Chapter 3: The Great Escape

Rank Accuracy: Allowed Deaths: Completion Time: Enemies Killed:
A 70%> 2 55+
B 60-69% 3 60-80 Minutes 40-54
C 50-59% 5 80-110 Minutes 30-39
C 5+ >110 Minutes 0-29

After the (admittedly awesome) cutscene, you will be free and will have to face two J’avo bare-handed. Not a problem! Simply charge a melee attack on one of them and unleash Jake’s melee combo. Or barring that, just quick shot using Jake’s hand-to-hand and deal with grounded foes. After the first two enemies are defeated, one more will come in. Deal with him as you wish and pick up the [ SWITCHBOARD KEY ] he drops. Interact with the box on the wall to see another cutscene.

Once you have control again take out the J’avo that comes down the hall. Continue onward and you’ll be in a wide-open machinery area. Here, three J’avo will appear. Try and wait for them to group and unleash a charged melee attack, then pick off whoever survives. You can wait for three more J’avo to show up after the first group or you can head out into the area and encounter them out there. Either way, dispose of them and make your way towards the objective.

Past the loading dock area you will find the objective: an air duct. To reach it though, you must push a nearby cart over to the duct, allowing you to jump on top of the cart and to the duct. Once you duck under the duct you can jump down to a new area.

Here, go into the security room and interact with the joystick. This will allow you to control the cameras (and machine-gun cameras) in the building. Three of them, to be precise, although only the first and last have guns. Emblem time!

$$$item 1671

With the emblem secure, our goal with these cameras is to ensure Sherry makes it safely through her segment. Use the first and third cameras to kill any J’avo you can find. The third one is especially useful. Once Sherry is safe on the third camera she will interact with the door. Zoom in on the door panel to see the passcode: OMEGA, ATOM, DUAL BOXES. Exit the camera controls and head to your own security panel. Input that code and the door will open.

Follow the (very) linear path until you reach a cutscene.

Medal Hunting

Once you have control again, note that you have all the weapons and items that were taken away from you, then head down the hallway until you reach some stairs on the right. J’avo will attack from here. The ones with guns will shoot from above while the others will come down to attack. Take them all out (a flash grenade is helpful) and watch as one J’avo cocoons and turns into a Strelat. After finishing all of the enemies off, pick up the [ ID MEDAL ] that the last one drops.

From the bottom floor, go enter the room to the left of the stairs. You can find an [ ORIENTAL CRATE ] in here to destroy (a fancy version of our good ol’ wooden crates) but more importantly a Serpent Emblem is hidden in here:

$$$item 1672

Head up the stairs now and on the third floor kill another J’avo waiting for you. Up ahead will be a long hallway with three J’avo in it that you’ll have to take out. If you want to be fancy, take note of the chandeliers in this place. If a J’avo is under one, shoot at it to make it fall on him and kill him! The jars on the right side of the hallway act like wooden boxes, so be sure to grab the [ ORIENTAL JAR x3 ] in this hallway as well.

On the left-side of the hallway is the entrance to the library. Go ahead and enter. You’ll be in for a battle, of course, with three J’avo occupying the place and an upper level for some of them to shoot at you. You can use the tables near the entrance as temporary cover if you wish. Take them out and you can grab an [ ORIENTAL CRATE ] on the bottom floor and then head up to the top and search the back bookshelves for another [ ID MEDAL ].

More J’avo will likely come in while you grab that medal, so be ready for them. You will face four additional J’avo, but once you take them out the last one will drop another [ ID MEDAL ]. Head out into the hallway again and to the back of it. Here there is a J’avo to the left. Take him out (the sniper rifle is helpful) and then two more will show up. Take them out as well.

The last one will drop another [ ID MEDAL ] for your troubles. There is also an [ ORIENTAL JAR ] in this hallway as well. Now, instead of heading towards the objective head back and the hallway to a seating room. There is an [ ORIENTAL JAR ] in this room but more importantly, under the left table is another medal! You can’t grab it, so we have to do something drastic: set a remote bomb down by the table and back off, then blow it up. You can get the [ ID MEDAL ] this way.

After all of that, head back to the start of the hallway (where we fought the first wave of J’avo) and find the door with the man’s bust on it. There are actually two doors, one with a silver bust and one with a bronze bust. Take either one, as they both lead to a fancy bedroom. Here, check the desk to the left of the bed for another [ ID MEDAL ]. Be sure to grab the [ ORIENTAL CRATE ] past the bedroom as well (in the hallway by the bronze bust door).

With all of those medals collected, you can finally head towards the objective. This area is rather large with a drop off to the left side and a pipe Jake can swing across on the right. There are of course J’avo down here to deal with, one of which drops an [ ID MEDAL ] and one that turns into a Strelat. More J’avo will emerge as well, and it is a good idea to go stand in the corner that you can drop into this area from, as you can take the J’avo out as they come with just melee attacks, saving ammo in the process. The last of the reinforcements will drop an [ ID MEDAL ] as well.

