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Among the Stars New Game Plus Missions


"Among the Stars" iconAmong the Stars (NG+)” is a Starfield New Game Plus mission that allows you to continue your journey after completing the main quest “One Small Step (NG+).” In this mission, you reacquaint yourself with "Constellation" iconConstellation, albeit an alternate version of it, and set out to find the Artifacts in this new universe.

Unlock Requirements

"Among the Stars" iconAmong the Stars (NG+)” can be accessed after completing “One Small Step (NG+)” and choosing to become Starborn, starting a New Game Plus in Starfield.

Mission Walkthrough

  • To unlock “"Among the Stars" iconAmong the Stars (NG+),” you must have completed “One Giant Leap” and chosen to become Starborn. This initiates a New Game Plus playthrough.
  • Proceed to "The Lodge" iconThe Lodge and speak to Sarah. The dialogue may differ slightly, as the "Constellation" iconConstellation members may feel like they’ve met you before.
  • You’ll be given a choice: replay “One Small Step” with a different approach or skip the main quest, indicating that you are Starborn.
  • Skipping “One Small Step” is necessary to unlock “Among the Stars (NG+).” By doing so, you can inform Constellation about your knowledge of the Artifacts and Temples.
  • Sarah will send you to "The Eye" iconThe Eye to speak with Vladimir, who will provide information about the new locations of the Artifacts in this alternate universe.

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