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Entangled Main Missions

In-game Description

I recovered the Artifact from the Nishina Research Station.


Entangled” is a main mission in Starfield where you respond to a distress signal in Freya III.

Mission Objectives

  1. Investigate the Distress Signal.
  2. Enter Nishina Research Station.
  3. Speak to Ethan.
  4. Follow Ethan.
  5. Explore the Ruins.
  6. Speak to Rafael.
  7. Find the Director’s Office.
  8. Speak to Director Patel.
  9. Follow Maria.
  10. Get to the Lab.
  11. Speak to Raphael.
  12. Assist Maria.
  13. Stand in the Distortion.
  14. Find a Probe Control Unit.
  15. Recalibrate the Distortion.
  16. Speak to Maria.
  17. Speak to Director Patel.
  18. (Optional) Get Supplies.
  19. Take the Elevator.
  20. Get to the Lab.
  21. Override the Lockdown in the Facilities Section.
  22. Override the Lockdown in the Accelerator Section.
  23. Override the Lockdown in the Storage Section.
  24. Disengage Power Interlocks (0/7) Or Switch Universes.
  25. Shut Down the Probe.
  26. Take the Artifact.
  27. Speak to Rafael.
  28. Speak to Director Patel.

Unlock Requirements

You can unlock the “Entangled” mission during the “Final Glimpses” mission. This mission becomes available at Freya III in the "Freya System" iconFreya System.

Mission Rewards (Upon Completion)

Upon completing the mission, you will receive different rewards depending on your choices during the mission. The rewards are as follows:

If you save Rafael:

If you save the Hughes’ and Director Patel:

Mission Walkthrough

Entangled” is obtained during the “Final Glimpses” mission and must be completed as part of it. When you visit Freya III in the "Freya System" iconFreya System, you’ll receive a distress signal from the nearby Nishina Research Station. Upon landing, you’ll be greeted by Ethan Hughes, the Chief of "Security" iconSecurity, who initially denies sending the signal. However, upon mentioning that it came from the High Energy Research Lab, he allows you to enter.

  1. Enter the Nishina Research Station, and after being scanned by Ethan, you’ll proceed further into the facility.

  2. As you navigate through the facility, you’ll experience environmental shifts that alternate between normal and decayed states. This change is associated with shifting between different universes. In one of these shifts, you’ll encounter a Young Cataxi Warrior, which you must defeat.

  3. Ethan will continue escorting you to meet the Director.

  4. As you enter the Work Room, you’ll meet "Rafael Aguerro" iconRafael Aguerro, who sent the distress signal. He explains the accident that led to the distortion of realities and the shifting between universes.

  5. Continue following Ethan to reach the Director’s Office.

  6. While progressing through the Director’s Office, you’ll be transported back to the decayed ruins. Navigate through this alternate environment and reach the Director’s Office in this universe, defeating any Cataxi encountered along the way.

  7. Before reaching the Director’s Office, you’ll be transported back to the intact facility. Here, you’ll finally meet Director Kaia Patel and scientist Maria Hughes. They confirm the existence of parallel universes and the goal of researching the gravitational distortion caused by the Artifact.

  8. Discuss your next steps, including shutting down the probe responsible for the universe-shifting phenomenon. However, you learn that the Research Level is locked down, preventing access. Suggest using the elevator from Rafael’s universe as a solution.

  9. Follow Maria to the control unit for the probe.

  10. After reaching the control unit, you’ll be transported back to Rafael’s universe. Obtain the Nishina Pantry Key from Rafael to access the pantry, where you’ll face another Cataxi.

  11. Proceed to the next room and return to Rafael’s universe, defeating three Cataxi before speaking with him.

  12. Head to the next room, where you’ll be transported to Hughes’ universe, allowing you to speak to Ethan. You can also persuade him to give you a Rare Experiment A-7 Shotgun.

  13. Interact with the Distortion to return to Hughes’ universe, then continue your journey towards the lab.

  14. Maria will instruct you on how to reach the High Energy Research Lab. Follow her guidance.

  15. After entering the Emergency Room, you’ll be sent back to Rafael’s universe. Continue following your mission marker, and as you approach the lab, you’ll be transported to the decayed ruins once more.

  16. Interact with the Distortion, then head to the Director’s Office on the second floor. Defeat any Cataxi encountered along the way.

  17. In Rafael’s universe, you’ll arrive at the Director’s Office and can speak with Kaia Patel and Maria Hughes.

  18. Decide which universe you want to save - Rafael’s or Hughes’ - by disengaging the Power Interlocks through mission markers on the computers.

  19. After disengaging the Power Interlocks, shut down the probe to end the universe-shifting phenomenon.

  20. Take Artifact Lambda from the center of the mechanism.

  21. Speak to Rafael or Director Patel, depending on your choice.

  22. If you save Rafael’s universe, he offers to become a Crew Member and provides miscellaneous resources.

  23. If you save Hughes’ universe, you receive a Legendary "Experimental Nishina Spacesuit" iconExperimental Nishina Spacesuit, a Legendary "Experimental Nishina Helmet" iconExperimental Nishina Helmet, credits, and XP.

Completing “Entangled” concludes both “Entangled” and “Final Glimpses.” To continue the main storyline, complete “Unearthed” and “Missed Beyond Measure.”

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