Chapter 3: The B.O.W. Chase

**Rank** **Accuracy** **Allowed Deaths** **Compeltion Time** **Enemies Killed**
A 70%> 2 55+
B 60-69% 4 58-105 Minutes 40-54
C 50-59% 7 105-130 Minutes 25-39
D 7+ 0-24

Streets Of China

Move through the destroyed building and make your way down the street, past the playground. Interestingly, you can actually slide down the slides (you’ll go faster than you normally would, and there’s a special sliding sound for it as well). Anyway, head through the large gate up ahead.

$$$item 1651

The blood trail clearly leads to the building up ahead, but first search the area for a [ GREEN HERB ] on the far right side, as well as [ WOODEN CRATES x2 ] and a [ WOODEN BOX ]. Climb the ladder when you’re done, then kick in the door on the other side of the corridor. Kill the two J’avo, then climb the two ladders and another set of two (mutated) J’avo spawn. Use melee attacks on them and finish ’em off with a good ’ol shotgun blast to their bruisy little heads, then climb up the ladder as you intended to do. Destroy the [ WOODEN CRATES x2 ] and move through the door.

Inside you’ll encounter a new type of mutated J’avo who can spit spider webs (who are called Glava-Sluz). Should your partner get stuck by it, help them escape. Move into the next room to waste more of these spitters. Head through the door and search the room for a [ FIRST AID SPRAY ] and a [ WOODEN CRATE ] and [ WOODEN BOX ]. Open the next door with your partner to trigger a scene.

You’ll need to help out Jake and Sherry down below. Take the left path to find [ WOODEN CRATES x2 ], plus even more [ WOODEN CRATES x3 ] further down. The right path leads to a [ WOODEN CRATE ], and you can drop down to a lower level where you’ll find [ WOODEN CRATES x2 ]. A new J’avo type spawns as well, with grasshopper-like legs. Keep killing the incoming J’avo and eventually shoot the J’avo on the chopper to trigger a cutscene. Head for the double doors and go upstairs. Climb the ladder; you can find [ WOODEN CRATES x5 ] on the roof.

Hop to the next building and kick in the door. Quickly move towards safety; indeed the chopper has returned and will use rockets as well. Be sure to grab the [ GRENADE LAUNCHER ] up ahead, along with [ 40MM EXPLOSIVE ROUNDS x2 ] and a [ FIRST AID SPRAY ].

Head up the ladder to reach a platform that allows you to combat the chopper. The ladder on the back of the platform leads to an area with a total of [ WOODEN CRATES x5 ], so check it out. Dispatch of the J’avo but focus on the chopper and blast it with your new grenade launcher. Anticipate its movement and don’t waste any shots; preferably hit it when it’s hovering in a still position. It can take quite a lot of damage, and it’s easy to see when you’re doing it right as the chopper catches fire. Damage it enough to trigger a scene.

Buzija Area

Now it’s time to kick some Buzija snake ass. Head down the hall until you reach an apartment.

$$$item 1652

There’s a [ WOODEN BOX ] in the small room to the right of the entrance and a [ WOODEN CRATE ] in the kitchen. Proceed down the next hall, get a glimpse of Poisavan, then head downstairs. Kick in the door and proceed to view a scene. Afterwards, before following the blood trail, check the other end of the corridor to find a [ WOODEN CRATE ]. Inspect the dead BSAA operative and head downstairs. Kick in the door and search the room for [ WOODEN CRATES x2 ]. Move through the next room - don’t bother shooting, and head through the next door, then slide down the rope at the far end of the walkway. Move the debris out of the way with your partner and a scene will play. Afterwards you’re split up.

Chris Gameplay

Head down the hall and smash the [ WOODEN CRATES x2 ] to your right, then continue and head into the room to your left to find Reid, one of your team members. There’s also a [ WOODEN CRATE ] in the corner of this room. As you proceed, head behind the stairs to find another [ WOODEN CRATE ], then go up to join Piers.

Kick in the door and drop down the hole in the next room. Open the double doors and to fight the Buzija. This fight is easier than it looks. Scout the area with your laser sight to instantly see where it’s hiding, then blast away. Dodge to the side whenever it attacks. After hurting it enough it’ll move down a shaft. Follow it, get grabbed, shoot it, then continue the pursuit.

In the next room wiggle yourself loose, then quickly search the area for [ WOODEN CRATES x4 ]. The principle stays the same; scout the area with your laser sighting and hit the snake hard. After damaging it enough it’ll move into the next room.

There are cabinets here but these only provide the illusion of protection; Buzija hits right through them. Search the place for [ 12-GAUGE SHELLS x4 ] and use your shotgun to damage it. After inflicting enough damage it’ll escape once again. Before going up the ladder, head through the ventilation shaft in the corner first.

