The New Game+ in Tales of Graces f works differently than in most games and instead of having a set amount of things that carry over into New Game+ you’ll have to choose to “purchase” what you’d like to carry over with Grade.

The following is a list of how to gain Grade throughout the game:

Grade Name Points Earned Basis
Clear Bonus Number of times you completed the game.
Title Bonus number of titles you acquired during play.
Skill Bonus Number of skills you learned during play.
Arte Usage Bonus Artes used 9999 times during play.
Book Completion Bonus Number of books you completely filled during play.
Side Quest Bonus Number of side quests you completed during play.
Combo Bonus Largest combo you pulled off during play.
Technical Bonus Number of combat tech bonuses you earned during play.
EX Dungeon Bonus How far you managed to progress in the Zhonecage.
Speed Bonus How many hours it took you to complete the game.
Unyielding Bonus Complete the game without anyone ever getting KO’d.
Exterminator Bonus Number of Soul Orbs you acquired during play.
Save the Gels Bonus Complete the game without ever using a gel in combat.
Enhancement Bonus ANumber of armaments you enhanced to their max evel.

The following is a list of what you can purchase with Grade for NG+:

Bonus Grade Cost
Inherit Titles 30
Inherit Skills 2500
Inherit Eleth Mixer 70
Inherit Gald 270
Inherit Stamps 30
Inherit Arte Usage 50
Inherit Books 10
Inherit Battle Items 60
Inherit Shards 90
Inherit Herb Bonuses 70
Bonus Grade Cost
Trade EXP for Gald 50
Double Experience 90
5x Experience 400
Half Experience 10
Bonus Grade Cost
Double SP 200
Triple SP 1000
Mastery Bonus 20
Bonus Grade Cost
Double Item Drops 120
Dualize Discount 100
Upgrade Eleth Mixer 50
Expand Inventory 100
Maximum Speed 50
Chain Capacity +1 30
Chain Capacity +2 250
Double Critical 30
Double Damage 30
5x Damage 150
Double Gald 70
Unlock Qualities 50
Maximum Eleth +500 100
Maximum HP +1000 150
Skip Childhood 10
Inherit Carta Cards 200


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