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Final Fantasy VII (1997)

Climbing the Pagoda

Nathan Garvin
Important Items in this Area Enemy Skills in this Area*
Leviathan Materia Trine

To the Top of the Tower

If you traveled to Wutai earlier, now is a good time to return. You have the fourth Enemy Skill (which is the only reason why this event hasn’t been don earlier), but having a few more levels and a Ribbon doesn’t hurt, either. Put Yuffie in your party and equip her with your new Enemy Skill Materia. Upcoming is the last chance in the game to get “Trine”, which can obviously only be done if you have an empty Enemy Skill Materia equipped. This won’t be a much of a handicap if you at least got the essential Enemy Skills on your new Materia, and the fights ahead aren’t too tough in any case. Also equip her with a Ribbon, just in case.

Once done, enter Wutai and make your way to the pagoda towering over the city and head inside. Talk to the man, “Sacred Gorky” on the first floor and inform him that you’re climbing the pagoda, which prompts your first trial. Each time you win a fight, you’ll ascend a level in the pagoda and fight another boss, as follows:

Boss Battle: Gorkii

Gorky… or, in battle “Gorkii” is one of the more dangerous foes on the pagoda. His physical attacks can deal over 1000 damage, and he’s not shy about protecting himself with Regen, Barrier and Reflect. He also might whip out a Demi2 spell to reduce your HP by 1/2. A “Magic Hammer” or two will rob him of his magic, and he doesn’t really have the HP to survive a protracted slug-fest, especially if you protect yourself with “Big Guard”.

Gorkii Stats
HP: 3000
MP: 150
Weaknesses: N/A
Resistances: Earth (negates), Gravity (negates)
XP: 1500
AP: 50
Steal: N/A
Drop: X-Potion
Gil N/A

Gorky… or Gorkii… is the first and one of the strongest foes in the pagoda (left). If you expect the upper levels of the pagoda to challenge you, you’re going to be disappointed (right).

Boss Battle: Shake

After Gorky/Gorkii, Shake is a push-over. He’s only got two attacks, a melee attack that’ll struggle to get over 200 damage, and “Rage Bomber” which does about 500. That’s it. Steal his MP, then kill him however you wish. He’s got more staying power than Gorky, but that’s not really saying much.

Shake Stats
HP: 4000
MP: 180
Weaknesses: N/A
Resistances: Gravity (negates)
XP: 2200
AP: 50
Steal: N/A
Drop: Turbo Ether
Gil N/A

Boss Battle: Chekhov

An oddly Russian name for this totally not-Japanese town of Wutai. Oh well. Chekhov has two attacks, “Staredown” and “Absorb”, the first one just makes the character more susceptible to the other, which isn’t very damaging anyways (it steals about 300 HP from you and gives them to Chekhov). With a Ribbon equipped, her “Staredown” won’t even work, after which she’ll spend most of her time staring at you for the rest of the match. Not a very inspiring performance from Chekhov.

Chekhov Stats
HP: 5000
MP: 200
Weaknesses: N/A
Resistances: Gravity (negates)
XP: 2900
AP: 50
Steal: N/A
Drop: Ice Ring
Gil N/A

Boss Battle: Staniv

If you were expecting a better performance from Staniv, you’re going to be disappointed. He’s got three attacks, his normal melee attack deals around 300 damage, a counter-attack called “Iron Attack” which isn’t much more impressive, and “War Cry” which inflicts Sadness. No wonder Wutai lost its war against Shinra.

Staniv Stats
HP: 6000
MP: 240
Weaknesses: N/A
Resistances: N/A
XP: 3600
AP: 50
Steal: N/A
Drop: Elixir
Gil N/A

Godo is one of the few - and if you’re following this guide, the last - foes in the game with the “Trine” Enemy Skill. Learn it from him on your new Enemy Skill Materia (left). Otherwise his most powerful attack is “Demi3”, which will drop the target to 1/4 of their current HP (right).

Boss Battle: Godo

The fifth and final boss of the Pagoda is none other than Yuffie’s dad; Godo. This is by far the most interesting boss battle here, as Godo transforms into a three-faced humanoid whose attacks change depending on what mask is facing you:

The red mask uses a “Beast Sword” attack (250 damage) and “Trine” (800 damage), making this the last time you’ll be able to learn “Trine” in the game.

The white face mask tends to stick towards offensive magic like “Drain” which harms you and heals Godo for 150 HP, Bio2 (which you’ll be immune to if you have the Ribbon equipped) and Demi3, arguably his most dangerous attack, as it’s a gravity-based attack that cuts your HP down by 3/4 its current total.

The yellow face busies itself with status and restorative magic, including Sleepel and Mini (both of which the Ribbon negates) and Cure2. All in all, if you have a Ribbon equipped, Godo has to rely on brute force, which he has, but won’t reliably use.

So long as you’re willing to use “White Wind” and perhaps an X-Potion after Demi3, you should have no trouble defeating him. If he starts healing too much (which he’ll do as a counter attack when he gets weak) don’t be afraid to “Magic Hammer” his MP away, although with a base of 1000 MP, this might take a while.

Godo Stats
HP: 10000
MP: 1000
Weaknesses: N/A
Resistances: N/A
XP: 5000
AP: 60
Steal: N/A
Drop: All Creation
Gil 40000

You can effectively neuter Godo by draining his ample MP reserves with “Magic Hammer” (left). When you win, you’ll obtain Yuffie’s ultimate Limit Break, All Creation, and the Leviathan Materia (right).

After the battle the two tuckered Wutites will have an odd father-daughter moment, following which Godo will give you the Leviathan Materia. The two will trade world views, and when everybody else leaves, Godo will reveal that the Yuffie-nut didn’t fall far from the Godo-tree. Anyways, Leviathan Materia is pretty… meh… but it’s necessary for something better later on. The All Creation tome Godo dropped is less mixed, as it’s Yuffie’s ultimate Limit Break. Nice.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Making Waves

Obtain the Leviathan Materia.

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Trophy/Achievement Icon

Meet Your Maker

Learn All Creation-Yuffie's last Limit Break.

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