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Primary Objectives

Secondary Objectives

It’s worth your while to explore the area for items, since there are no enemies roaming around. To enter the facility, simply head to the far left part of the area and jump on top of the series of containers, making your way to the far end of the area. You should see a large ventilation shaft at the top [PATHFINDER 300XP] which leads to an area with pipes high above the ground level. Move over the pipes and go through the destroyed window to your left. Drop down, then ride the elevator at the far end of the hall all the way down.

If you still don’t have the jump enhancement then you can drop down this area, to the right, and avoid some electrified water to find a way up into the tower.

Continue through the halls and head up the stairs to the Command Center. Sneak past the turret in the hall up ahead and go through the broken window to meet Hugh Darrow.

A social battle commences. Hugh is quite sure of his case, but he can be brought to his knees by extrapolating while adding into the mix a little understanding. Good options for winning are: Extrapolate, Appeal, Extrapolate, and Extrapolate [500XP] + [SILVER TONGUE 1000XP]. With the access code (2012), backtrack through the halls (or hop through the broken window on the opposite side of the hall to save some time). Move through the hall until you reach a part with crazies.

If you’re very, very stealthy, sneak past the crazies and go through the door on the right, just before the two crazies staring at the wall. You’ll want the other crazy to have his back toward you as well. Move through this room and exit via the backdoor, which is - fortunately - close to the elevator. When none of the many crazies in this hall are watching (check your radar), call the elevator and use it.

Stay crouched and make your way to the end of this hall. Climb the metal box and shelving here and (while standing, not crouching) hop inside the crawling area in the roof. From here, move through the broken window and go over the yellow beams. Make your way through the crawling area head, loot the body, and continue through the vent at the far end of this space. Head through, go down the ladder, and exit the vent.

Immediately switch on cloak and make a run for the doorway to the far right, then quickly hop through the broken window to make it to safety.

The next hall leads to the last LIMB Clinic in the game. If you can spare the credits, buy the two last Praxis Kits, along with Hypostims and Typhoon Ammo. Continue through the hall when you’re done. It’ll be around this time that William Taggart asks for help.

Go through the doorway and hop onto the black beams, then look to your right and jump onto the blue scaffolding. Move towards the building’s wall and hop onto the edge, then crawl to the far side of the area. Drop down.

Finding William Taggart

Go through the doorway and hop onto the black beams, then look to your right and jump onto the blue scaffolding. Move towards the building’s wall and hop onto the edge, then crawl to the far side of the area. Drop down.

As the camera looks away, turn left and drop down next to the pipes, and hug the wall, staying out of sight. Moving to the end of the pipes leads you to a vent cover; head inside and go straight ahead, ignoring the shaft to your right for now.

This leads to William Taggart’s room. Speak to him twice to get all of the main dialogue, then exit the room. Loot the corpses, go around the corner, and move the metal crates away from the wall to reveal a ventilation cover. Head inside and you’ll find yourself back at the pipeline area. Backtrack the way you came, avoiding the cameras stealthily.

Here, crouch and move to the railing south of you. You’ll need to Icarus Landing System along with cloak for the next maneuver: While crouching, head west and approach the scaffolding. Turn on cloak and hop down the railing to your right; you should fall down the long, big ventilation shaft. There are crazies down below, so immediately go through the double doors and shut them behind you, then go around the corner and turn off cloak.

Optionally to using the Icarus system, you can find the elevator on the second floor, the one this guide uses to return after speaking to Sarif, and ride it down. You’ll have to avoid a lot more crazies however and using this route is only advised if you’re killing or have lots of cloak energy.

Finding David Sharif

At this point, Sarif contacts you; he’s in need of help. Go through the door, crouch, and hop over the pipes. Move through the area while hugging the left wall. The same principle applies to the next room downstairs. Hop onto the box in the upper right corner and enter the vent, which leads straight to Sarif. Speak to him twice and be on your way [500XP]. You can find [10x PLASMA CAPSULES] in the locker, just like a [LASER RIFLE BATTERY].

Head back through the vent and turn right; switch on cloak and go straight for the other doorway. Don’t continue down the hall; it’s rigged with mines. Instead, head through the LVL 4 door on your left. Beware, there are two more fragmentation mines in this hall, so slowly approach them to deactivate these. Entering the door grants you [PATHFINDER 300XP], but we’ll go upstairs instead.

Crouch through the hall and approach the doorway at the end. Immediately turn right to crawl underneath some devices. Use cloak to move towards the next hiding spot, while you keep hugging the right wall (yes, walls get a lot of love in Panchaea). From here, use cloak once more to move onward; proceed around the big device, through the door, into the hall to the northeast. Close the door to ensure safety. Head down the empty hall and call the elevator, which is a fairly long wait, then ride it up.

If you don’t want to sneak then use the nearby heavy machine gun to blow the crazies away. Or creep through the vent to the left here and hack the PC to activate the turret at the end of the walkway.

Move down the hall to your right and continue until you reach some closed doors. This is a fairly tough part to get past stealthily, unless you have several energy cells and bars so you can use cloak for a decent amount of time. Otherwise, drop to the sides of the railing to replenish your energy and take short spurts until you reach the other side. Make sure you don’t touch any of the crazies or they’ll go crazy! Uuhm.. you know what I mean. The elevator leads to the final area of the game, where the final boss battle starts. Loot the bodies in the final hallway and grab the Plasma Rifle if you don’t already have one, then go through the doors.

Final Boss Battle: The Hyron Project

The Hyron Project is partially controlled by Zhao Yun Ru, but also appears to have a will of its own. It is armed with powerful machine- gun turrets that circle around it, shooting at you whenever possible. To destroy it you’ll need to destroy Zhao, but she’s protected by a shield that you need to destroy first.

There are three pods with Hyron Drones inside the central structure that you must destroy in order to lower Zhao’s shield. You can either press the buttons next to the pods in order to open them, revealing the drones. Go over each and kill them one at a time. After destroying two drones, crazies will be released inside the room that you’ll probably want defeat by using takedowns, so having a few energy bars left will come in handy. When you’ve destroyed all three drones, medium security bots are released. These can be destroyed with Typhoon rounds or EMP Grenades.

An alternative way for killing the drones is to hack the LV4 PC’s in the perimeter. You are only briefly shielded from the turret gunfire by the breakable glass, so you should consider using cloak. You’ll still need to kill the Hyron Drones after opening their pods, but you can now do this from a distance.

Yet another way to deal with the Hyron Drones is to simply head for the central structure and look for the LVL 5 security panel. Input the code Hugh Darrow gave you: 2012 (apt code, by the way) and it’ll shut down the Hyron Drones their life support systems.

In any case you’ll still need to kill Zhao. The glass shield can be destroyed after taking care of the Hyron Drones; shoot it repeatedly and it’ll break. It will then only take a few hits to kill Zhao. Using Typhoon can speed things up tremendously here.

By far the quickest way to defeat the final boss is to simply pull out your Laser Gun - which can pierce Zhao’s shield without problems - turning on your cloak, and blast the Laser Beam straight at Zhao until she dies.

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The End

You defeated Zhao Yun Ru and destroyed the Hyron Project.

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Complete Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

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The game has four different endings, and it’s up to you to decide which fate mankind must face. Have an extra savegame so you can view them all and snag your achievement.

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Deus Ex Machina

Experience all the different endings that Deus Ex: Human Revolution has to offer.

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Be sure to watch the thrilling scene at the very end of the game to unlock an additional trophy/achievement. Congratulations!

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The D Project

You watched the entire credit list and saw the surprise at the end.

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