– Cheria’s Piano + A Misplaced Picture + Guardians of the Valkines

Items Checklist
**Tuning Fork**
Skits Checklist
…And Back Again
Titles Checklist
Cheria: Emotive Pianist

Head to Seaside Cavern and follow the path north until you find a new chest with the Tuning Fork and then continue north to the save point near the Deathglow Algae for the skit …And Back Again .

You can now make your way to Barona’s Inn to turn in the Tuning Fork for a scene, the Amber Vestments , and Cheria’s Emotive Pianist title and then check the save point for the Where Credit is Due skit.

Turn in the Tuning Fork for a scene about Cherias mother and then watch the skit at the save.

Make sure to stop by the Knight Academy and talk to Victoria for a scene and then enter the house near the Royal Sanctuary and talk to the man inside to receive the Treasured Picture .

Finally, remember all those star events in front of the valkines’? Well, there is one here in Barona and it is the weakest of the three, so save and go try to fight it.

Boss: Gloandrake, Duplewyrm, or Forbrawyvern

Firstly, set your difficulty to Easy and equip the titles that reduce damage from a single large damage attack. Since these bosses have heavy damage output you’ll want to have dual healers with Cheria and Sophie in the party to revive other players, or each other should one die, and have your other AI character be a caster.

The major attacks you need to watch out for is the boss’ AOE breath attacks, high damage tail attacks, and arm swipes. Stay away from the boss’ body, as it will damage your party as it moves around, and when the boss reaches 50% HP it will become more aggressive and do even more damage by casting spells. The spells are easy to dodge, but unfortunately the AI can be rather stupid and just stand there and take the hit.

If you win, you’ll gain the Gloandrake’s Cryas and if you go defeat the other valkines guardians two using the same method you’ll gain the Duplewyrm’s Cryas and Forbrawyvern’s Cryas .

The dragons are dangerous foes with many attacks that become more aggressive at low HP.

– A Sword of Antiquity + Modern Couture + Innocent Couture

Items Checklist
5760 Gald
Skits Checklist
Single Entendre
Titles Checklist
Asbel: Inheritor of Excalibur

Head to Barona Castle’s save point to watch the Single Entendre skit and then head to the throne room to talk to Dalen about the sword you obtained from the Turtlez HQ to receive Asbel’s Inheritor of Excalibur title.

Return to the lobby, head east four screens, enter the northwest room, and follow the path all the way west to a chest with 5760 Gald and then exit and check the northern rooms for an Elixir and Pearl Windthread .

Talk to Duke Dalen and then check the corridors for some extra treasures.

You can now return to Katz Korner to turn in the Liquisilk Fabric, Pearl Windthread, and Shark Fin for Hubert’s Modern Youth title, Cheria’s Innocent Maiden title and Pascal’s Scarlet Vestments .

– Her Husbands Keepsake + Strange Folk + Sophie’s Seed Collection

Items Checklist
**Ship Model**
Skits Checklist
It Happens to Everyone!
Titles Checklist
Asbel: Honorary Knight

Head to the Barona Catacombs and make their way to where you first saw Lambda, stopping at the save point for the It Happens to Everyone! skit, to find a shining spot that contains the Ship Model .

You can head to Lhant now and turn the Ship Model in to the maid in Lhant Manor for Asbel’ Honorary Knight title. While you’re here, head upstairs to Asbel’s desk to watch the Model Siblings skit and then check the room to the right of the save point to find Fiery Joe, receiving the Requiem and Mabo Curry x10 . Make sure to talk to the gang again for another scene to complete their sidequest chain.

Watch the skit in Asbels room and then head downstairs to meet up with Fiery Joe.

Finally, head to Cheria’s and plant the remaining seeds for a scene to gain Sophie’s Flower Girl title and watch the The Mystery Seed skit. You’ll have to wait a little while, but after a while you can head to the Item Shop for a scene.

– A Misplaced Picture

Items Checklist
Carbon Rod
Titles Checklist
Hubert: Hot-Blooded

Head to North Yu Liberte Port and talk to the smiley-faced sailor on the port for a scene to get Hubert’s Hot-Blooded title. You can now follow him to Sable Izolle and talk to him by the Inn to gain a Carbon Rod before turning the Treasured Picture at the Inn.

Meet the young man in Oul Raye and Sable Izolle to repair his relationship.

– Opening Night

Skits Checklist
Fire in the Hole
Titles Checklist
Malik: Best Supporting Actor

Head to the Velanik Inn for the Fire in the Hole skit at the save point and then head backstage to talk to the man for a scene. You can now turn in the 5 Best Princess Stories to the Inn for a scene to gain Malik’s Best Supporting Actor title. You can now head to the backstage again for the They’re So Method skit.

Watch the fun play with the whole group and then head backstage for a skit.

– The Sick Child

Items Checklist
**Estelle Plushie**
Skits Checklist
The Smell Test
Titles Checklist
Sophie: Lara’s Bestie

Head to the Inn to watch the The Smell Test skit and then head to the dualizing menu to make the following:

  • Estelle Plushie - Dualize with a Stuffed Doll + Imperial Crest
  • Prince Plushie - Dualize with a Stuffed Doll + Bizarre Clump
  • Mizu-chan Plushie - Dualize with a Stuffed Doll + Toxic Fluid
    You can now turn in the final three dolls to the little girl to gain Lara’s Medal , the Sophie’s Lara’s Bestie title, and watch the Comprehensive Care skit after the long scene. Make sure to return to the girl’s room for Sophie’s Therapeutic Slicers before leaving.

Hand over the remaining plushies for a sad scene and the skit that follows.

– Smuggling Run + Barmaster Malik

Items Checklist
Mastery Tonic G
Titles Checklist
Malik: Barmaster Candidate

Head to Port Zavhert and check up on the Carta King to see if you have enough cards for the Mastery Tonic G and then board the ship for the ????? destination for a fight to receive the Strahta Ratchet and Malik’s Barmaster Candidate title.

You can now head to Barona’s Pub and talk to the smiley-faced man for a scene in which Malik tends to the bar.

Take the ship from Port Zavhert for a scene and then head to the Barona Pub for another.


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