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Uralon the Cruel Companions


One of the generals of the World Eaters Chaos faction in the Koronoius Expanse. The powerful Psyker appears to you in visions, tempting you towards the way of Chaos in Chapter 2 and later appears in Chapter 4. The powerful World Eaters are here to take the Kornous Expanse; it’s merely a matter of whether you will Uralon succeed in his ambitions or put an end to Chaos in the expanse.

How to Acquire

Go as Heretical as possible through the campaign. Agree that you will side with him during the visions in Chapter 2 at the end of Kiaava Gamma, and in Chapter 4, side with him during the confrontations between Space Wolves and the World Eaters.

Companion Talents


"Against All Odds" iconAgainst All Odds Master Tactician Talents
"Ally Coordination" iconAlly Coordination Master Tactician Talents
"Armour of Contempt" iconArmour of Contempt Officer Talents


"Be Vigilant!" iconBe Vigilant! Officer Talents
Black Carapace Origin Talents
"Blood of Martyrs" iconBlood of Martyrs Officer Talents
"Brink of Death" iconBrink of Death Master Tactician Talents


"Comfort in Conformity" iconComfort in Conformity Master Tactician Talents
"Commanding Voice" iconCommanding Voice Officer Talents
"Cost Effective" iconCost Effective Master Tactician Talents


"Dawn of Victory" iconDawn of Victory Master Tactician Talents


Emperor's Blessing Officer Talents


"Focus!" iconFocus! Officer Talents


"Heroic Inspiration" iconHeroic Inspiration Master Tactician Talents
"Heroism" iconHeroism Officer Talents
"Hidden Advantage" iconHidden Advantage Master Tactician Talents


"In the Hero's Footsteps" iconIn the Hero's Footsteps Master Tactician Talents
"Infernal Call" iconInfernal Call Origin Talents
"Inspire Courage" iconInspire Courage Officer Talents
"Inspiring Speech" iconInspiring Speech Officer Talents
"Inspiring Speech" iconInspiring Speech Officer Talents
"Into the Jaws of Hell" iconInto the Jaws of Hell Officer Talents
"Iron Discipline" iconIron Discipline Officer Talents


"Joint Offensive" iconJoint Offensive Master Tactician Talents


"Lasting Impression" iconLasting Impression Officer Talents
"Lead by Example" iconLead by Example Officer Talents
"Leader's Assault" iconLeader's Assault Officer Talents
"Logistical Superiority" iconLogistical Superiority Master Tactician Talents


"March" iconMarch Officer Talents
"More than Possible" iconMore than Possible Officer Talents


"Nerves of Steel" iconNerves of Steel Master Tactician Talents
"No Respite" iconNo Respite Officer Talents


"Perfect Finish" iconPerfect Finish Master Tactician Talents
"Personal Involvement" iconPersonal Involvement Master Tactician Talents
"Personal Oversight" iconPersonal Oversight Officer Talents
"Physical Encouragement" iconPhysical Encouragement Officer Talents
"Prepare for an Assault!" iconPrepare for an Assault! Officer Talents
"Primary Objective" iconPrimary Objective Master Tactician Talents


"Reliance" iconReliance Master Tactician Talents


"Salvation" iconSalvation Master Tactician Talents
"Seize the Initiative" iconSeize the Initiative Officer Talents
"Stacking the Deck" iconStacking the Deck Master Tactician Talents
Stalwart Warrior Origin Talents
"Stand Resolute" iconStand Resolute Master Tactician Talents
"Steady!" iconSteady! Officer Talents
"Steel Resolve" iconSteel Resolve Officer Talents
"Stronghold" iconStronghold Master Tactician Talents
"Suppressive Fire" iconSuppressive Fire Master Tactician Talents


"Tactical Respite" iconTactical Respite Master Tactician Talents


"Undisputed Advantage" iconUndisputed Advantage Master Tactician Talents
"Unwavering Motivation" iconUnwavering Motivation Master Tactician Talents


"Watch Yourself!" iconWatch Yourself! Officer Talents
"Wounds Are No Excuse!" iconWounds Are No Excuse! Officer Talents
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