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inFAMOUS Second Son

Neon Powers

Jarrod Garripoli

Neon is the second power that Delsin acquires in the story, with it focused more on precision and faster speed over Smoke. In fact, Neon can be considered the best way to travel around the map, especially once you get the Endless Speed upgrade.

Drain Neon

Name Description Requirements
Drain Neon Press and hold the Touch Pad Button to drain neon signs, lights, or any other Neon Source Story
Drain Neon 1 Increase Neon Energy capacity by 20%. 1 Shard
Drain Neon 2 Increase Neon Energy capacity by 40%. Lv. 2 Karma, 1 Shard
Drain Neon 3 Increase Neon Energy capacity by 60%. Lv. 3 Karma, 1 Shard
Drain Neon 4 Increase Neon Energy capacity by 80%. Lv. 4 Karma, 1 Shard
Drain Neon 5 Double Neon Energy capacity. Lv. 5 Karma, 2 Shards
Quick Drain Drain from Neon Sources in half the time. 2 Shards

Store signs are one of the sources Delsin can use to refill his Neon energy (left). We also see his Neon Beam attack, which is the standard R2 shot (right).

Light Speed

Name Description Requirements
Light Speed Hold O to transform into a blazing streak of Neon light. Useful for crossing the city or escaping combat to recover. Runs over obstacles and directly up walls. Story
Photon Jump Press X during a Light Speed run to jump high into the air. 2 Shards
Endless Speed Hold Circle for a continuous Light Speed run. Lv. 4 Karma, 5 Shards

Neon Beam

Name Description Requirements
Neon Beam Press R2 to fire a long range neon attack. Story
Neon Beam 1 Uses 25% less Neon Energy. 1 Shard
Neon Beam 2 Uses 50% less Neon Energy. Lv. 3 Karma, 1 Shard
Rapid Refire Fire Neon Beams at a faster rate. Lv. 3 Evil Karma, 5 Shards

Phosphor Beam

Name Description Requirements
Phosphor Beam Press and Hold R1 to charge and fire an intense beam of searing light. Useful for destroying enemy equipment and vehicles, but requires Heavy Ammo. Story
Phosphor Beam 1 Increase Phosphor Beam ammo capacity to 4 4 Shards
Phosphor Beam 2 Increase Phosphor Beam ammo capacity to 6 Lv. 3 Karma, 6 Shards
Phosphor Beam 3 Increase Phosphor Beam ammo capacity to 8 Lv. 4 Karma, 8 Shards

Delsin using Light Speed on the left, and unleashing the Karma Bomb for Neon, Radiant Sweep, on the right.

Laser Insight

Name Description Requirements
Laser Insight Zoom (L2) to spot weak points on enemies. Shoot blue weak points to Subdue them for Good Karma, or red weak points to Execute them for Evil Karma. Story
Laser Focus Briefly slows down times while Zooming. Useful for targeting enemy weak spots for Good Karma, or just shooting them in the head for Evil Karma. 5 Shards
Speed Loader Light Speed instantly recharges Laser Focus. Lv. 3 Good Karma, 5 Shards, **Laser Focus**
Extended Focus Slows down time for longer while Zooming. Lv. 4 Good Karma, 5 Shards, **Laser Focus**

Stasis Bubble

Name Description Requirements
Stasis Bubble Press L1 to throw an expanding bubble of Neon energy. Enemies caught in this stasis field will be frozen in time, unable to move or fight. This makes it easier to target their weakspots to earn Good Karma, or just shoot them in the head to earn Evil Karma. Story
Stasis Bubble 1 Uses 25% less Neon Energy. 1 Shard
Stasis Bubble 2 Uses 50% less Neon Energy. 2 Shards
Extended Bubble Increase the duration of Stasis Bubbles. 4 Shards
Enhanced Stasis Enemies trapped in a Stasis Bubble can be Subdued with a single Neon Beam. Lv. 3 Good Karma, 6 Shards
Deadly Stasis Enemies killed while trapped in a Stasis Bubble will be obliterated, earning Evil Karma. Lv. 3 Evil Karma, 8 Shards
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