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Primary Objectives

Secondary Objectives:

TYM Storage Area

In this area, look for a [CYBERBOOST PROENERGY BAR] in one of the lockers on the left, and [25 CREDITS] underneath the vending machine to your right. One of the other lockers contains another [50 CREDITS]. Head through the door and go upstairs.

If your hacking is lacking then there is a lvl 1 security door round the back of the gassed room. You’ll need the rebreather augmentation to survive mind.

Here, an employee is in trouble due to a gas leak. Quickly head to the nearby door and hack the device (LVL3). You might need to use a Nuke Virus Software and a Stop! Worm Software, since it’s a tricky grid. Close the gas leak with the valve in this room to save the employee’s life [750XP]. Talk to him and he’ll give you some useful information.

You can find a useful [POCKET SECRETARY] in one of the lockers in the room with the valve that contains four keycodes. There are [200 CREDITS] and a [GAS GRENADE] in the lockers inside the employee’s room.

The guard up ahead isn’t about to let you pass, but there are several options for dealing with him. If you saved the employee, simply say so and he’ll let you pass. A bribe of 500 Credits does the same. Intimidating him causes him to ring the alarm and fight you. Bluffing causes him to go on a patrol, and you’ll want to take him out in this case.

The Pool Area

Enter the room to your left and loot the locker for a [TRANQUILIZER DART]. The other room contains [5x MACHINE PISTOL AMMO] in a locker, and a [MINE TEMPLATE] on top of the cabinet. In the control room, unlock the catwalk maintenance system (LVL2, code is 5720). Don’t move it just yet, instead, climb the ladder in the room left of here and explore the room it currently leads to (indicated by the green flashing lights) [PATHFINDER 300XP].

Inside you can find [200 CREDITS], an Ebook (Tao Yong Medical & You!), [5x SNIPER RIFLE AMMO] and [5x CROSSBOW BOLTS]. There’s also a [POCKET SECRETARY] on a box here with a keycode for the pump room (7934).

Path #1: Reposition the catwalk in the control room and head inside the room it now connects to [PATHFINDER 300XP]. The locker contains [350 CREDITS] and an [AMMO CAPACITY UPGRADE].

Drop down the shaft, in which you can find a [STUN GUN] and a [STUN GUN DART]. The vent leads to a room with two guards inside.

Path #2: From the control room, head downstairs and explore the intermediate level; there’s a LVL3 security door on the far other end (code: 0821). The lockers contain [5x 10MM AMMO], a [10MM PISTOL], [250 CREDITS] and an [EMP GRENADE]. You can also find some [PAINKILLERS] outside this room, near the entrance. Head down the last flight of stairs and explore the area behind the southern stairs to find a [NUKE VIRUS SOFTWARE], [2x REVOLVER AMMO] and a [REVOLVER] in the lockers.

There’s a camera up ahead that you’ll want to sneak past, and you can also find [3x MACHINE PISTOL AMMO] on the box nearby the camera. A [STOP! WORM SOFTWARE] can be found in the cabinet next to the camera. Head over the bridge and avoid the camera. Look for a large metal crate to your right and move it, revealing a ventilation shaft. First collect the [2x TRANQUILIZER DARTS] and [2x STUN GUN DARTS] from a box in the corner, then continue through the vent [PATHFINDER 300XP]. Look in the small box to find a [POCKET SECRETARY] and three [STUN GUN DARTS]. Path #3: Instead of using the vent you can also go over the bridge, take out the patrolling sentry, and go underneath the broken laserbeam (there’s a longer pause at a steady interval when you can slip underneath).

Exit the vent and save your game before going inside the nearby control room. Let the two guards finish their conversation, then take out the one leaning against some devices. Make sure you look out the window; there’s another guard patrolling the bridge and you’ll want to avoid being seen by him. This counts for both takedowns, and you must also hide their bodies (either in the vent, or very close to the wall) so that the other guard can’t spot them.

There’s an Ebook (The Sleepwalking World) next to the LVL2 PC, which you can use to shut down the nearby cameras (and befriend the medium sentry bots if you have access to, but this is hardly necessary). The login is POOLRM/pelagic.

You can furthermore find a [CYBERBOOST PROENERGY PACK] on the computer panels, [50 CREDITS] and [2x 10MM PISTOL AMMO] in the drawer, and two [COMBAT RIFLES] in the weapon cabinet.

Go through the double doors and head upstairs. Be careful; there’s a guard around the left corner - take him down when he’s not facing you. The LVL3 security panel (7934) leads to a maintenance generator room that has two lockers which contain [7x MACHINE PISTOL AMMO], [325 CREDITS], and [3x TRANQUILIZER DARTS]. The other generator room doesn’t contain anything, but the small area secured with a LVL2 system contains [5x 10MM PISTOL AMMO] and [10x MACHINE PISTOL AMMO]. Head through the door and ride the elevator up.