In the room on the other side, smash the [ WOODEN BOX ]. There’s a [ GREEN HERB x2 ] in the cabinets in the adjacent room, and the suitcase contains a whopping [ 10000 SKILL POINTS ]. There’s also a [ WOODEN CRATE ] here. Head back to the large room and move through the door to trigger a scene. The final fight against Buzija now commences. The area is circular and has an lower and upper level. Climb any of the two ladders and grab the [ GREEN HERBS x2 ] on this platform. Flip the switch and the wire slips out on the other side. Marco plugs it back in. Now it’s just a matter of timing. As soon as Buzija slides over the pool of water directly below the switch, hit it to fry the beast. Your partner should lure it nearby the pool, avoid standing in it yourself.

After the fight, have Marco hoist you up and grab the [ RED HERB ]. Avoid contact with the electricity wire; move down the hall and go through the doors to trigger a scene.

The Gnezdo consists of a mother bee and a swarm of smaller ones. Shoot the swarm a few times and the large mother bee shows itself. Quickly empty your shotgun on it for a swift defeat, but don’t come too close either. There are [ WOODEN CRATES x5 ] around the area as well. After defeating the Gnezdo, collect [ MARCO’S C4 EXPLOSIVE ] and blast the doors open with it to trigger a scene. Head downstairs afterwards.

The Harbor

Drop down and smash the [ WOODEN CRATES x2 ]. Jump onto the boat and leap off to the dock on the other side. Take cover behind the railing as a J’avo sniper starts targeting you; shoot him from afar, it’s quite possible (preferably with the pistol). Search the boats behind you to find a [ WOODEN BOX ], [ WOODEN CRATE ] and another set of [ WOODEN CRATES x2 ].

Move over the other boats and a few grasshopper J’avo show up. Quickly shoot the one closest to you, then take cover and help Piers snipe the others. Proceed and more J’avo (naturally) spawn. When one of them transforms into a Napad (on the left side), hurl a grenade towards it and empty a clip on his weak flesh to swiftly fell it.

Jump to the next boat (on the left side) and smash the [ WOODEN CRATES x2 ] here. The sniper up ahead transforms into a Napad, so destroy his armor either with a regular (throwable) grenade or use your grenade launcher, then hit him where it hurts. The next platform contains a [ WOODEN BOX ] and [ WOODEN CRATES x2 ] in the corner. Move over the last few boats and smash the [ WOODEN CRATES x3 ] before kicking in the door.

After the scene, quickly dash over the boats - ignoring all enemies - until you reach a boat restaurant. Climb the ladder to the first floor and you’ll be in a good position to destroy the chopper. To do this, equip your grenade launcher and pump away; just make every hit count! The explosive rounds from the chopper hurt like hell, so take cover in the rooms, then take a shot at the chopper, take cover again, etc. Don’t take too many risks. We do want to take a moment to NOT focus on the chopper though:

$$$item 1653

Onto what you can find in the boat’s rooms:

The first room contains a [ RED HERB ] and [ LARGE VASES x2 ]. The second room houses a [ GREEN HERB ] and [ LARGE VASES x3 ]. After the chopper crashes into the boat, jump off. As you proceed, more J’avo spawn (this is CHRIS’ campaign, it never ends! Yeah, awesome, kaboom, the boat blows up, there weren’t any explosives on it but it blows up anyway, awesome, yeah, wicked cool… if you are 13 years old). Anyway, ahem, don’t mind the sarcasm please. That just had to be said at this point.

In any case, kill the J’avo (you can push them in the water if you wish) and continue. Have a grenade ready as a batch of J’avo drops down; a well aimed toss can destroy all of them, but mop up any survivors before proceeding. There’s a suitcase behind the barrels that contains [ 4000 SKILL POINTS ], so be sure not to miss it. Climb the ladder and search the place for a [ WOODEN BOX ] and [ WOODEN CRATES x2 ]. Enter the hangar when you’re ready.

The Hangar

Move through the door and dash to the other side of the hall. Laser beams (which ought to look familiar for fans) are sent across, so slide underneath them. There’s a gap either in the middle, left, or right. At the end, smash the conductors and you’ll reach the elevator.

Remove the plate from the panel and have Piers take a look at it. Run near the moving mines to make them explode; it’s easy to run past them and still trigger them, keeping Piers safe.

Once you are done, drop down on the catwalk and chase Ada until a scene plays. Afterwards you’ll be chasing her by car. Piers will drive during the first part. As Chris, simply shoot any enemy trucks to ensure your safety. After a while, various J’avo block the road in a garage; be sure to take them out quickly as some of them have RPG’s, but prioritize the naerby Serpent Emblem first!

$$$item 1654

Chris takes the wheel shortly after. The controls are simple:

Action Xbox Playstation
Steer Left Stick Left Stick
Accelerate RT R1
Brake LT L1
Turbo Boost A X

The chase itself is fairly straightforward. Keep your eyes on the road and be sure to use the boost every now and then to avoid losing Ada (otherwise it’ll be game over). If you make it, the chapter ends.


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