Chapter 2: A Game For Two

Rank Accuracy: Allowed Deaths: Completion Time: Enemies Killed:
A 70%> 2 30+
B 60-69% 3 45-70 Minutes 20-29
C 50-59% 5 70-90 Minutes 10-19
C 5+ >90 Minutes

You’ll find yourself in Tall Oaks now. Specifically, near the Cathedral. Move forward and watch the scene, the grab the [ WOODEN BARREL x2 ] behind you. Head forward and refrain from jumping down. Grab the [ WOODEN BARREL ] in the corner and then get your first emblem of the chapter:

$$$item 1687

Jump down now and break the [ WOODEN BARRELS x3 ] you find. Follow the path to the dead end and break the lock on the chest, which will let you grab the [ SIMMONS FAMILY CREST PIECE A ]. This is of course a trap. Naturally. Kill the three zombies that appear and continue past the now open door. Grab the [ WOODEN BARRELS x2 ] from the right and move to the end of the path to see a hole above you. Grapple up and interact with the door.

As you know, we need to look for the other pieces. Head to the door that opened just for you and drop down. Follow the path to come to a room with a door that has a green light. Head up the stairs, break the [ WOODEN BOX ] and shoot the lock. Open the chest for the [ AMBER KEY ]. Use it to open the green door down below.

You will see a zombie in the back… save the ammo and don’t try to kill him as you can’t. Once you enter he’ll drop the chest down a hole.. ok now kill him. Grab the [ SNIPER RIFLE ] from the end of the room along with [ WOODEN BARRELS x2 ].

Before we do the puzzle here, take a look at the hanging bodies. Notice that each of them has a padlock. Also, notice the lever in the back can be moved. Take some time and shoot off each padlock with your ammo box 50. This is to get ammo pickups. Now, move the lever to the right and position it underneath the body. Next, go stand in the middle and shoot the body down. He will open the way for you and let you go forward.

Open the chest here for [ SIMMONS FAMILY CREST PIECE B ]. Now try to exit the room for a quick scene. Another puzzle, obviously. To get out of here we must complete the circuit. Do so by pushing the first iron chair over the metal plate. You’ll take a shock, but it doesn’t hurt. Do the same for the second iron chair. Now the third part of this is a bit trickier, but easy. A zombie will come down to help us out. Get him right in front of the metal plate and then shoot him back into it (him walking over it doesn’t count). This will finally open up the door. This leads up to a ladder that takes you back to the upper room.

Next, go pull the lever and open up the newly powered up door. Three zombies will drop down once you do. The idea here is to pin them against the wall, otherwise the floor will drop out once you jump over there. This is of course the clue given by the zombie full of arrows in the distance, but it’s a good idea to drop down as the zombies will all die (dropping arrows) and you can find [ WOODEN BOXES x3 ]. You can crawl your way to the previous ladder as well.

Pin the zombies and jump over to the chest for the [ SIMMONS FAMILY RING ]. Head to the hangman room and go through the door, then zip your way further up. Head up the ladder and get on the red rug, then zip your way along the path until you fall into another catacomb. Jump down when you can and the camera will force you to interact with the skull behind you. You’ll see a quick scene here. Time to kill some zombies. Since we have to pick someone to go after first, head left and pick the eye zombie.

Head down the path and you’ll fall down, right next to a spinning blade! Quickly dash forwards a few times and round the corner. Up here you will face two zombies crawling towards you. Take them out, preferably with a shotgun (save 5-6 shells!) or your ammo box 50. Dash some more and you’ll soon see a whopper trying to get to you! Pull our your shotgun and unload on him. Alternately you can find a path to the left you can crawl through, but then your stuck with a whopper in the next room. Either way, quickly crawl to safety.

Here you can kill the zombie for the [ SKULL’S RED EYE ]. A door will open now. Grab the [ WOODEN BARRELS x2 ] then go through the door and break the [ WOODEN BARRELS x3 ]. Follow the path to the skull room. Now that the camera is acting decent, break the [ WOODEN BARRELS x2 ] you find down here and climb up the nearby ladder to go after the next zombie.

Break the [ WOODEN BOXES x3 ] and enter the room. Our target will head further in and we’ll be ambushed. Kill the four zombies attacking you (careful, one starts very close by) and go into the next room. Once more we will be ambushed, but this time there will be a screamer in the midst of all the zombies. If you can gather them up, use a grenade and be sure to take the screamer out fast with your shotgun. Once they all die the path opens up. Head further down, nabbing the [ WOODEN BARRELS x3 ] and you’ll enter another room full of zombies. Again, a grenade helps out a ton and there is yet another screamer in here, as well as several acid spitters! Kill them all and at the end you can finally kill the zombie we want for [ SKULL’S GOLD TOOTH ].

