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About us

The idea for Gamer Guides was originally conceived back in 2010 during a playthrough of Final Fantasy XIII. After using the hardback version of the official guide, beautiful and detailed as it was, it became apparent that trying to use a heavy book wasn’t the easiest experience when also trying to complete a section of a game at the same time. Surely there was a more interactive, modern way of creating guides while also keeping the attention to detail and beauty found in the paper versions? And so, Gamer Guides was born.

Eight years later, after realising just how difficult making guides was in the first place, let alone making them functional while maintaining quality, Gamer Guides has levelled up from novice to expert in what was, at times, a perilous adventure. While not quite legendary status yet, with your continued support, we are aiming to achieve the ultimate goal - to be the most interesting and accurate source for strategies, walkthroughs and all round game information available. With your help (and maybe with a few tanks and healers along the way too), we know we can get there.

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