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Primary Objectives

Hung Hua Hotel

Malik drops you off on the roof of the Hung Hua Hotel. It’s a good idea to head inside, after listening to the conversations the two working girls are having by the door.

On the 4th floor, head through the door and listen to the conversation in the first bedroom, then talk to Mei Suen to start the Rotten Business sidequest.

Now is also a good time to get a certain item that you’ll need later on. From Mei’s room, head onto the balcony and collect the [133 CREDITS] from the small table. From here, head over to the third, last balcony (the second room has nothing of interest) and sneak into the room crouched. Grab the [SMART CARD] at the bed’s end, and exit the room (the security guard and hooker don’t have anything on them).

Head downstairs to the 3rd floor and look for a [POCKET SECRETARY] with a key code in the poledancing room to your immediate right. The first bedroom holds a [HIVE MEMBERSHIP CARD] that’ll come in handy later. You can find a [CYBER BOOST PROENERGY BAR] on the cabinet left to the bed in the second bedroom. The third bedroom doesn’t contain any items.

The 2nd floor cannot be accessed, so head down to the first floor and enter the lobby office. One of the lockers contains a [CYBERBOOST PROENERGY PACK], and there’s an Ebook (Hearts of Steel) on the table. The safe can be unlocked with the code you just found (or you can hack it’s LVL 2 security system). The code is 7657 and inside you’ll find [137 CREDITS], [5x 10MM AMMO], and a new pair of shoes. You can find a [BEER] on the counter just on the other side of the glass.

Go through the red door across the bar to enter Lin Fu Ren’s shop.

Lin Fu Ren's Shop

**Items** **Price** **Available**
Rocket 150 2
Machine Pistol Ammo (x15) 120 5
Sniper Rifle Ammo (x5) 150 2
Crossbow Arrows 70 4
Rocket Launcher 4000 1
Machine Pistol 750 1
Sniper Rifle 3000 1
Crossbow 2000 1
Frag Grenade 150 2
EMP Grenade 200 1
Silencer 500 1
Laser Targeting System 500 1
Damage Upgrade 250 1
Target-Seeking System (for Machine Pistol/Combat Rifle) 1500 1

If you don’t already have a Silencer for your 10mm Pistol, now’s an excellent time to buy one. The ladder at the far end of this room leads to a sewer-like environment that grants a shortcut to The Hive (and there’s a vent that leads to Kuaigan District. Ignore these for now, just take note.

Hengsha Streets (Kuigan District)

Head outside. The city might overwhelm you at first, so we’ll just do everything step by step. Head inside the electronics shop across the street and go around the corner; hack the LVL 2 safe to find [110 CREDITS] inside. The storage room grants [TRAVELER 100XP] and contains [111 CREDITS]. You can find a [POCKET SECRETARY] near the entrance of the Hung Hua Hotel.

The nearby grocery store also has a storage room that grants a [TRAVELER 100XP] bonus, and contains a [CYBERBOOST PROENERGY BAR]. The bar’s storage room also grants [TRAVELER 100XP] and contains [103 CREDITS].

Head right, towards the “Lucky Dot” sign, and go around the corner - the other area leads to a dead end. You can find a bottle of [SPIRITS] down this street, at the intersection.

Turn right at this intersection and head through the alley until you have to jump over some concrete blocks. Head into the shop on your right and explore the storage room [TRAVELER 100XP], in which you can find an ammunition case with [4x TRANQUILIZER DARTS]. Continue and head downstairs. In case you were wondering, if you head right from here, the long staircase leads back to the roof of the Hung Hua Hotel, and also functions as a shortcut to Chuangli, the bouncer connected to the Rotten Business sidequest.

When you climb these stairs, keep an eye out for a small balcony on your left hand, right before you pass a bicycle and a few rubber tires. Jump on the railing to reach the balcony [TRAVELER 100XP], which contains a hidden [BURST ROUND SYSTEM].

Chuang Li (Rotten Business)

Speaking to Chuang Li grants you a standard [100XP], but he isn’t about to tell you where his friends are holding Ning. You’ll either need the Social Enhancer augmentation, or bribe Chuang Li with the fairly large sum of 2000 credits to have him tell you where Ning is. This is, however, optional information, but the extra experience you get for this can only be gotten by these two ways [300XP + 750XP].

Head back downstairs (to the previous area) to continue exploring.

Most importantly, explore the four storage rooms just ahead. They’re all locked with LVL 2 security panels, so hacking shouldn’t be a problem, but if you’re interested in their security codes, these are (from your starting position to the last): 1381, 1339, 1379, 7845.

The first box contains [5x CROSSBOW ARROWS], and [328 CREDITS] in a LVL 2 safe. The second box contains an ammunition case with [2x TYPHOON AMMO]. The third box contains [105 CREDITS], a [10MM PISTOL] (which you could sell at Lin Fu Ren for 175 credits, just drop your primary 10mm Pistol before picking this one up, then recollect it), and a [NUKE VIRUST SOFTWARE]. The fourth box contains [10x COMBAT RIFLE AMMO], a [COMBAT RIFLE] (which sells for a nice 630 Credits) and [5x SHOTGUN CARTRIDGES] plus [2x REVOLVER AMMO] inside the LVL 2 safe. Selling weapons might seem troublesome, but it’s well worth the time investment, especially if you want to buy the two Praxis Kits from the LIMB clinic soon enough (a whopping 10000 credits investment).

