Collectables #
Runes 4
Bone Charms 2
Blueprints 1
Sokolov Portraits 1

Dunwall Tower Exterior

Hop off the boat and swim through the open door. Blink up to the platform at the back of the room and then again up into the opening on the right. Inside, climb onto the pipes and head to the left through the small tunnel and past the rotating gears until you reach an opening on the other side of the room.

Look across to the other side to find a narrow opening opposite, blink into here and check the nearby body for a Bone Charm (1/2) . Continue until the dead end opposite the metal bars and look out the opening here. Blink up to the balcony on the left.

This door has an electricity coil behind it so we don’t want to go in there! Face the door and turn to the right, you should see an open arch-shaped passage above. Blink up to this and exit outside. Follow the pipe to the right and climb the wall at the end. From here we can blink up to the right to get on the roof of the large building we just exited.

At this point check out the area below. This outside area is essentially the same as the prologue! This time around through, there is a tallboy directly below us patrolling back and forward along the length of the area and another on the next level up patrolling from the gazebo in which the Empress was killed and all the way past the Imperial palace behind.

This place might seem familiar in some ways, but the landscape has changed and there are some challenging enemies in the way, like Tallboys (right).

Also in front of the palace, you will see a rotating spotlight on a guard tower behind a wall of light guarding the stairs leading to the palace courtyard that will spot you when you approach. Additionally, just to make things difficult there are numerous guards patrolling around. Luckily there is a much easier way to get in!

From the roof look to the right, see the roof here with the various pieces of sheet metal acting as a roof? We’ll head over here, so blink down onto the wall overlooking the water below to the right and then up to the roof we just mentioned. Hop up onto the wall at the far end and note the building with spotlights in front.

A guard will patrol up and down a set of stairs just to the right of this structure. When he starts to returns back, wait until he is in the shadow beside the building (so the search light will not see the body) and hit him with a sleep bolt to take him out.

Now you’ll want to keep an eye out to the left to see where the patrolling tallboy is and also note the position of the guard tower spotlight. When both of them are focused elsewhere, blink over to where we knocked out the guard. Descend the stars and go round the corner at the bottom. Hop over the wall to the left of the wall of light in front and continue along the left hand wall until you see an opening we can crouch through.

Blink up to the platform above and then wait for the patrolling guards to be away from your current position. Now rather than taking the obvious platform choice, do a 180 degree turn whilst facing it and blink up to the support girder above. From here you’ll see a gap in the roof to the far right that you can blink up to. Once outside, blink across to the skirting lining the tower itself.

Pull out your heart, you’ll be able to see a rune in the small building attached to the structure we just climbed up from. From our current location you can pick off the two patrolling guards to the left up with sleep bolts and then blink across to loot the area. Check out the area indicated by the heart to find the Rune (1/4) beneath a bed.

Return outside and to the skirting surrounding the palace. Follow this all the way around to the front of the tower and continue until you reach an opening. Head inside and use the door here to enter a small square opening into the Dunwall Tower interior. Upon entering the tower, you’ll find yourself overlooking a large room below.

Optional: The Torturer

To the right of the large set of stairs in the room below you’ll see a locked door. Blink down to this when it is safe to do so and use the skeleton key to open the door. Follow the tunnel and when you reach the kitchen, climb the stairs to the right.

At the top, blink up to the set of pipes at the top of the room and follow the hallway to the far end. When you reach the end, you’ll see an open door on the corner. Blink down into here and climb down the spiral stairs here. At the bottom, you’ll see a big guy whacking a weeper.

Don’t approach yet though as there is a wolfhound in the room to. Tranquilize the dog. This will alert the torturer, so quickly retreat up the stairs a short way, wait a few moments and when he loses interest he’ll go back to the weeper. When he does blink behind him and take him down. Afterwards pick up the Rune (2/4) off the outsider shrine here. Return upstairs.

The Torturer (left) can be a difficult enemy to sneak by/take out, so keep an eye on him until you get a chance. Also, he has a Wolfhound (right) in his chambers, so you might need to hit it with a sleep dart.

Now it’s time to get rid of the High chancellor, with three options available to you. It should be noted that option three is the option you will want to take if you want to complete the mission without killing anyone. Here they are:


  • You can assassinate him in his chambers.
  • You can assassinate him in his safe room on the rooftop (he will retreat here if you set off an alarm). Scroll down to the ' **Optional: Collect the rune from the rooftop** ' section in the guide just below to find out how to get to and infiltrate the safe room. Inside, deal with him as you see fit.


  • You can climb the radio tower and speak to the radio operator who will tell you to loot the chancellor's safe and bring him the audio & confession to play to the city. This is the only non-lethal way to get rid of the target.

Continue along the platform here to the right and hop over the railing at the end. If you picked up the Dunwall Tower Skeleton key (which I told you to do during the Boyle assassination mission) you’ll be able to unlock all the doors! Enter the door immediately to the right to head for the broadcast tower.

Inside, pull out the whale oil canister to disable the electric coil and climb to the very top of the area and note the open door to the upper level as you go past it. Speak with the radio broadcaster. He’ll ask you to grab a confession from the regent’s safe and give you the combination 9-3-5 . Cruise back down the stairs to the open door to the upper level we ignored earlier and head on through.

Wait outside the door at the far end of the hallway and wait for the guard inside to turn away before going inside and choking him out. Hide his body. The door to the left immediately as you entered this room will lead to the Regent’s bedroom. In here you’ll find the safe. Wait outside for a few seconds for the Regent to enter and when he has his back turned open the door, sneak over to him and choke him to sleep. Hide his body and then open the safe, grabbing the recording.

The Propaganda Officer at the top of the Broadcast Tower will tell you the combination (left) to the Lord Regent’s safe. Burrows’ chambers can be accessed by Blinking to the balcony pictured on the right).

Open the chest at the foot of his bed to find Rune (3/4) and check out the fireplace. See how you can see a room behind it? You’ll be able to watch a pair of guards patrol this room through the fireplace and when you get a chance hit them both with a sleep bolt. When the coast is clear blink through here, look on the wall above the fireplace to grab the painting for Sokolov Portrait (1/1) .

Optional: Collect Rune from Rooftop

From the room with the portrait, pop out the door to the left. Follow the hallway to the end and climb the stairs until you reach the door leading to the rooftop. There are three guards patrolling up here. Take them out. Note the giant iron door - that’s the entrance to the safe room. There are a number of guards and a tallboy inside, so do not open the door here or you will be spotted immediately.

Instead; head to the right side of the door and you’ll find an open window. Drop down and hide behind the bookcases here. When you get the opportunity blink up to the stairs on the right and you’ll find the Rune (4/4) on the table here. Return to the Regent’s quarters.

When you are ready, return to the broadcast tower and play the recording. Backtrack downstairs that through the vent we entered from earlier. To exit to the Dunwall Tower Exterior.

Dunwall Tower Exterior

Backtrack via the same way we infiltrated the tower as we’ve already removed the guards from the equation and once you reach the roof above the water lift, simply drop into the water below and swim out to meet Samuel. Talk to him to end the mission.

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Poetic Justice

You neutralized all key targets using indirect means

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