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Heinrix van Calox Companions


Agent of the Golden Throne. Interrogator of the Ordo Xenos. Right hand of Lord Inquisitor Xavier Calcazar. Heinrix van Calox, a sanctioned psyker in the service of the Holy Order of the Emperor’s Inquisition, is bestowed with many titles and considerable powers, which he directs toward one goal - the fight against the enemies of Humankind.

Van Calox is aboard the von Valancius voidship by order of the Lord Inquisitor. In his battle against servants of the Archenemy who threaten the Koronus Expanse with untold calamity, Heinrix is ready to sacrifice the remains of his own humanity, but if he does, will he then be any different from the monsters he fights?

Companion Abilities

"Iron Arm" iconIron Arm Companion Abilities

Companion Talents

"Adrenaline Surge" iconAdrenaline Surge Sanctioned Psyker-Biomancer
"Biophysical Distortion" iconBiophysical Distortion Sanctioned Psyker-Biomancer
"Blade Flurry" iconBlade Flurry Warrior Talents
"Blade of Light" iconBlade of Light Sanctioned Psyker
"Cautious Disengage" iconCautious Disengage Warrior Talents
"Clenched Teeth" iconClenched Teeth Warrior Talents
"Confer Immunity" iconConfer Immunity Sanctioned Psyker-Biomancer
Contempt Warrior Talents
"Corpus Conversion" iconCorpus Conversion Sanctioned Psyker-Biomancer
Crowd Kill Warrior Talents
Defensive Manoeuvres Warrior Talents
Desolation Warrior Talents
"Deterioration" iconDeterioration Sanctioned Psyker-Biomancer
Disarm Warrior Talents
"Divination" iconDivination Sanctioned Psyker
"Enforce Reality" iconEnforce Reality Sanctioned Psyker
Enrage Warrior Talents
Epicentre of Slaughter Warrior Talents
Field Medic Warrior Talents
Hardened Scars Warrior Talents
Impetus Warrior Talents
Interception Warrior Talents
Invigorating Hatred Warrior Talents
Living Shield Warrior Talents
"Obscured Threat" iconObscured Threat Sanctioned Psyker
Open Engagement Warrior Talents
Opening Strike Warrior Talents
"Psy Rating 0" iconPsy Rating 0 Sanctioned Psyker
Psy Rating 1 Sanctioned Psyker
Psy Rating 2 Sanctioned Psyker
Psy Rating 3 Sanctioned Psyker
Psy Rating 4 Sanctioned Psyker
"Psychic Barrage" iconPsychic Barrage Sanctioned Psyker
"Pulse of Life" iconPulse of Life Sanctioned Psyker-Biomancer
Ramming Speed Warrior Talents
Reckless Fury Warrior Talents
Rigorous Training Warrior Talents
"Sacred Rituals" iconSacred Rituals Sanctioned Psyker
"Sanguine Siphon" iconSanguine Siphon Sanctioned Psyker-Biomancer
"Second Sight" iconSecond Sight Sanctioned Psyker
"Stabilising Factor" iconStabilising Factor Sanctioned Psyker
"Still Mind" iconStill Mind Sanctioned Psyker
"Subtle Manipulation" iconSubtle Manipulation Sanctioned Psyker
"Telekinesis" iconTelekinesis Sanctioned Psyker
"Telepathy" iconTelepathy Sanctioned Psyker
Thick Skin Warrior Talents
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