For this challenge, you will need to get from point A to point B, as fast as possible. The only tools at your disposal (the only ones you really need) are Blink and and your double jump. Getting three stars will be somewhat of a challenge at first, but as you go through the map, you’ll learn the ins and outs, so you should be able to finish quickly. Note that it’s highly likely that you’ll get the Assassin Vs. Machine trophy/achievement whenever you get three stars. If not, then the following strategy will help you earn it.

Normal Walkthrough

This strategy should help you with both the normal and expert versions of the challenge, although you’ll have to change things around a bit for the latter. When you begin, jump onto the platform straight ahead and run underneath the next one. Right before reaching the edge with the floating bed, double jump and Blink forward, where you should land on another platform.

One easy way to get three stars is to get on top of the gate (left) and then Blink on top of the train (right).

From here, continue forward (Blinking), until you spot a purplish-colored room on the right in the building. Don’t go in there, but you should see a gate just to the left of it. So, jump on top of the gate and look to your left to see the train tracks. What you want to do is Blink on top of the train as it moves past you, then ride it the rest of the way to the end, Blinking on top of the station at the end, then one more time to the end.

Expert Walkthrough

There are a few differences between the normal and expert versions of this challenge, with the main one being that you only start with enough mana to use Blink once (it will recharge). However, there is a glitch that lets you get more mana, by Blinking into the void at the beginning and pausing the game, then restarting it. If done right, you should double the mana you start with, so you’ll be able to Blink more.

The other major difference is that there are more obstacles in the way, as well as Assassins at set points to try and slow you down. The general strategy of getting onto the train stays the same, as it is the safest and one of the quickest ways to finish with three stars. The problem is that we need to adjust the path we used on normal a bit, as there are a few things in the way that you need to watch out for.

The first double jump/Blink has a gear in the way, so you need to be careful about not hitting it when Blinking through it. Past the second gear, there will be an Assassin, so quickly take out your pistol and shoot him once to distract him enough so you can pass. Get on top of the gate, then Blink onto the train. However, you can’t ride this the rest of the way, as there’s a Wall of Light along the train’s path.

Expert Mode adds new obstacles, like the gears near the beginning (left), as well as Assassins throughout the stage (right).

There are two ways to get past the Wall of Light, one of which is to Blink to the left side and go that way, where you’ll need to break through a wooden barrier blocking a doorway. The other, and probably easier, way involves looking to the left of the short tunnel, where you can see the whale oil tank powering it. You will need to quickly shoot it with your pistol, which will allow you to ride the train the rest of the way, avoiding the two Assassins on the top of the station.

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