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Idira Tlass Companions


Idira Tlass is a psyker diviner in the service of Rogue Trader von Valancius. Daughter of a distant world and a product of a doctrine alien to the Imperium, she perceives the curse of sorcery as a gift she deserves - for only the most skilled and strong can endure the touch of the Immaterium.

Years of using her sorcerous powers have cost both Idira’s mind and soul dearly. With each passing day, her ability to keep the malignant forces under control weakens, and so the moment when the warp will devour the diviner without a trace creeps ever closer. Who knows if Idira will be able to come to terms with the inevitable - or if she will turn to other forbidden forces in search of salvation?

Companion Talents

"Advice and Guidance" iconAdvice and Guidance Origin Talents
"Ballistics Calculation" iconBallistics Calculation Operative Talents
"Combat Insight" iconCombat Insight Operative Talents
"Comprehensive Analysis" iconComprehensive Analysis Operative Talents
"Continuous Analysis" iconContinuous Analysis Operative Talents
"Covert Protocol" iconCovert Protocol Operative Talents
"Fresh Target" iconFresh Target Operative Talents
"Improved Tactics" iconImproved Tactics Operative Talents
"Inflict Despair" iconInflict Despair Operative Talents
"Informed Hit" iconInformed Hit Operative Talents
"Instant Exposure" iconInstant Exposure Operative Talents
"Joint Offence" iconJoint Offence Operative Talents
"Power Conduit" iconPower Conduit Origin Talents
"Reactive Study" iconReactive Study Operative Talents
"Sharpshooter" iconSharpshooter Operative Talents
"Terrifying Presence" iconTerrifying Presence Operative Talents
"Thriving in Peril" iconThriving in Peril Origin Talents
"Tide of Excellence" iconTide of Excellence Operative Talents
"Uncanny Sight" iconUncanny Sight Operative Talents
"Weak Body, Weak Soul" iconWeak Body, Weak Soul Operative Talents
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