Seething Abomination Bosses

In-Game Description

"Seething Abomination" iconSeething Abomination roams the "Fields of Hatred" iconFields of Hatred attacking anyone who is unfortunate enough to pass them.

This boss predominantly roams the central/north parts of "Fields of Hatred" iconFields of Hatred, although can appear in the south too. It has a devastating charge attack which it will use if you are at range, otherwise it will hit you with quick melee swipes that leaves a poison puddle on the floor.

Detailed Location


Interactive Map Locations

# Title Screenshot Description Coords
1 Seething Abomination
Map Link
Marker screenshot X: 4916
Y: 10528
2 Seething Abomination
Map Link
Marker screenshot X: 5808
Y: 16696

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