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Bone Warrior Corpse Axe Skeletons

In-Game Description

A more powerful melee option of the "Bone Warrior" iconBone Warrior. Will get up close and swing a huge axe in an overhead motion to cause damage. Easily dodged but if you are engaged with other enemies, it can cause meaningful damage to you.

Found In

"Anica's Claim" iconAnica's Claim Fractured Peaks Dungeon
"Crumbling Hekma" iconCrumbling Hekma Kehjistan Dungeon
"Crusaders' Cathedral" iconCrusaders' Cathedral Kehjistan Dungeon
"Seaside Descent" iconSeaside Descent Dry Steppes Dungeon
"Sunken Library" iconSunken Library Kehjistan Dungeon


Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Sanctuary Map

X: 13870 Y: 10895
Marker screenshot

2. Sanctuary Map

X: 13582 Y: 10823
Marker screenshot

3. Sanctuary Map

X: 14925 Y: 10817
Marker screenshot

4. Sanctuary Map

X: 14517 Y: 8595
Marker screenshot

5. Sanctuary Map

X: 16142 Y: 8738
Marker screenshot

6. Sanctuary Map

X: 17108 Y: 9161
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