The end door will open up now leading back to the skull room. Put in the eye and tooth to open the door, then grab the chest for [ SIMMONS FAMILY CREST PIECE C ]. Grapple out of the room and climb up the ladder back to the cemetery. Out here, take the right path for [ WOODEN BARRELS x2 ] then go open the door. Drop down but before going in grab the emblem!

$$$item 1688

Head through the door now and watch the scene. You’ll find yourself in the middle of the Deborah event from Leon’s campaign. When Deborah attacks, just evade for a bit and soon you’ll fall down.

Head down the path and break the [ JARS x2 ] before having Leon boost you to the rope. Cross it, view the scene, and break the nearby [ JAR ]. Keep heading down and try to boost to the next rope to see a scene. You’ll now be in t hat same boss fight as before, copied here for your convenience.

Boss Battle: Mutated Deborah

Deborah's Attacks

  1. BREAST CARESS STRIKE: Deborah spins and jumps from the higher level towards your character and penetrates their chest with her mutated body part, while still finding some time to stroke her breasts. Quickly wiggle your way out of this (un)comfortable position and penetrate her own mutated body part into her belly. Sorry guys, no pun intended here either.

  2. CLAW SWING: While on the ground level, Deborah swings one of her mutated claws horizontally at you. This has quite the reach!

  3. DASH ATTACK: While down below and with her claws out, Deborah will charge at a character, swinging all of her claws in the process.

  4. 360 SPIN ATTACK: Deborah leaps into the air and lands near your character with a full spin of her claws. This has a fairly wide range, so you’ll want to stay away from her as you see her leap.

After damaging Deborah enough, a scene plays and the party is split up. You will be with Helena here. Drop down into the minecart and help Leon as he moves downward. Wait for Leon to join you, but watch out for any zombies spitting acid. You’ll soon be on your way, riding the cart.

Drop down and stay like that for a while (otherwise you’ll have to duck four times, which can sometimes be difficult). Deborah will join the fun; it’s best to stay in a lying position and repeatedly shoot her with the shotgun. The ride continues and you’ll quickly need to shoot the debris out of the way or it’ll be game over. After that, lie down again (or otherwise duck several times to avoid getting hit) and fight Deborah a second time (but only after having to shoot an explosive barrel down the road first). Again, quickly empty your shotgun, preferably when lying down. A cutscene triggers.

Leon should pull you up and once he does gather the ammo and start shooting at Deborah. I highly recommend using the sniper rifle, as you have little time to stop her. Watch the scenes afterward.

We’re now in a cave. Head forward and break the [ JARS x3 ] then head into the elevator. Break the [ WOODEN CRATE ] you find and prepare to fight a whopper. Some pipe bomb arrows help out a lot. In fact, there are two more whoppers in this area, so you may as well take them all out. Search the area afterward for [ WOODEN CRATES x6 ] in the corners and [ WOODEN BOX x2 ]. There’s also an emblem nearby:

$$$item 1689

Now to find the key. Search the north wall for a dead lab tech who has the [ LABORATORY KEY ]. Use it to open the door and grapple upwards. You’ll be by the chute Leon jumped down and another Whopper will come up behind you. Kill him if you wish but note that he has double the health of a normal Whopper. Continue down the walkway and break the [ WOODEN CRATES x2 ] to the right. As you continue, a Napad will break through the door. Use a pipe arrow on him if you choose to fight, but check the room he came out of for a box with [ 4000 SKILL POINTS ] in it. Continue on and break the [ WOODEN CRATE ]. As you continue another Napad will charge at you. Once again fight or flight and once you are done drop down into the hole. Immediately look behind you for a reward:

$$$item 1690

Break the [ WOODEN CRATES x2 ] to the left and head up the path. Duck under the fence and zip yourself up to the barricade area Leon explored (and opened up for you) earlier. Search this room for [ WOODEN CRATES x3 ] and [ WOODEN BOXES x3 ] before moving on. The next room has [ WOODEN CRATES x2 ] and a [ WOODEN BOX ].

Step into the next room to have the place lockdown. We’ll have to once again kill all enemies to proceed. In total you will face five Napad. Try to take them out one at a time, although its common to be attacked by two at once. Break their shell with a pipe arrow and then either use regular arrows or shotgun blasts to make them kneel so you can melee them.

The room you are fighting in also had [ WOODEN BOXES x3 ] and a [ WOODEN CRATE ]. Once all foes are dead head into the command room beyond and watch the scene.


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