through them to find the lever and some [ 9MM AMMO ] opposite the lever by a computer. Of course if you are playing as Jake you need to go hit the other lever. 75% charged. A new pathway will be open as well.

Jake Gameplay

Using the higher machine, one of the new doors that Jake can get to is “Door D”, which is a Jake-only room since it has a swinging bar. Grab the [ WOODEN CRATE x2 ] to your left and shoot out the glass on the far left cabinet for [ .500 S&W MAGNUM AMMO ]. After that, grab the suitcase on the desk for [ 5000 SKILL POINTS ]. Very nice!

Jump back out to the machine and ride it even further up. It will stop at “Door I”, which is where SHERRY should get off as her lever is through this room.

Sherry Gameplay

Once the machine reaches “Door I”, jump off. The Rasklapanje monsters will likely be waiting for you, so take them out if you wish and grab the [ WOODEN CRATE x2 ] from the left corner. Follow the hallway to the right and grab [ WOODEN CRATE x2 ] again as you go and you’ll be at your lever.

Hold out here until Jake can get to his lever. Note the incinerator and the sewage drain nearby!

Jake, however, should continue the ride to “Door G”. You will undoubtedly have to fend off another Rasklapanje attack in here, so be ready. You can find some [ 12-GAUGE SHELLS ] near the door by a computer as well. Head down the hallway to be across from where Sherry should be and note the [ 9MM AMMO ] near the computer to the right. Fend off any attackers the two of you may have and then use the levers!

Watch the short scene that follows and after that you’ll have to kill off one more Rasklapanje. This one is special though, as after you kill it it will overpower the facility!

Once that happens, you may reunite with your partner (the electrical current that separated you two is down) and you’ll see that you need to get to the crane controls. Take the hallway to the controls and throw the lever, then jump out onto the machine.

Out here, hang tight until Rasklapanje decides to join you. Go ahead and take him out and once he’s dead (or shortly thereafter), a scene will occur showing the machine going out of control! You will soon have to button-mash for your life to pull yourself up and then you’ll be button-mashing some more to crawl out from under the machine with Rasklapanje chasing you. Keep pressing the on-screen prompts as fast as you can to escape. You are now free to take the elevator you worked so hard to power up. Watch and enjoy the scenes that come afterward! So tense!

Once you have control again, head to the big monitor on your right and interact with it. It shows the HAOS simulation program. Not good! From here we need to take a lift up while Chris and Piers take a separate lift up.

This isn’t a leisurely elevator ride! Instead, as you head upwards you will need to fight neo-umbrella J’avo who will drop down onto your platform. Take them out as they come, but things will soon get harder as separate sniper and RPG J’avo who are hiding in doorways scattered around the area will take pot shots at you. Do your best to take out the J’avo as fast as you can and if you get too overwhelmed a flash grenade can help. On the other hand, if you have a lack of enemies to kill, see if you can’t find where Chris and Piers are and give them a helping hand.

At the top watch the scene and soon you’ll be separated once again, with Jake and Sherry leaving to finish their mission.

It's So Hard To Say Goodbye

Head forward and destroy the [ WOODEN CRATE x2 ] on the left and the [ WOODEN CRATE x2 ] ahead of you. At the end of the hall are more [ WOODEN CRATE x2 ] before you enter another door. You’ll find yourself inside a giant incinerator. Jump down and watch the scene that follows.

Yep, Ustanak is back! And this time he has a ball and chain weapon! We aren’t ready to start the fight proper, so turn around and take the left path and jump down to a lower level. Down here take the right path across and head up, then push the crate with your partner. This leads to a much more suitable area to have a boss battle at.

Boss Battle: Ustanak

$$$item 1681

Ustanak's Attacks

  1. CHARGE: Ustanak hasn’t forgotten how to charge around, although this move isn’t very effective for him for the first stage of this battle.

  2. CHAIN SHOT: Ustanak’s brand new chain move, he will use his ball and chain to shoot the ball at you. He can additionally dip the ball in lava to set it on fire first. Mobility is the key to avoiding this attack.

  3. CHAIN SWING: Ustanak only really uses this move if someone gets a little too close to him. He will of course take his ball and chain and swing it around him. He can additionally do this after dipping the ball in lava to set it on fire. Either way, don’t get TOO close.

  4. LAVA POOL: This attack only occurs in the second stage of the fight. Ustanak hits the ground so hard that lava seeps up from underneath. The lava remains in the second arena for a limited amount of time and hurts any character who runs through it. You may also see items pop up wherever the lava pools show up as well!

  5. PUNCHING/GRABBING: Ustanak will be forced to resort to his normal physical attacks during the third part of the fight against Jake. Of course anything that connects is bound to hurt. However Jake should be relatively safe from attack as he should be doing charged melee moves of his own, one after another until the fight ends!

After the fight watch the scenes and enjoy!

Once you have control, jump over to the ladder in front of you and re-join Sherry. Head over to the doorway to continue.

Head through the hallway, but once you reach the tank stop and nab the nearby Serpent Emblem:

$$$item 1682

Congrats, that is all the emblems for Jake’s campaign! Head off to the left now and go through the door. On the tram, hit the levers to send it speeding off!

Watch the scenes that follow once you hit the levers. Well, that’s not good! Our old friend Ustanak is back and is out to get us!

This next part is really just a series of on-screen button prompts, however it can be a little confusing as you haven’t seen these prompts yet (in Jake’s campaign, anyways!).

Basically you will be using the left and right triggers to crawl upwards! Hold both triggers down until you see one of them (the left) point upwards. Let go of it and then hold them both down again. Next you’ll have to do the same thing with the right trigger: let go of it and hold down on it again. This will let you crawl upwards! If Ustanak gets too close, you’ll have to dodge his attack with a separate button press.

As you crawl upwards, you’ll reach a crate of explosive canisters. You’re ally and you will have to hit a button to release these. After that, continue climbing upwards until you reach yet another piece of the tram’s cargo: iron pipes. Once again your partner and you can release these (followed by some button mashing) to set Ustanak back.

Watch the scene after setting the pipes loose to see a gun stuck on the tram. Crawl over to it and pick it up. Watch the scene and be ready for a button prompt in the middle of it.

Congrats on beating Jake Muller’s campaign!


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