Bend Time Massacre is one of the two puzzle challenges in the game and requires you to quickly figure out ways to kill a lot of targets within a set time limit. These targets are placed in rooms surrounded by glass windows and as soon as you break a glass window, Bend Time will begin and you will need to kill the required amount of enemies before it ends.

You usually have a lot of weapons and powers at your disposal to take out what you need. There’s a total of six rounds and there are bonus sections that you can do after each normal round. The only catch is that the bonus round can be one of two different ones for each bonus round, plus you only get one try for the bonus round (you get infinite retries during the regular rounds).

Round One

This is an easy round, as there’s only four enemies and you need to kill three to pass. You can simply break the glass and go around to kill all four enemies with your blade. If you want more points, then you can get a little more creative with your kills, like shooting the whale oil tank or placing a spring razor on the floor.

Round 1 Bonus (Execution)

You do not have weapons for this and need to make sure the guard doesn’t kill the Art Dealer. Time is frozen inside of the room and the guard has already fired a shot. In order to break the glass, you need to pick up the bottle to your left and toss it. Once you do that, quickly possess the guard and move him in front of the bullet’s path to have him get killed.

For the first bonus, you’ll have to pick up the jar and throw it at the glass to break it (left). Possess the guy shooting and place him in front of the bullet’s trajectory (right).

Round 1 Bonus (Blunt Force Trauma)

Once again, you don’t have any weapons for this bonus, but will need to use the objects placed around the map in order to kill three guards within 15 seconds. Grab the brick on the table to your left and go around to the right to find the lone guard there. Throw the brick at an angle to break the glass so you can grab it while it’s in the air. With the brick still in your possession, toss it at the guard’s head, then hurry and pick up the whale oil tank. Chuck that at the two guards nearby to get the needed kills.

Round Two

There are six people inside and you will need to kill five of them to pass. Three of them are standing underneath a speaker, with the other three being guards patrolling the small room. You can either wait for one of the guards to walk close enough to the three standing still or just shoot the speaker, then quickly run around to kill the three guards with your weapons or knife.

Round 2 Bonus (Agenda)

This can be slightly tricky, as you need to kill the three nobles in three seconds without harming the guards. Luckily, you can wait until the guards move around to where they aren’t near the nobles, then quickly place a spring razor on the ground in the middle of them.

Round 2 Bonus (Propaganda)

This bonus can be slightly more challenging than the other, as you need to drop the only speaker to kill a total of six enemies. You get a total of 20 seconds, though, so you should kind of have an idea on what you need to do. Wait until one of the guards moves within range of the speaker, then you’ll have to quickly possess the other two to move them into the explosion’s range.

Round Three

Another pretty easy round, as you need to kill seven of the eight enemies in the room, with most of them being around a table. Go to the right at the start until you come to the glass with the whale oil tank at your feet. Break the glass and either toss the tank at the table or place it on top of it, shooting it after. When you’ve done that, quickly shoot the two guards on either side of the table.

Whale oil tanks are a huge help in eliminating enemies in this challenge, with the first big opportunity being in the third round.

Round 3 Bonus (Patience)

This can be an annoying bonus, as you need to kill nine enemies, without a single one dying before Bend Time is over. That means things like tossing a whale oil tank or direct stabbing someone is out of the question. Luckily, the layout of the map is similar to the normal version of the round, so just wait until mostly everyone gathers around the table, then place the whale oil tank on the table as before. After doing that, fire some arrows or bullets at the few guards out of range of the explosion.

Round 3 Bonus (Pincushion)

As one of the more troublesome bonuses, you are required to hit the Art Dealer with four arrows while simultaneously breaking four panes of glass. You only have four arrows and you’re going to have to shoot all four through different panes of glass. The easiest thing to do is to wait for him to stop moving, then shoot once to start the timer and run around to three other panes and shoot at him through those.

Round Four

Things start getting slightly more complicated starting with this round, with the requirement being to kill 10 of the 13 people in the room. A good portion of the people are around the table, with some off to the left of it and some more people up the stairs to the right. The easiest way to complete this round is to toss a grenade towards the people on the left, then quickly pick up the whale oil tank and throw it at the people across the table. From here, use your gun and blade to kill the people to the right/up the stairs.

Round 4 Bonus (Surgical)

It’s time to bring a little stealth into this, as you have to kill the three Pendleton brothers without having anyone else see them die or discover their bodies. There are a few ways to do this, but a good method is to wait until the one brother is at the back of the room, up the stairs, then possess the other two to bring them to the same spot. From here, you can simply place a spring razor on the ground next to them.

Round 4 Bonus (Blood for Oil)

You have 6 seconds to kill 10 people with the whale oil tanks scattered about the map. Break the glass and pick up the first tank by your feet, tossing it at the people to the left of the table. After that, shoot the other tank straight across from you with an arrow. This should kill the required amount of people.

Round Five

If things didn’t start to get tricky or complicated before, now they do with this round, as you have to kill 7 out of the 12 people that are in two separate rooms. First, go to the room above and prep your Sticky Grenade, as you will be throwing towards the group on the left in the upper room; you also want to throw it towards the ground, as tossing it at a person will make them fly backward when it hits them.

For the lower room, you will want to try and hit the speaker to drop it on the three people standing around, then shoot the remaining guards that are roaming about. Another tactic for this room, if they should be lined up properly, is to shoot one bullet to kill multiple people.

Things get especially tricky starting with the fifth round, as you have to deal with two different rooms of enemies.

Round 5 Bonus (Hot Potato)

You have 25 seconds to kill High Overseer Campbell with the whale oil tank. The only catch is that they are in different rooms, so you’ll want to be a little smart with the order you use. You don’t have any weapons, so you’ll have to break the glass by using the jars on the tables next to each one. So, start off by going to where Campbell is, break the glass and quickly move to the whale oil tank, grabbing it after breaking that glass. Run back to Campbell and throw the tank at him.

Round 5 Bonus (Prejudice)

For this bonus, you have a total of 16 seconds to kill all six of the Overseers that are marked. Three will be in the upper room, while three will be in the lower one. You will want to wait until the three in the upper room are gathered, then toss a grenade at them. Quickly move to the lower room and shoot/stab the other three.

Round Six

The final round, which you might have guessed, will have a total of 20 people in between the two rooms, but you only need to kill 15 of them to pass. Start off by going to the lowest room and shoot an explosive pistol round when the guards are close enough to the group of people standing still. After that, run to the middle room and toss a grenade towards the people on the left of the table, then grab the whale tank and throw it at the middle of the table. The rest of the enemies in the area beyond the stairs can simply be stabbed.

Round 6 Bonus (Process of Elimination)

You only have your sword and the Blink power for this bonus, but you only really need the sword to finish it. Start immediately by going through the glass in front of you and kill the two targets walking by, then go down the stairs and swing your sword around, hitting the people surrounding the table. Note that it’s better to avoid stealth kills, as they take up precious time, so try to keep away enough to avoid them.

Round 6 Bonus (Hero)

Instead of killing people this bonus, you’re actually going to help them by saving them from whale oil tanks. There are three of these and it’s your job to make sure they don’t explode and kill anyone. Start by smashing the glass in front of you, then grabbing and throwing the tank outside. Run/Blink downstairs and grab the second off of the table and return to the first window. Head into the last room and hit the glass with your knife first, then quickly toss the tank outside (tossing it at the glass makes it explode).

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