Tym Assembly

In this hall, look to your left and move the two small metal crates to reveal a [STOP! WORM SOFTWARE]. There’s a [POCKET SECRETARY] on a box and the locked LVL4 area contains a [CYBERBOOST PROENERGY BAR], [STUN GUN DART], [P.E.P.S. ENERGY PACK], [P.E.P.S.] and a breaker box to shut down the electric current straight ahead.

An alternative to the LVL4 hack is to continue into the next room, avoid the water, head inside the ventilation shaft behind the red box [EXPLORER 100XP], collect the [15 + 25 CREDITS] somewhere inside, and enter area with the breaker box this way. The other storage room contains [10x SHOTGUN CARTRIDGES], [35 CREDITS] and [4x MACHINE PISTOL AMMO].

In the next room, use the red box to hop over the large containers to access a secret area [PATHFINDER 300XP]. It contains [55 CREDITS], a [CONCUSSION GRENADE] and [4x MACHINE PISTOL AMMO].

Now use the metal crates to climb the structure and reach the high catwalk. You can even find [2x MACHINE PISTOL AMMO] in the center of the structure by moving one of the metal crates to reveal a small wooden box with the bullets inside

Icarus Landing Fun + Access Card

In the next room, search around for a vent (use the large metal crate to reach it, although you can technically also reach it with Jump Enhancement and crouching while aerial), which leads to a long shaft that you can only jump down if you have the Icarus Landing System. Doing so will grant you the [TRAILBLAZER 400XP] reward, and the following items: The body holds an [ACCESS CARD] and a [POCKET SECRETARY], there’s a [HUGH DARROW EBOOK] lying around too (Better Than Nature?), as well as a [TRANQUILIZER RIFLE] and a [RELOAD SPEED UPGRADE]. If you don’t already have the Icarus Landing System, now’s an excellent time to consider getting it. The vent leads back to the breaker box room, so head back to the room you were in just now.

The room blocked by the large metal crate contains [2x TRANQUILIZER DARTS] and [1x STUN GUN DART]. Ride the elevator up to the next area [1750XP] + [GHOST 500XP] + [SMOOTH OPERATOR 250XP].

Tai Yong Medical First Floor

As Pritchard suggests, keep your weapon concealed and head down the hall. Enjoy the beautiful view and head around the corner. There are several ways to enter the next area, but first we’ll do some exploring. The first room to your left (with the guard leaning against the wall) contains [50 CREDITS] in a drawer, some [PAINKILLERS], an unlocked PC, and if you move the large wooden crates you can also find [3x TYPHOON AMMO], a [CYBERBOOST PROENERGY PACK], [5x CROSSBOW ARROWS] and [2x WHISKEY]. If space is lacking in your inventory, consider using up the consumables (if necessary/useful). There’s also a hidden [NUKE VIRUS SOFTWARE] lying on top of a high cabinet in the corner opposite of the wooden crates.

It isn’t wise to hack the LVL3 panel on the security room opposite to this room when the guard is standing right behind you. A better idea is to go around the area and look for a ventilation shaft (hidden by two small metal crates) at the top of some crates in an open storage room. Make sure that, while inside this room, you stay crouched/hidden from sight at all times, or else the guards will all turn hostile. Inside you can find [10x MACHINE PISTOL AMMO], [8x COMBAT RIFLE AMMO], [4x TRANQUILIZER DARTS], and an [ACCESS CARD]. Head back through the vent the way you came.

It’s a good idea to take out the guard when he passes by this storage room, and drag him in - no one will see. He also has a [POCKET SECRETARY] with the keycode to the labs if you didn’t get pass the guard (4713). The nearby rooms contain unlocked PC’s with background info, and you can use the vent here to reach the next area if you play differently.

Alternatively you can also carry the vending machine at the far end of the hall (with Strength Enhancement), hop onto it (with Jump Enhancement) and reach the second floor instantly by placing it in the right spot, just under the balcony.

Move that vening machine so you can jump up there. It’s the quickest route if you’re trying to avoid everyone.

Head inside the Lee Geng Memorial Laboratory and start exploring. There’s a [HUGH DARROW EBOOK] (Radical Evolution is a Reality) in the center of the area, on a box underneath the central lab unit. There’s also a [POCKET SECRETARY] with a PC login on an other desk, and the unlocked PC’s hold background info.

There’s a LVL2 PC in one of the rooms here. The adjacent room contains a [POCKET SECRETARY] lying in a lab cart in the corner, while the last room houses two guard that you’ll first need to take out. If you have the Reflex Booster, a double takedown is a swift and easy way to do this. Otherwise, wait for them to finish their conversation (assuming you’re coming from the other room, not the main lab) and save your game. Take down the guard leaning against the wall and don’t move at all after the takedown. Back away and quietly sneak around the desk to take out the other guard. If he is alarmed however, quickly sneak towards his desk and perform a second takedown on him before he goes into hostile. Find [3x COMBAT RIFLE AMMO] in the drawer under the LVL3 PC, and [2x STUN GUN DARTS] and [3x TRANQUILIZER DARTS] in an other drawer.

