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Incendia Bastaal-Chorda Companions


Incendia, a member of the Chorda dynasty, is one of the three Rogue Traders operating in the Kornous Expanse. The Chorda family is one of ambition, with its aims to take over Footfall and their angling over the important trading orbital station ever apparent. Yet, these iconoclasts care much for the population of the Expanse. Incendia’s commitment to the Russian religious order on Footfall has helped bolster her reputation among the holy people of the Expanse, making her a pious asset against the heretical and chaotic infringements on the Expanse. Yet, her faith and beliefs can sway her strongly to be a lapdog of the emperor or a chaos mut. Which side will she swing?

Incendia is considered an "Operative" iconOperative "Assassin" iconAssassin. Consider building her as a Sniper character, as the late-game buffs of Operative damage multipliers and Weak spot hits make her incredibly bursty, hitting 2k-3k a hit if built correctly. She scales better than Yrliet in the department, but only when at full build.

How to Acquire

Incendia is an unlockable secret Companion in Chapter 4. Upon returning to Footfall in Chapter 4, players need to side with Vlodym and then use the Iconlocast action to convince Incendia that what she is doing is wrong for the people. She can then snap out of her religious zealotry on behalf of the Inquisition and see the reason for what she has done. Also, avoid sending the chaos-infected meals to Footfall in Chapter 2 upon rsaving Janus, as this seems to be a breaker for recruiting Incedia in Rogue Trader.

Companion Talents


"Ambush" iconAmbush Assassin Talents
"An Eye for the Unscathed" iconAn Eye for the Unscathed Assassin Talents


"Ballistics Calculation" iconBallistics Calculation Operative Talents
"Bringer of Doom" iconBringer of Doom Assassin Talents


"Carmine Whisper" iconCarmine Whisper Assassin Talents
"Combat Insight" iconCombat Insight Operative Talents
"Comprehensive Analysis" iconComprehensive Analysis Operative Talents
"Continuous Analysis" iconContinuous Analysis Operative Talents
"Covert Protocol" iconCovert Protocol Operative Talents
"Create an Opening" iconCreate an Opening Assassin Talents


"Deadly Calculation" iconDeadly Calculation Assassin Talents
"Disarray" iconDisarray Assassin Talents
"Doing My Part" iconDoing My Part Imperial World


"Elusive Speed" iconElusive Speed Assassin Talents
"Esquive" iconEsquive Assassin Talents


"Field of Fire" iconField of Fire Astra Militarium Commander
"Flawless Lunge" iconFlawless Lunge Assassin Talents
"Fresh Target" iconFresh Target Operative Talents


"Gruesome Grunt" iconGruesome Grunt Assassin Talents


"Humanity's Finest" iconHumanity's Finest Imperial World


"Imminent Demise" iconImminent Demise Assassin Talents
"Improved Tactics" iconImproved Tactics Operative Talents
"Inevitable Enervation" iconInevitable Enervation Assassin Talents
"Inflict Despair" iconInflict Despair Operative Talents
"Informed Hit" iconInformed Hit Operative Talents
"Instant Exposure" iconInstant Exposure Operative Talents


"Joint Offence" iconJoint Offence Operative Talents


"Keep Your Distance" iconKeep Your Distance Assassin Talents
"Killing Spree" iconKilling Spree Assassin Talents
"Know no Heresy" iconKnow no Heresy Imperial World


"Leave No Witness" iconLeave No Witness Assassin Talents
"Lethality Heightens" iconLethality Heightens Assassin Talents
"Lone Killer" iconLone Killer Assassin Talents


"Morbid Pirouette" iconMorbid Pirouette Assassin Talents
"Mortally Effective" iconMortally Effective Assassin Talents


"Outsmart" iconOutsmart Assassin Talents


"Perfect Opening" iconPerfect Opening Assassin Talents
"Professional Acumen" iconProfessional Acumen Assassin Talents


"Reactive Study" iconReactive Study Operative Talents
"Ready to Serve" iconReady to Serve Imperial World


"Seize the Advantage" iconSeize the Advantage Assassin Talents
"Sharpshooter" iconSharpshooter Operative Talents
"Shoulder to Shoulder" iconShoulder to Shoulder Astra Militarium Commander
"Stronger Together" iconStronger Together Imperial World
"Suppression Fire!" iconSuppression Fire! Astra Militarium Commander


"Terrifying Presence" iconTerrifying Presence Operative Talents
"Tide of Excellence" iconTide of Excellence Operative Talents
"Timely Rescue" iconTimely Rescue Astra Militarium Commander


"Uncanny Sight" iconUncanny Sight Operative Talents
"Unflinching Heroism" iconUnflinching Heroism Astra Militarium Commander


"Weak Body, Weak Soul" iconWeak Body, Weak Soul Operative Talents
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