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You’ll begin at the edge of a cliff after dragging your way out of the water, with Nadine and Sam squabbling at each other all the while. Head right around some rocks and drop down on to a muddy slope. At the bottom, head right again to cross over a wooden plank and vault up through a gap in the wall.

(1 of 2) Head right from the starting point

Head right from the starting point (left), Cross the wooden plank (right)

Once on the other side, go right once more to climb the rocks – you’ll come to some running water, with a waterfall to your left and some yellow handholds on the rocks in front of you. Jump into the water, sliding and jumping to catch the handholds and making your way up.

(1 of 2) Slide across the slope and jump to the handholds

Slide across the slope and jump to the handholds (left), At the top, push the branches out of the way (right)

At the top will be some thick branches that need moving out of the way – do this by repeatedly tapping triangle – and then jump to the handholds after Sam. It will crumble, though, forcing you to slide through the water and out of the waterfall. Jump from the edge of the slope and throw out your grapple hook to save Chloe from falling to her death!

From here, turn a little to the right to see the yellow handholds in the distance. Swing to these and haul yourself up behind the waterfall. Follow the path until you come to a metal yellow fence. There’s a gap at the top – climb up and vault over, following the handholds to the left until you reach the top.

(1 of 2) Swing to the handholds by the waterfall

Swing to the handholds by the waterfall (left), Climb the fence up to the tracks above (right)

Once there, you need to help Sam cross over the broken rail bridge. Push the wheeled platform along the track and hold it in place until Sam manages to scramble across to your side.

(1 of 2) Help Sam cross the broken bridge

Help Sam cross the broken bridge (left), Hoist Nadine up the ladder so she can help you find a way up (right)

Find the ladder to your left and hoist Nadine up – she’ll hold a pole in place against the wall for you and Sam to climb up. Then follow Sam around the cliff and use the grapple hook to swing over to the slopes and reach the other side. Wait for Nadine and Sam to climb up into the cave above you, then follow them for a cutscene.

(1 of 2) Make your way around the cliff

Make your way around the cliff (left), Follow Sam (right)

Afterwards, fight your way through the cave by taking out all the Shoreline soldiers. Watch out for the heavily armoured men with shotguns – acquiring a shotgun for yourself should help you to take out the enemies quickly and efficiently. When it’s over, arm yourself with the desired weapons and head for the collapsed rubble where Nadine and Sam are standing. Push a wooden beam out of the way to make your way through.

The track will collapse underneath you, forcing you to throw your grapple hook out and swing away from yet another near death. Swing to the slopes and take them down until you have to jump on to a piton-able wall.

(1 of 2) Go through the collapsed rubble

Go through the collapsed rubble (left), Jump to the piton-able wall after riding the slopes down (right)

Climb up and turn right to find the handholds leading up again – follow them until your allies concoct a grapple point for you. It’ll start to collapse, so climb the rope quickly to be reunited with Nadine and Sam again.

(1 of 2) Traverse the handholds around the rocks

Traverse the handholds around the rocks (left), to be reunited with Nadine and Sam (right)

You’ll come to another rail track and a dead-end. On one side is a wheeled cart, and on the other is a red sign with a lever that alters the track’s path. Push the cart along the track until you reach the debris at the end, then pull the lever to switch the tracks.

(1 of 2) Push the wheeled cart along the tracks

Push the wheeled cart along the tracks (left), Pull the lever at the red sign to switch the tracks (right)

Push it again to reach the wall on the other side – the cart will slip from your grasp, creating a hole in the wall for you to climb through.

Inside, the tunnel is blocked, but you can boost Sam up to a ledge on the right. He’ll wander off to find another way for you and Nadine to get through.

Go back outside, where Sam has found a crate for you to climb, but it’s still not tall enough for you. You need to push the wheeled cart back across the tracks below Sam – he’ll proceed to push the crate down on to the cart, and then you’ll be able to finally climb up.

(1 of 2) Help Sam up the ladder

Help Sam up the ladder (left), Push the cart back to its starting position for Sam to drop the crate on to (right)

Hop up the rocks on your left to find the next set of yellow handholds leading around the side of the cliff – ahead of you is a grapple hook point. Swing to the other side and climb up through a window to activate a cutscene.

(1 of 2) Traverse the cliffs

Traverse the cliffs (left), Swing over to the window and climb through (right)

When you have control again, you’ll see that the area is being guarded by a mixture of Shoreline thugs and Asav’s rebels. The helicopter carrying the Tusk of Ganesh will continue to circle the perimeter – this is your target.

Once again, you can choose how you wish to proceed. There are several lockboxes in the area holding weapons, ammunition, and C4, and an enemy wandering the walkway in the middle carrying an RPG. All very useful for this encounter!

Head right to drop down into the long grass for cover. You need to hit the helicopter with explosives, so try to make your way to the man on the middle walkway to take him out and steal the RPG. Everything else is up to you – more reinforcements will come, so be sure to take cover and proceed with caution. The helicopter will also fire at you relentlessly once you’ve been spotted.

After a few shots, find higher ground (safely) to throw the grapple hook to the bottom of the helicopter and climb up. Open the door for Chloe and Nadine to brawl with Orca until the helicopter goes down in flames.

Watch the cutscene and acquire the Tusk to end the chapter.

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