Bravely Second: End Layer Video: Bravely Second - Anne Ultimate Boss Strategy

How to defeat the pesky fairy Anne Ultimate once and for all!

- Bring an Exorcist to this fight or have it as your secondary skill set. Undo HP and Action can make things much easier.

- Fragmentation does physical damage and Dark Flare, as the name suggests, inflicts dark magic on the whole party.

- High elemental defense is a must for this fight since she pummels you with elemental attacks. Give healer a Dark Shield if you have one. Astrologian's Elemental Barrier Mist/Blast can help in the first phase though Defaulting until you have some Undo Action's cast may be a better option.

- Fairy's Flight will trigger the powerful wind attack Vortex on the next turn so beware.

- Anne is weak to physical damage as well as Fire damage. Bloody Wolf to maximise physical damage combined with the Hawkeye's Fire Warhead works well.

- Anne will use Undermine to reduce a character's max HP to 1 but you can fix this with Undo HP. The character with this needs to be speedy to act before Anne so a Ninja is perfect.

- Anne will start to Default as her health drops below 50%. She will then use Acedia which dispels all buffs and then Dark Flare in succession to hit your party for huge damage. This is where your elemental defense is a must. If you can, store up some BP as she drops below half then unleash your most powerful physical attacks to finish her off before she can do too much damage to your party. .

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