Claire / Moira

Hourglass locations

  • In front of the helicopter.
  • Inside the room with the Battery.
  • In the house with the Machine Pistol.
  • Inside the room with the Fuel.
  • At the start of the tunnels (orange hourglass).
  • Inside the building with the door puzzle.
  • Inside the building with the elevator.
  • In the area where you fight the fire-guy.

Loot the bar and after the scene (and a minute plus of waiting) follow Gabe to the chopper for a BLUE HOURGLASS . They give us one early since they slowed us down! STICK AROUND for the dialog where you are tasked to get the chopper supply parts.

Head back to the village and make your way to where Pedro is. After getting him to talk, turn around and go to the blue house. Nab the red herb that is outside and go around and throw Moira up. In the room you have the BATTERY and a BLUE HOURGLASS . Run out now and tell Claire to follow you. Head to the house Pedro is at.

He has the door open for us. Very nice, buddy! Go in and grab the gun and items, as well as the BLUE HOURGLASS . A big guy is coming at you from the blue house, so exit and kill him. Head to the fuel area (watch for an enemy on the way) and then back to Pedro, then show him the door to drill. Guard him while he does so. In the back is the FUEL and a BLUE HOURGLASS we can score. Don’t forget the ammo and barrels. Go give these things to Gabe now, quickly.

Next up is the very awesome bar fight. Run to the bar and turn off the siren ASAP, then hold out until Pedro changes… which will happen eventually. Some keys here are using the MP to hold off the first wave and rotating, killing quickly. Pair a decoy / fire bomb combo near the end if you get overwhelmed.

After that hang out with Pedro a bit then run laps outside. Kill the lesser monsters with a shotgun blast in the face for time. Soon Neil will show up and you can get out of there. Throw a decoy bottle after climbing the ladder to help your partner out, especially if you are playing with the AI.

Down in the tunnels you’ll see an ORANGE HOURGLASS , but note that you can go loot the tunnels and then come back to it after all the dialog and THEN smash it to give yourself about 30 seconds of spare time. Not too shabby.

Out in the street head to the end and have Moira do her thing. Kill the dogs out here while you wait. Head up the ledge when you can and inside the house just go straight to the iron door.

Out in the playground area, shoot the far enemies by the bus to get their attention, then head into the park. Kill the dog here (two quick good shots) and go to the bus. Push the containers 2 pushes each (push the first one out towards the street) and go through the bus (enemies are hot on your tail). Follow the girl into the building for a BLUE HOURGLASS . Gotta be quick!

Head downstairs here and dash past the exploding enemies. Head upstairs and kill another guy by dashing past him and do the hallway puzzle. Exit the building and follow the girl.

In the next building is a BLUE HOURGLASS . Head to the elevator and make it come. This is a fine time to combine items, so take this reprieve and take out the two enemies in the elevator. Follow it to the fire-guy fight. Note that they give you a BLUE HOURGLASS before you face him. How nice! Take him down fast and clean the room, then go get the girl. Interact with the door and she’ll open it for you.

Head to the tower and that’s it! We’re done!

Barry / Natalia

Hourglass locations

  • In the first area with two Revenants.
  • In the area with the Back Gate Key and the Sniper Rifle.
  • At the start of the tunnels after the village (orange hourglass).
  • In the playground after the warehouse.
  • In the area where you fight Pedro.
  • In the area outside the Tower.

Start by following the path, open the gate to the next area. Break the barrel next to the wall and proceed further in the forest. Check out the guy from Terra Safe and jump down the sloppy path. Stealth kill the Revenant and proceed forward, breaking the barrel in the rundown cabin before jumping down.

Hide from both Revenants and kill them just like before, then break the BLUE HOURGLASS . Run down the path to the left into the area with 3 Revenants. Take out the one walking back and forth in the center, then take out the one at the end and lastly the one on the left side. Grab the iron crate to get on top of the house, grab the Key, break the BLUE HOURGLASS and take the Sniper Rifle. Cross the locked gate, grab any items nearby and drop down to the village.

Follow the path like you normally do, kill the first 2 Glasps and run past the third one (stick the cliff side). Go through the door and down into the tunnels. Break up the ORANGE HOURGLASS , kill the dogs and proceed outside. Listen the talk while still walking and proceed to the next area, where you’ll have to kill both Revenants.

Stealth kill the Revenants in this area (3 total) and in the warehouse run past both Revenants and the blob-throwing guy. In the playground, break the BLUE HOURGLASS , stealth kill the Revenant, snipe down the blob-throwing guy and run past the second Revenant. Ignore everything in this building and proceed to the next building.

Send Natalia through the hole in the bathroom and proceed to the top floor where you’ll find Pedro. Kill him just like before to receive 120 seconds for your timer. You’ll also find another BLUE HOURGLASS in case you need it. Take the DRILL , return to the first floor and break down the wall. Knife the BLUE HOURGLASS outside and head over to the Tower. Do what you need to do to end this episode.

Trophy/Achievement Icon
"Run, Moira. Run!"

Clear Episode Two in Countdown Mode.

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Set between Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6 and six years after the original Resident Evil Revelations, Claire Redfield makes a comeback as one of the protagonists of Resident Evil Revelations 2. Along with Barry Burton, former S.T.A.R.S. member, his daughter Moira Burton and a survivor of the previous game Natalia Korda. Control all 4 characters. 2 pairs of heroes, 2 stories. Follow Claire and Moira who have limited ammo and try to investigate the mysterious Tower while Barry and Natalia approach it in search of them. Does it have any relation to previous Resident Evils? Just who is behind the attack in the island?

  • Detailed walkthrough of all 4 Episodes from start to finish.
  • Collectible locations (Kafka Drawings, Insect Larvae and Tower Emblems).
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