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Chapter 5 .
Optional Conversations 5

At the start of the chapter follow Nadine through the gate to the right of the path. When you drop down to the broken platform below, wait by the stairs in front of you for Nadine to come along.

She’ll speak, and the prompt for conversation #5 will appear over her head.

The next conversation occurs once you’ve begun climbing the Ganesh monument. The handhold will crumble, forcing Chloe to climb around a different way.

Once you jump to the hand and Nadine pulls you up, she’ll hop on to the little platform to your right, activating the next conversation (#6).

(1 of 2) Get back to Nadine above

Get back to Nadine above (left), Watch for the prompt to appear (right)

Conversation #7 will occur as soon as you drop into the crown of Ganesh at the top of the monument. Inspect the cannonball and then turn around to face Nadine for the prompt.

(1 of 2) Drop into the crown

Drop into the crown (left), Inspect the cannonball then speak to Nadine (right)

Continue making your way through until you reach the five-spoke lock door. This leads into a small room with a fire podium in the middle.

Venture over to the other side of the room to have conversation #8 appear over Nadine’s head.

(1 of 2) The room beyond the five-spoke lock

The room beyond the five-spoke lock (left), Go to other side to activate the conversation (right)

The last optional conversation is right near the end of the chapter. You’ll have just been beaten down by Asav and knocked unconscious from a fall.

As soon as you have control again, follow Nadine up the stairs as the two of you talk about Asav. Halfway up, conversation #9 will appear, so make sure you keep up with her.

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