The Burglar challenge has you sneaking into a mansion and stealing a total of six specific eggs, before leaving to return to where you started. The catch is that you are allowed to alert the guards, but doing so three times will have you fail the challenge. Besides the eggs, which are the main objective, you will also find a lot of other things to pick up for coins, which are the main source of your points in the challenge.

During the normal version of this challenge, you have access to powers (Dark Vision and Blink), but on the expert version, you don’t have any powers at all, so you’ll have to resort to using the keyholes on doors to find out the locations of enemies. On top of that, there are 16 figurines that can only be found on the expert version, and what’s even more, certain doors and glass cases are locked, so you’ll need to find the keys for them.

Normal Walkthrough

The easiest way to get into the mansion is via the backdoor, so go along the right path at the start to find it. Once inside, avoid touching any items that will give you gold and use Dark Vision near one of the doors to spot two guards on the first floor. There’s two eggs on this floor, which are close to each other, so when you get a chance, hurry up and snatch them both before returning to the first room upon entering the house. Find the door closest to the entrance and go through it when possible, heading halfway up the stairs.

The reason you go halfway is that there’s a guard patrolling the area at the top of the stairs, Besides that one, there’s two others, one of which is on a balcony and won’t pose any trouble at all, with the third patrolling around the entire floor. When the guard moves from the top of the stairs and starts right, quickly snatch the egg from the glass case and go into the room to your left. Watch the guards and make your way to the fourth egg, grabbing it and find the stairs to the next floor.

All of the eggs are pretty much in the open and marked on your map, so finding them will be very easy.

The third floor doesn’t have any eggs on it, so head straight the fourth. There are three guards up here, with one of them being near the stairs. He either stares at the stairs or he looks at a painting on the wall. The other two patrol around the other rooms, so don’t worry about them too much for now, but know that one of them does patrol the stairwell area.

Watch their movements and make your way to the final two eggs, which is the signal to start looting the place. Most of the loot is in plain sight, although there are some hidden rooms on the third and second floors. On the third floor, interact with the lamp to open a secret door, allowing you to grab a coin off the table, then an ingot off an altar of some kind and one more final coin (and Emily’s Doll ) on the first table. On the second floor, there is a bookcase that moves by touching one of the books. Once you have all the loot you want and all six eggs, exit via the way you came and go back to the starting point to finish.

Expert Walkthrough

There are a few things that are different from the normal version, with the most noticeable being that you don’t have any powers at all, so you’ll have to resort to using keyholes to spot the guards patrolling the mansion. Besides that, some things are locked, so you’ll have to find keys on tables and off of guards to unlock them. The final difference is the addition of 16 figurines hidden around the map, which contribute nothing to your score, but collecting them all will grant you the Rare Collector trophy/achievement .

Everything else is essentially the same, so if you’ve done this challenge a few times, then you know the routes of the guards and the locations of the eggs and loot. One of the guards on the first floor has the front door key, should you feel like using it. Right next to the egg on the dresser on the second floor is a key to the chest in the storage room next to it, and one of the guards on the same floor has the key to the display case with the other egg. The final key you need is on the desk on the fourth floor, near the doors that lead to the balcony, which opens the bedroom door that houses one of the eggs.

Figurine Locations

As already mentioned, there are a total of 16 collectable figurines that can be found in the expert version of Burglar. They have no impact on your score and are only needed to get the Rare Collector achievement/trophy . Let’s start from the fourth floor, since you should be getting all of the eggs first.

The collectable figures needed for the Rare Collector trophy/achievement can be difficult to find, due to their small size and hidden placements.

Fourth Floor

  • On the floor near the bed, on the opposite side of the clockwork egg in the bedroom
  • On top of the bookcase by the fireplace
  • On the mantelpiece
  • On the sink in the bathroom
  • At the very top of the mantelpiece with no fire at the top of the stairs
  • On the bookshelf on the right side at the top of the stairs

**Third Floor**

  • Floating in mid-air in the void in between the central crack

**Second Floor**

  • In the large dining room, behind one of the dividers next to the fireplace
  • On a small, white desk in the hallway that's connected to the large dining room
  • On top of a crate next to the safe in same hallway as above
  • On a table next to the bed in the room at the top of the stairs

**First Floor**

  • On a lower bunk bed in one of the side rooms
  • Inside of a junky cabinet in same room as above
  • Behind a whale oil jar inside of a junky cabinet in the area where you enter via the back door
  • On top of a barrel in the same area, just a few feet away from the previous one
  • On the bottom shelf of some cabinet in the room just next to the previous one; it's to the right when you enter from the last room

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