Chapter 2: Cemetery And Cathedral

Rank Accuracy: Allowed Deaths: Completion Time: Enemies Killed:
A 70%> 2 80+
B 60-69% 5 80-100 minutes 60-79
C 50-59% 7 100-120 minutes 40-59
D 7+ >120 minutes 0-39

Cemetery And Cathedral

There are many zombies in this area, most of whom climb out of the ground. There will also be Bloodshot enemies which I will warn you for in advance. Continue and kill off several zombies as you progress. There’s a muddy hole in the ground not too far off the entrance; should you slip into it, quickly kill the zombie inside - that’d be a little too cosy. Continue down the path and stay on the left side and keep your eye out for any zombies; mud holes always contain one, and if lightning strikes and stuns you for an instant, be prepared to use a quick shot on a nearby zombie.

$$$item 1627

Follow the path up and prepare for an encounter with a zombified dog. Once you take him out, search near the cottage for an above-ground tomb that you can open the lid on; after some button mashing you can get a [ GREEN HERB ]. The gate up ahead is locked, so enter the cottage nearby. Search the cabinet nearby the bed for an [ INCENDIARY GRENADE ], then open the only other door. After the scare, collect the [ 9MM AMMO ] inside, then start chasing the dog.

He ran all the way back, so have a look at your in-game icon display to help guide you to his exact location. It’s wise to equip the shotgun at this point and perform a few quick shots on any dogs accompanying him, or your might incur a little too much damage otherwise. Kill the dog holding the [ CEMETERY KEY ] in the same fashion, collect the key and dash back to the gate you were at just moments ago.

After opening the gate, Leon and Helena are split.

Leon Gameplay

Immediately kill the nearby zombie(s), then continue; turn right. There’s a screeching zombie here, along with several other zombies. Kill the screeching zombie first by blasting its red tumor with your shotgun, then take care of any other hostiles and be on your way.

At the next intersection, go straight and look for a [ GREEN HERB] in the corner. Inspect the door and conclude that it is, indeed, locked. Head down the other path at the nearby intersection and kill a few more zombies, including a screeching one. Leon’s and Helena’s paths merge a little further on.

Head down the path and unlock the gate together with your partner to enter a wide area in front of the cathedral. Look around to find [ WOODEN CRATES x2 ], as well as [ INCENDIARY GRENADE x2 ] on the benches (one near a tree, one in the far left corner). When you’re ready (but are you ever?), inspect the door.

The people inside aren’t about to just let you inside, so you’ll have to fight another horde of zombies first. Run around the area and try to get the zombies to move in groups, then hurl incendiary grenades at them. This also works when the church bells start ringing and more zombies appear, including a few Bloodshot enemies. Be sure to pick up the skill points they leave; they’re worth 1000 points. After a short while, the church doors are unlocked. Be sure to first thin out the area, then approach it together with your partner to enter (although again, be sure to pick up any large skill point bonuses).

The Cathedral

The church benches can be searched for a [ GREEN HERB ] on the right side and a [ FIRST AID SPRAY ] somewhere in the middle. [ WOODEN BARRELS x2 ] are in the far left corner, and [ WOODEN BARRELS x2 ] can also be found in a storage room on the right side of the church.

$$$item 1628

Examine the altar, then grab the key item [ MADONNA OF HAPPINESS ] to your right and boost Helena up at the broken ladder. She’ll kick down a ladder for you, granting you access to the first floor. There’s a [ WOODEN BARREL ] in the nearby corner, and (after opening the nearby door first) the storage room contains a chest with the key item [ MADONNA OF CHARITY ]. Make your way to the other side and collect a [ GREEN HERB ] as well as the contents of a [ WOODEN BARREL ] from the corner. Make your way to the far end of the walkway and inspect the pedestal. Helena will have to make her way to the other one on the opposite side. This opens up a door on the right side of the ground level.

There are two levers inside this room. Pulling them will open up the doors, but not before you deactivate the statues by punching them. It helps to set the target reticle to laser sighting so you can see where they’re going to hit more easily. The next room also has two levers but is considerably more challenging to get past. It starts off with only 1 statue shooting at you, but these increase to 2, 4, and 6. Dodge as much as you can and quickly dash to the statues, deactivating them one by one. You should have several healing items, so you can prepare a few pills in advance for when you really need them.

The next room contains [ WOODEN BARREL x2 ]. The idea here is to aim your laser at the mirror, making it glow while your partner does the same for the other mirror, and opening the doors. Head upstairs and perform the same trick with another mirror to open a second set of doors. And yes, it’s the same story for the next room. Aaand… yes, the same for the next room, except there’s a zombie here, and you’ll have to aim in the large mirror on the ceiling instead, although you can directly aim at the target mirror (no need for smart adjustment; RE6 isn’t that intelligent). Collect the [ MADONNA OF SORROW ] from the pedestal and continue through the door leading upstairs.