Tai Yong Medical Second Floor

Head up the stairs to the second level and do some exploring. The balcony to the south connects to two rooms. The first has a LVL3 PC and the second holds [3x STUN GUN DARTS] and a [PRAXIS KIT] in the desk drawers. Hacking it will cause some scientists to go into emo-mode temporarily so its better to open it from the hall. The main area of the second floor contains [5x COMBAT RIFLE AMMO]. Continue through the double doors and head upstairs at the end of the hallway.

Tai Yong Medical Third Floor

Climb the small steps up ahead and hack the LVL2 panel on your right which leads to a server room. Search the drawer for [100 CREDITS]; the PC contains background info. The other two rooms contain [20 + 25 CREDITS] in the drawers, and a LVL3 PC plus unlocked PC. Hacking the LVL3 PC will probably scare a scientist or two, alarming the guards temporarily.

Speaking of guards, the one near the camera triggers a cutscene. Pheromones from the Social Enhancer give you some extra info.

Head right, down the steps and deactivate the laser grid here (LVL1) when the guard on the other side isn’t here. Take him down as he moves away from you; hide in the cover position behind the panel for guaranteed success.

Go down the hall and peek around the corner. One heavy grunt and a regular guard are on patrol. When the grunt moves away, quickly rush over to the normal guard and take him out. Do the same with the grunt, which is easy to do.

There’s an open room at the end of the hall that contains a [CYBERBOOST PROENERGY BAR]. The vent leads to the room with two security guards, but there is also a breakable wall to the left of the vent. Destroy it (either with the aug, or with a silenced weapon) and climb the ladder to find [5x CROSSBOW ARROWS], [5x TRANQUILIZER DARTS] and a [CYBERBOOST PROENERGY JAR] in a small wooden box. You can use the vent here to access the Data Core room, but first head back to explore the other room(s).

The room adjacent to the one with the two security guards contains [5x 10MM PISTOL AMMO], and the lockers also hold [4x REVOLVER AMMO], [75 CREDITS] and [5x MACHINE PISTOL AMMO]. Wait for the guards to finish their conversation (or go for a multiple takedown, if you have the Reflex Booster) and take them out one by one. There’s an Ebook (Synthetic Thought: The Human AI) on the desk and the unlocked PC contains a PC login. The desk drawers in this room contain [60 CREDITS], [10x MACHINE PISTOL AMMO], and the LVL 1 PC for which you just found the password (muonrule) allows you to turn two nearby cameras off, and the doors open.

This in turn allows you to take out the guard that refused you access. How dare he! Take him out for a [POCKET SECRETARY] with a keycode.

The Data Core Room

The Data Core Room can be accessed via the LVL4 door, via the main entrance, or via the ventilation shaft behind the breakable wall. If you go via the main entrance, jump (with Jump Enhancement) on the big server to the right and you are at the same spot the vent leads to. Alternatively you can move left of the box and quickly hide behind the next. In any case you’ll reach the second part of the laserbeam challenge.

It’s recommended to move by yourself when avoiding laser beams, do not use cover to cover swat rolls as they tend to have a slightly delayed start up or a strange finish that can accidently expose you and trip the lasers.

Look to the right side of the area and you’ll see a red screen; you can safely hide behind this. Once here, notice that the lowest laser beam closing off the nearby room isn’t functioning properly, so head underneath it. While you can use the metal crate here to use as a hiding place to reach the [POCKET SECRETARY] on the far end of the room, save yourself the trouble; you can only move the crate when the beams are away. The login code on the pocket secretary is RKUMAR/outback. (Alternatively, quickly rushing over to the small cabinet works too, and the lockers here contain [10x MACHINE PISTOL AMMO].

The ventilation system here directly leads into a room with three security guards, which can all be taken down easily. The two guards close to each other allow for a multiple takedown, but you can also perform two swift single takedowns without triggering the hostile or alarm modes.

The LVL 2 PC allows you to shut down the camera at the far end of the Data Core Room, and the desk drawer contains [125 CREDITS]. You can find [4x MACHINE PISTOL AMMO] in one of the lockers, while the weapon cabinet contains a [GAS GRENADE] and [3x COMBAT RIFLE] (oh weapon dealers, where art thy now?).

Open the door and study the pattern of the laser beams. You’ll want to rush after it as it moves away from you, and crouch behind the server in the middle of the room. This is very tricky - although not impossible - without cloak, so I suggest you turn it on. You’ll need it anyway to go through the door on the other side (although that is optional).

This room contains a [TYPHOON AMMO], [5x REVOLVER AMMO], and a [POCKET SECRETARY], along with a PC with background info. From here, hop over the server and avoid the last single laserbeam (which is easier with stealth), and finally ride the elevator up to the fourth floor, where a cutscene plays [2500XP] + [GHOST 500XP] + [SMOOTH OPERATOR 250XP].

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