Bravely Second: End Layer Video: Bravely Second - Ba'al Diamante Boss Strategy

A quick and easy method to defeating the legendary Ba'al Diamante.

- The original and most powerful Ba'al of all, it has earnt its reputation. It will use Mirror Reflection to reflect damage straight back at your party. Fear not though because the Mirror's durability will decrease by 20% each time you attack, eventually leading to its demise.

- Things are made a little more complicated though because each turn it will use Mirror Stage 1 to increase the percentage 20% so
you'll need a fair few attacks to break through. A quick way to smash the Mirror is to have your physical attackers use Dual-Wield
so you double the number of attacks. Equip Dual Wield if the character isn't a Ninja to improve attack power.

- To prevent damage, equip people with elemental weapons like Excalibur or use the Hawkeye's Warhead ability to infuse an element onto your attacks. Then cast Elemental Barrier - Mist to negate elemental damage on your party. If you can't do this for some reason, equip your weakest weapons until the Mirror is broken then use Item to switch to your strongest weapons.

- Its other attacks are Dispel which removes buffs (including elemental resistance but Mist negates this), Scintillation which causes several random hits and also Brilliancy which is a light-based attack.

- The worst attack is Dispersion which not only damages a character but also prevents them using anything but Default or Summon Friend for several turns. If it gets your healer then things can turn bad quickly. Bide your time or assign a secondary healer to avoid this.

- Diamante's main weaknesses are strong physical attacks since it has almost zero physical defense, dark elemental attacks and swords.

- After defeating it once, it'll replenish all HP again for another go around.

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