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inFAMOUS Second Son

Quid Pro Quo

Jarrod Garripoli

It turns out that both Fetch and Eugene were captured by Augustine and she’s holding them on some specialty built island of sorts. Hank has a plan to rescue them and cause enough chaos that it will draw out Augustine. The game will automatically go and meet with Hank, as well as Reggie, who has a plan for breaking into the fort.

Note that you will need Smoke to get onto the island, so grab it before you follow Hank. He will bust open a pipe and you can use Smoke Dash to get through the vent and onto the island. The plan is to break certain concrete pillars (marked by the Touch Pad icon) and draw out DUP guards. There will be a few enemies at first, but things can get pretty hectic after breaking the second pillar.

There’s a vent to the left of the large pipe, where you can drain some smoke (left). Swipe your finger along the Touch Pad to destroy the marked pillars (right).

You will be limited to your Smoke powers and due to the ceiling, you won’t be able to use your Orbital Drop either. There will be some snipers and one of the bigger guys with the minigun, so make sure you utilize any cover you find, as well as use the rest of your arsenal. Once you break four pillars, Hank will uncover a vent you can use to reach a Core Relay. It turns out to be a trap, but luckily, your brother helps you.

With your hands tied, you have to make it to your brother while dodging enemies and auto-turrets. The enemies themselves will get blown up thanks to Reggie, but you will have to utilize the cover to shield yourself from the Auto-Turrets, going to the next cover in between assaults. You will get stopped near Reggie, but you will break free and can continue to your brother.

Boss: Augustine

Unfortunately, some horrible events transpire and you’ll be thrown into battle with Augustine. She has a concrete shield around her and her basic, and pretty much only, attack is to throw small boulders at you whenever she hovers in the air. At the start, you have the Smoke power and only that, and you need to hit her with Cinder Missiles to make her lose her shield. Note that you can hit her with normal shots if it’s just her standing on her concrete platform, but they will bounce off the shield.

Augustine has a concrete barrier that can be destroyed with Cinder Missiles (left). Once you deal enough damage to her, she will drop to the ground and you can kick her to build up your Karma Bomb (right).

Hit her enough and she will drop to the ground, allowing you to kick her (Triangle for Good Karma and Square for Evil). Do this three times and you will be able to perform an Orbital Drop on her, finishing up the first phase of the fight. Before the second phase begins, you will have to fight through some DUP chumps, including the stronger versions that look like they throw discs.

When they’re all gone, Augustine returns to the arena for phase two. You still have your Smoke powers, but Augustine can destroy the sources for it. The good thing is that monitors will be revealed that you can draw for your Video power. Note that the second phase of the fight is the same exact thing as the first, so do what you did before and finish her off with your Karmic Bomb to finish the mission.

Augustine will destroy the Smoke sources, so you’ll need to switch to Video to continue fighting (left). Finish her off with Hellfire Swarm (right).

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