Be sure to collect the [ SEMI-AUTO SNIPER RIFLE ] from the body (who looks like he didn’t peacefully died in his sleep, poor soul), as well as [ WOODEN BARREL x2 ] in the other corner (most likely holding 7.62mm NATO ammo for your new gun). Read the inscription here (“Toll the five bells loud and clear, and thus the true path shall appear”). Yeah, I kid you not, it actually says it like that. Not quite the depth of Myst. Anyway..

Go outside and you’ll notice the five bells; there are three large bells and two smaller bells attached to the cockerels on top of the towers. Those last two are best shot with your new rifle, which you can zoom in more by pressing the right analog stick. You’ll need the vantage points from both sides in order to shoot all five of ’em. Good for you that they keep ringing after shooting them once.

After having done so, the bars inside go down allowing you to collect the key item [ MADONNA OF GRIEF ]. This in turn opens up a door downstairs, connecting to the main hall, 2nd floor. Before you place the two madonna’s on the pedestals, collect the contents of the [ WOODEN BARRELS x2 ] on the other side of the walkway first. Once you’ve placed the madonna’s, a Lepotitsa enter the main hall. This creature’s gas can turn people into zombies, so be extremely careful of those as well. Some zombies will effectively have weapons, but the good part is that they drop incendiary grenades as well, which are rather effective against the creature (as are remote bombs). There’s plenty of room to play around with those, and if all fails, grab out your shotgun and empty it on the creature; that ought to be more than enough to down it. The Lepotitsa drops the [ UNDERGROUND KEY ], so use that to finally head down the stairs under the altar.

You can find a chest with [ 4000 SKILL POINTS ] inside and [ WOODEN BARRELS x2 ] in the room behind the door. Open the double doors with your partner to proceed.

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Underground Laboratory

After Leon’s atheistic comment, head inside the cell block. The [ BLUE CABINET ] serves as breakable item-holding object in this area, so be on the lookout for it; there’s one on your left. The device here also unlocks any cells in this area. Below’s a list with what each cell houses:

012: Two zombies (one walking, one grabber).

201: [ BLUE CABINET x2 ].

102: Shrieker (also lures various other zombies into the area).

210: Opens the main gate.

The same applies for the next room:

102: Shrieker (also lures various other zombies into the area).

120: Three zombies, including a Bloodshot.

012: Three zombies; one of them holds a nitrogen tank which freezes them if shot. This cell also has an adjacent room:

201: [ GREEN HERB ], [ BLUE CABINET x2 ], and a chest containing [ 5000 SKILL POINTS ] and a [ FIRST AID SPRAY ]. Not bad!

021: Opens the main gate.

Move through the hall (beware of the zombie that comes alive) and search the next lab room for a [ BLUE CABINET ]. Continue down the hall and go around the corner. The first room on your left contains [ BLUE CABINETS x3 ], but beware; there’s a zombie behind two of those cabinets.

$$$item 1629

In the restroom on the right side of the hall, look for a [ RED HERB ] in the toilet on the far right side. Draining the sink here only spawns a Shrieker and grants no other rewards besides the 1000 skill points you get for killing the monster.

Continue through the door at the end of the area to reach another lab room. Kill the zombies on the operating tables and loot the contents of the [ BLUE CABINETS x2 ] in the corner. Head through the door and kick in the next to enter the famous ‘tube’ room. After the scene, input 201 at the security system to unlock the next door.

In the next area, follow the walkway until you reach a lever. This unlocks the gate in the first room. As you backtrack, several zombies spawn, so take care of them. There’s a [ BLUE CABINET ] on the other side of the just opened area, along with a lever. This closes the shutter but activates the way forward, and also spawns a few zombies. Drop down to the area below (there’s a hole in the floor nearby the lever) and make your way to the ladder on the other side, but beware of the two zombies in this flooded walkway; the second one comes crawling from a vent shaft. As you reach the end, 40 tyrants spawn from the tubes and… Nah, just messing with ya.

After climbing up the ladder, you’ll be back where you were first. More zombies have spawned the area, so it’s good to know that shooting the generator box near the platform you just lowered (nearby the lever) will electrocute any nearby zombies. It might not kill them, so move in for the kill. Better yet, the box recharges and can be used again! Just make sure you’re not standing too close yourself..

