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Icon Title In-game Description Description Mission Objectives Location / Where to Find Unlock Requirements Mission Rewards (Upon Completion) Mission Walkthrough Media Gallery Rewards Credits XP Locations Next Missions Previous Mission Faction
Item icon
Access is Key

I need to obtain a Security Keycard in Neon: Neon Security and…

For the full guide, head to this page: Access is Key: Suit and…

Talk to Imogen. (Optional) Obtain a suit from Aito. Retrieve…

Accept Mission at Ryujin Tower, Neon after completing the previous…

After accepting the mission from Imogen, head to the entrance…

"Med Pack" iconMed Pack Aid
"Heart+" iconHeart+ Aid

2,500 Credits

100 XP

Item icon
Breaking the Bank

Commander Kibwe Ikande

Item icon
Burden of Proof

I’ve been tasked by Lt. Jillian Toft on the UC Vigilance to find…

Location: Naeva Meetup - Broken Spear, Cydonia Behind Adler Kemp.…

Item icon
Deep Cover

Commander Kibwe Ikande

4,800 Credits

Item icon
Echoes of the Past

The hunt for Kryx’s Legacy is on! The information from the Lock…

During this quest, you’ll be required to head into the abandoned…

❑ Proceed to the Surface of Suvorov❑ Speak to Delgado❑ Meet Delgado…

The Key

Item icon
Rook Meets King

Commander Tuala

5,000 Credits