Claire / Moira

  • Knocked down an enemy 5 times by blinding them with the light, then hitting them with a physical attack.

This one is really easy. You need to blind the enemies with Moira's flashlight (L2), quickly change to Claire and perform a follow-up attack (R2). Note that you HAVE to switch to Claire and perform the follow-up attack yourself, not the AI.

  • Escaped the factory with only 1 minute left.

The factory is the building that's on fire. The only thing to tell you is to be fast! Don't kill the enemies either. You have to have more than 1 minute left in order to get this Medal.

  • Stunned 20 enemies with Moira's light.

Pretty straightforward. You can get this one along with the first Gold Medal. It has to be 20 DIFFERENT enemies.

  • Defeated 10 enemies with sub-weapons.

Pretty self explanatory. A good place to get many is when you get the the artificial eye. Run around the area making all the Afflicted follow you and toss a bottle to get rid of them.

  • Defeated 3 enemies using the stealth attack.

This one is pretty simple. Inside the first building where you get the piece of Liver, there's a room on the second floor with a couple of Afflicted laying on the ground and there's another one inside the room on the left in the first floor. Walk over them to "wake them up" and leave the area from whence you came. This resets their aggro and they'll start patrolling their areas, giving you a chance to stealth kill them. Really easy!

  • Defeated 10 enemies with a headshot.

Pretty simple as well and it's what you should always aim for.

  • Created 5 sub-weapons by combining items.

Pretty self explanatory. Create 3 bottles to get this one.

  • Created 5 recovery items by combining items.

Like the sub-weapon Medals, you have to create 5 recovery items. These are Torniquets, Red/Green Herbs and Disinfectants. You have to create 5 "groups" of 3. Really easy to do.

  • Opened 4 military boxes.

Open up 4 military boxes. Read the main walkthrough for more info on their locations.

  • Found 7 hidden items with Moira.

These are the Sparkle Items scattered through the episode. There are WAY more than 6 so play as Moira and find them.

Barry / Natalia

  • Defeated 3 Revenant by only hitting their weak spots.

The Revenants' weak spots are those highlighted when you see them as Natalia. Make sure to be REALLY precise with your aim and take them down.

  • Cleared the episode without destroying any of the Dhurlga tentacles.

This Medal is a pain! You have to finish off the Dhurlga by only shooting its weak spot. You can do this by luring it to attack you with its large black tentacle, shoot it with your Magnum and evade back. Doing this over and over will net you this Medal. Another good way is to use Natalia as bait and let Dhurlga attack her while you go behind it and empty your weapons on it.

As for the second Dhurlga, the best thing to do is to just run from it, like explained in the Countdown extra.

  • Hit enemies with Natalia's brick 15 times.

This one is pretty simple, although you have a limited amount of Bricks. Each brick can be used 3 times, so you need 5 bricks in order to do this. Don't throw them, use them with R2, just like using a knife.

  • Defeated 3 enemies with a follow-up attack.

You need to have the skill that allows Barry and Claire to perform follow-up attacks. With it, have Natalia toss a brick at the enemy and fall over, switch over to Barry and perform the follow-up attack.

  • Defeated 10 enemies with sub-weapons.

Another Medal easily done in the sewage treatment area. Round the Rotten up and toss a bottle to kill them.

  • Defeated 4 enemies using the stealth attack.

Another easy one. There are 4 Revenants that you can stealth kill in the mining area. You've got to stealth kill all 4.

  • Defeated 10 enemies with the knife.

This is easier than other episodes. There are many Rotten and dogs in the sewage treatment area so knife them to death.

  • Opened 3 gimmick boxes.

Simply open 3 gimmick boxes in the episode. Really easy. Follow the main walkthrough for this one.

  • Found 5 hidden items with Natalia.

Just like with Moira, find 6 Sparkle Items with Natalia. They're scattered all over the episode.

  • Cleared the sewage treatment plant with Natalia taking no damage.

Pretty simple Medal. This is the area where Natalia has to turn the wheels to raise the sluices for Barry. There will be some Rotten coming for Natalia, but its really easy to take them out with Barry.

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Sweet, Golden Medal

Get all medals in Episode Three.

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Set between Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6 and six years after the original Resident Evil Revelations, Claire Redfield makes a comeback as one of the protagonists of Resident Evil Revelations 2. Along with Barry Burton, former S.T.A.R.S. member, his daughter Moira Burton and a survivor of the previous game Natalia Korda. Control all 4 characters. 2 pairs of heroes, 2 stories. Follow Claire and Moira who have limited ammo and try to investigate the mysterious Tower while Barry and Natalia approach it in search of them. Does it have any relation to previous Resident Evils? Just who is behind the attack in the island?

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