Note that sometimes the reinforcements will be caught up in the hallways we fought in earlier. You may have to go back and find the J’avo to kill them and get that medal. I found one stuck in the library, for example.

Also note that while there are a large amount of jars down here, I only found an item in one of them. Feel free to break them all and see what you find!

You should now have EIGHT medals. Go interact with the big dragon-buddha in the open room and put in three of them. This will cause a door to the east to open. Head up the stairs and enter it. In this hallway the doors to the left lead to a game room. This room is rather small but has quite a few J’avo in it. There’s only a few at first, but more will appear above and will shoot at you or drop down to fight. Try to fight under the balcony or out in the hallway to conserve health. You will kill at least seven J’avo in this room, but you will also get [ ID MEDAL x2 ] for your troubles. Once you are done, be sure to go play the piano to uncover another [ ID MEDAL ].

With that done, head back to the hallway and enter the room on the right now (or the room across from the game room). This room has another [ ID MEDAL ] above the fireplace for you to grab, but you’ll have to fight off another wave of 5-6 J’avo once you do (well, you are fighting them whether or not you want to, to be honest!).

After that, head past the glass doors at the end. The fountain on the left has an [ ID MEDAL ] in it that you can grab. Head into the pool area now. There are no enemies here initially (you KNOW they are coming!), so let’s gather some medals. Head to the corner of the room and up the stairs so you can push a cart out of the way. This leads to an [ ID MEDAL ]. Next, head down to the pool area and jump in. The calf has small tunnels under it you can crawl through. Crawl through the back one and you’ll find another [ ID MEDAL ] on the ground you can pick up.

By now, J’avo should be infesting the area. Use a flash grenade if you can, as there will be at least five of them and start to take them out. Beware of any mutating J’avo. As you are killing them, one will drop an [ ID MEDAL ] as well. Goody!

You should now have 13 medals. Head back to the buddha and put them all in. Once you hit 10 the western path will open. Once you hit 16, the back gate will open, revealing tons of goodies for you.

Go to the gate and grab the [ BEAR COMMANDER ] weapon, break the [ ORIENTAL CRATE x2 ], and open the chest for [ 2000 SKILL POINTS ] and [ 300 SKILL POINTS x2] . Good haul!

Now take the western path to the dual-person door and interact with it to view a cutscene.


Head back out to the big room and you’ll see J’avo heading down the stairs ahead. Well no problem, we need to take the door after all. Head towards it and ARGH! Well, we’re not going that way…

So, you’re facing a tank, huh? Bummer. Before you go running off scared though, let’s use this tank to get a Serpent Emblem!

$$$item 1673

Now that we have the emblem, it’s time to split! Run up the stairs and the path ahead will change to the pipe that we first had in this area. Swing across and take out any J’avo over here, then head to the other side and pull Sherry up (be quick, you don’t want that tank targeting you!). Go through the doors to continue…

But things are never that easy, are they? Run towards the screen and then to the right-hand side to enter a small cubby. Jump over the concrete and you’ll drop down to a lower level. There are some [ WOODEN CRATE x2 ] down here, so grab them and head to the door up the stairs.

You’ll be out in a pond area now. Very pretty, but J’avo will fire at you from above. Head to the right and soon the tank will burst through the wall! Geez! Head for the stairs up ahead but do not go up them quite yet! Emblem time!

$$$item 1674

Once you have it, head up the stairs. There is a room off to the right that offers better protection from the tank, but it also has [ ORIENTAL CRATES x4 ] for you, two in each corner. The far end of the room has a switch that needs pulled as well, which will allow Jake to continue forward using a pole swing.

Jake Gameplay

Swing across the gap to continue. Over here you can grab a [ GREEN HERB ] on the rocks and get supplies by the [ ORIENTAL CRATES x2 ] at the end of the path.

The idea over here is to get the tank to come towards you and have it move the statue clockwise until you can swing across. Hang out near the end when you want the tank to move towards you and retreat near the beginning area when you need it to back up. Of course the tank isn’t going to obey your every move and will even fire at Sherry at times, doing this will get it to move the statue for you.

Head up the path and kill the three J’avo you find (have a flash grenade ready!). In the room open up the briefcase for [ 300 SKILL POINTS ] and some [ .500 S&W MAGNUM AMMO ]. Enter the nearby bike room and open another briefcase for [ 4000 SKILL POINTS] and another [ 300 SKILL POINTS ].

Once you have gathered all that up, interact with the bike to see a cutscene.

Sherry will, of course, have to fight off J’avo as Jake does his thing. She will also have to be careful of any tank shots at the same time! Just hold out until Jake is done, no matter the cost!


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