Bravely Second: End Layer Video: Bravely Second - Lord Providence (Final Boss Form 1) Boss Strategy

We show you how to defeat the first form of Bravely Second's final boss.

- First things first: high magic defense is a must for this fight and also equip the Lustrous Shield on your healer if you have it.

- Lord Providence can use Star of Destruction to deal non-elemental damage to your party or Seven Stars to rain 7 light-based hits on the party.

- He will use Pawn of Fate to cast Doom on the party which cannot be cured. You can negate this though. If you completed the Yokai sidequest, use the Astral Magic Status Barrier Blast to prevent the status. Otherwise use the Time Mage's Reraise combined
with Blast to revive after the KO.

- As far as attacking him, he's weaker to physical than magical but also Wind and guns so Hawkeyes can have fun here. Bloody Wolf and strong Fencer attacks will work wonders too.

- Of course he decides to completely heal himself after you've taken off 50% of his HP so time for another go around.

- Mandate of Heaven requires one of your characters to strike another. Pay close attention to this message or you'll find yourself in trouble when he uses Divine Punishment after his BP hits 0 which hits the whole party for 99,999. If he's critical enough though, you can just unleash your most powerful attacks and ignore the whole thing.

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