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inFAMOUS Second Son

Video Powers

Jarrod Garripoli

Video is the third power that Delsin obtains in the game and it can be both a mixed bag and also versatile, depending on it’s used. The melee attack is strong, but it’s also very slow, with some enemies being able to escape before you can finish them off. It is the fastest power when used in travelling, able to cover large distances very quickly.

Outside of Invisibility, none of the other abilities allow for Delsin to be able to subdue a target, or even offer Karmic choices when dispatching foes. Also, there doesn’t seem to be as many sources to replenish energy, when compared to Neon and Smoke. Delsin is able to dash into satellite dishes to launch into the air.

Drain Video

Name Description Requirements
Drain Video Press and hold the Touch Pad button to drain televisions, computer screens, or any other video source. Story
Drain Video 1 Increase Video Energy capacity by 20%. 1 Shard
Drain Video 2 Increase Video Energy capacity by 40%. 1 Shard
Drain Video 3 Increase Video Energy capacity by 60%. 1 Shard
Drain Video 4 Increase Video Energy capacity by 80%. 1 Shard
Drain Video 5 Double Video Energy capacity. Lv. 5 Karma, 2 Shards
Quick Drain Drain from Video Sources in half the time. 2 Shards

Video Torrent

Name Description Requirements
Video Torrent Press and Hold R2 to fire a withering stream of damage. Story
Video Torrent 1 Uses 25% less energy. 1 Shard
Video Torrent 2 Uses 50% less energy. 1 Shard
Extended Torrent Fire Video Torrent for longer in a continuous burst. Lv. 3 Evil Karma, 4 Shards
Narrow Band Increase the accuracy and range of Video Torrent. Lv. 2 Evil Karma, 3 Shards

We see both instances of the melee attack for Video, with Delsin using a sword for Good Karma (left) and some claws for Evil Karma (right).

Shroud of Invisibility

Name Description Requirements
Shroud of Invisibility Press L1 to dissolve into faint pixels, becoming nearly invisible to enemies. Story
Enhanced Invisibility Sneak up on an enemy and Subdue them without becoming visible again. Lv. 3 Good Karma, 5 Shards
Extended Invisibility Increase the duration of Shroud of Invisibility. Lv. 4 Karma, 3 Shards
Summon Wingman Summon a denizen of Heaven’s Hellfire as a distraction. 3 Shards
Demon Twins Summon two demons at once to attack enemies. Lv. 3 Evil Karma, 4 Shards, **Summon Wingman**
Unholy Trinity Summon three demons at once for an overwhelming force. Lv. 4 Evil Karma, 5 Shards, **Demon Twins**

Video Surge

Name Description Requirements
Video Surge Press O to swoop across the city. Flies over obstacles and directly up walls. Dash into Satellite Dishes to launch high into the air. Story
Hovering Fire Automatically Hover while Zooming. 4 Shards
Airwave Hold X while in the air to glide forward and gain speed, then pull back on the Left Stick to swoop up. 4 Shards
Double Air Surge Air Surge up to two times without touching the ground. 4 Shards
Signal Boost Press X during a Video Surge to jump high into the air. 2 Shards

Delsin dashing in the air (left) and unleashing the Karma Bomb for Video, Hellfire Swarm (right).

Bloodthirsty Blades

Name Description Requirements
Bloodthirsty Blades Press R1 to mark a target and summon three Bloodthirsty Blades. Useful for destroying enemy equipment and vehicles, but requires Heavy Ammo. Story
Bloodthirsty Blades 1 Increase Bloodthirsty Blades ammo capacity to 3. 4 Shards
Bloodthirsty Blades 2 Increase Bloodthirsty Blades ammo capacity to 4. 6 Shards
Bloodthirsty Blades 3 Increase Bloodthirsty Blades ammo capacity to 5. 8 Shards
Blade Flurry Press R1 to launch a larger number of Bloodthirsty Blades. Lv. 2 Evil Karma, 3 Shards
Blade Storm Press R1 to launch the maximum number of Bloodthirsty Blades. Lv. 4 Evil Karma, 5 Shards, **Blade Flurry**
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