Move over the platform and lower the next lever on the opposite side, activating the next platform. It also spawns (naturally) more zombies, some of which you might want to take care of by using the generator box, saving you precious ammo.

Boost Helena over to the other side (at the place nearby the generator box) and prepare to defend her. There will also be at least one zombie on Leon’s side, so don’t let your guard down. It’s good to know that there’s a generator box on the other side as well; shoot it whenever enemies are around (and Helena’s not); she’ll have to deal with several zombies including a Bloodshot).

The rifle can be useful to kill the Bloodshot. Once she lowers the final platform, brace yourself and kill the zombies (including a second naked one). The generator box may again be helpful, as is a remote bomb or grenades, but otherwise the shotgun will have to do its job.

With the path clear, flip both levers near the door together with your partner and make your way through the hall. You’ll reach a very large hangar. There are several zombies on your way which you might want to dispose of. Be sure to smash the [ BLUE CABINET] , along with the other [ BLUE CABINETS x2 ] at the far end of the walkway. It is at this point that a Shrieker spawns. Too many zombies emerge, so use the partner prompt at the end of the walkway to unlock the hatch and escape.

Underground Cavern

Smash the [ SMALL VASE ] here, then continue down the cave until you reach a somewhat flooded area. Crawl underneath two overpasses and break the [ LARGE VASE ] for its contents.

$$$item 1630

Continue until you reach a more open area with a [ SMALL VASE ] and [ LARGE VASE ]. Hop over the overpass and loot the [ SMALL VASE ] and [ LARGE VASE ] at the entrance of the next walkway. There’s also a lost zombie here for some reason. Proceed until you reach a gate; move through it to trigger a cutscene.

Having found Deborah, oh mysterious lady, head down the walkway until you reach a [ LARGE VASE ] and a [ GREEN HERB ]. Proceed over the rope bridge and push the zombie into the abyss. The room to the right houses a zombie and a [ LARGE VASE ], the zombie to your left can instantly be killed since he’s standing with his back towards you. Head for the next rope bridge and smash the [ LARGE VASE ] before going over it. A zombie will crawl out of the hole, and two others will start to cross the bridge, so immediately take care of them.

After crossing the bridge, scout the area for a [ LARGE VASE ], plus another [ LARGE VASE ] a little further ahead. Dispose of any zombies here to ensure Helena and Deborah’s safety. There’s another [ LARGE VASE ] on your way as you continue down the next hall, plus of course a zombie at the far end. There are [ LARGE VASES x2 ] at the far end of the route. Push the large container out of the way (yeah, Leon can do it all by himself now, even though he never can normally) and look around for another [ LARGE VASE x2 ] on this round platform, but stay alert as two zombies spawn in the area as well. There’s another on the walkway up ahead; you can either deal with him now or after pushing the next container out of the way. Head all the way down to trigger a scene.

After the scene, Leon and Helena are separated, and Ada is temporarily teaming up with Leon. Go down (don’t miss the [ LARGE VASE x2 ]) and use the partner command to leap to the other side of the area. There’s another [ LARGE VASE ] for you to smash as you continue making your way down. After you reach the next dead end, Helena has to pull a lever which allows you to swing over to the other side .. well, sort of. A scene plays and a boss battle starts.

Boss Battle: Mutated Deborah

Deborah's Attacks:

After damaging Deborah enough, a scene plays and the party is split up.

Leon Gameplay

Break the [ LARGE VASE x3 ] and be on your way. The road to the bottom is fairly long and you’ll run into several zombies, but there’s also one [ LARGE VASE ] (that really keeps you going, hmm?). Drop down at the far end, and look for any loot that your partner(s) might’ve left behind by shooting enemies here, then drop down to a lower platform that houses [ LARGE VASE x2 ].

Leap over to the other side of the area and dispatch two zombies here (one of whom is armored). Don’t forget to loot the [ LARGE VASE x2 ] before using the crank and getting on the mine cart.

Drop down and stay like that for a while (otherwise you’ll have to duck four times, which can sometimes be difficult). Deborah will join the fun; it’s best to stay in a lying position and repeatedly shoot her with the shotgun. The ride continues and you’ll quickly need to shoot the debris out of the way or it’ll be game over. After that, lie down again (or otherwise duck several times to avoid getting hit) and fight Deborah a second time (but only after having to shoot an explosive barrel down the road first). Again, quickly empty your shotgun, preferably when lying down. A cutscene triggers.

Quickly pull Ada up and collect the [ 9MM AMMO ] plus loot from the [ LARGE VASES x2 ], then immediately turn your attention to Deborah and shoot her several times to trigger a final series of cutscenes for chapter 2.


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