Bravely Second: End Layer Video: Bravely Second - Geist Grace (Exorcist Asterisk) Boss Strategy

A video depicting a good way of killing this difficult boss and obtaining his powerful asterisk.

- This battle is split into two parts. Do not use your special moves in the first phase because Geist will quit after you've removed just 10% of his HP. He will simply attack with his sword here so just focus fire on whittling his HP down.

- Scenes ensue and then the real battle begins shortly after. Geist will use Undo HP to revert his, his allies or one of your character's HP to a previous turn. This is super annoying if anyone was knocked out as it will then just KO them a second time. In short, do everything possible to avoid KO. Used on himself it effectively renders your attacks on a previous turn moot so any special attacks used will be wasted.

- His little cronies will try and Snipe you down to 1 HP which is bad enough without Undo HP to follow up. Get rid of them first with water attacks like Frost Needle and whenever Geist resummons them, kill them quickly.

- This phase can really drag on given his HP pool and Undo HP so try to put up Physical Boon Mist or Blast when it's safe to increase the pain that you can dish out. Avoid magic attacks since Geist is resistant.

- As far as a pattern goes, it's difficult to predict exactly when Undo HP will be used so try not to pile all your attacks into one turn. That said, we've never actually seen him use Undo HP twice in a row so it may be a good idea to unleash your strongest attacks the turn after he uses it. Stick with it and eventually he'll fall where you will receive the Exorcist asterisk.

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