It’s also useful to know that the Alice Garden Pods entrance is located on the opposite side of the area. Ignore this for now.

Head downstairs and explore the storage room in the shop across the street [TRAVELER 100XP] to find [12x MACHINE PISTOL AMMO]. The other shop in the corner of the street also has a storage room [TRAVELER 100XP] that contains [5x 10MM PISTOL AMMO]. Head east - opposite of this shop - and go down the stairs underneath the level you previously explored the four storage boxes. This is a slummy area; you can only find a [BEER] in the far left corner on a small table with a radio.

Finding Ning (Rotten Business)

Ning can be found in a storage room upstairs, but is guarded by three Harvester Triad members. Locaing the guards grants you [300XP].

Head upstairs in a crouched position and look at your radar to ensure none of the three Harvester Triad members are looking your direction. Only one of them will occasionally inspect the stairs. You can try shooting him with the tranq. rifle while making sure he doesn’t see you (just don’t move too far ahead, and make sure his head is behind the wall), then drag his body down/out of sight. Alternatively, the Stun Gun works wonders too.

To take out the other two guys, first tranquilize the one leaning against the wall - you can do this from behind the concrete block. The other one will rush towards him to wake him, so quickly prevent him from doing just that by going in for a takedown. Alternatively you can use a Stun Gun to down the first guard, and a takedown for the second [750XP]. Loot their bodies to find a [POCKET SECRETARY] with the keycode for the LVL 2 storage box (which you could also hack for XP); 5377. Speak to Ning and accept her gratitude [100XP].

Return to Mei at the Hung Hua Hotel to receive your reward [1000XP], [1000 CREDITS]. She also has another task for you, namely to kill Diamond Chan. Accept this mission (she’ll hand you the drugs package) and go downstairs. From the entrance of the Hung Hua Hotel, head right.

You can go up the stairs on the right and explore the storage room of the store to receive [TRAVELER 100XP]. There’s another store at the very top of the stairs that also has a storage room [TRAVELER 100XP]. There’s also a LVL2 storage cabin on the top floor; simply head around the corner. Inside you can find a [TRANQUILIZER RIFLE]. If you already have one, consider dropping your main tranquilizer rifle and selling this one for 750 Credits at Lin Fu Ren’s shop; easy money considering how close his shop is.

Finding Diamond Chan:

Ignore the ladder and stairs, and head down the left streets to enter Youzhao District. Climb the two ladders at the intersection and move to the far end of this roof.

Diamond Chan’s apartment is on the far left end of the roof up ahead, so you’ll need to jump over, which isn’t a problem with Jump Enhancement. Otherwise, head up the small steps and use the ramp for an extension for your leap.

Approach the door of his apartment and wait for Chan to finish his phone call; he’s obviously pissed off. Look at your radar and wait for him to turn his back towards you, then enter his apartment [300 XP] and knock him out [100 XP] (or kill him [300 XP], which won’t affect your rewards; in fact, you can also knock out Chan first for XP, then kill him. This does affect two trophies/ achievements - see below).

Save your game first. If you want to get “The Fall” achievement/trophy, hurl Chan off the building. This prevents you from getting the “Pacifist” trophy/ achievement. After getting “The Fall”, reload your game and plant the drugs on him. If you already have “The Pacifist” trophy/achievement, then killing Chan is your best option, since it grants you 200 extra experience points (since the fall or planting drugs only grant 100XP instead of 300XP).

Trophy/Achievement Icon

The Fall

You sent Diamond Chan on the trip of a lifetime.

Trophy icon

You can also grab his Revolver and sell it for 300 Credits since you’re going to the Hung Hua Hotel anyway. Complete the quest with Mei to receive [1000XP] and [2000 CREDITS].

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Rotten Business

Help a lady in the oldest of professions clean house.

Trophy icon

More exploration of the Hengsha City Streets (Kuaigan District):

From the Hung Hua Hotel, head right and go down the ladder or stairs on your immediate right (and walk past the Pole Doll poster). There’s a LVL2 storage box in this alley, inside which you can find a [RELOAD SPEED UPGRADE], an excellent combination for weapons like the Tranquilizer or Sniper Rifle that have a 1-round-only clip and require a lot of reloading.

There’s a manhole in the small area to the right which leads to the sewer part that connects to the Hung Hua Hotel. Continue down the alley and you’ll see an electronics shop across the street; its storage room [TRAVELER 100XP] contains [99 CREDITS]. East of here connects back to the part of town you’ve already explored, and also leads to the entrance of The Hive. Ignore this for now and head down the streets left of the electronics store and go north. It requires Jump Enhancement to jump over the fence with the help of one of the containers; in this small area you can find a [STUN GUN] and [2x STUN GUN DARTS].

You don’t actually need Jump Enhancement to get to the area behind this one; the other alley to the right of the electronics store also leads here. Ignore the manhole and continue north until you reach a fence with a hole in it. Head through and pick up the [10x MACHINE PISTOL AMMO], then continue and head down the stairs at the far end of the streets. This leads you to the Hengsha LIMB Clinic and Tai Yong Medical entrance.

Huang City (Limb Clinic) Shop:

**Items** **Price** **Available Quantity**
Typhoon Ammo 100 5
Hypostim 100 5
CyberBoost ProEnergy Bar 250 2
Praxis Kit 5000 2

As usual, it’s a good idea to buy both Praxis Kits (if you can, otherwise try making more money by finding/selling weapons or exploration). Since Hypostims are well worth their money and are quite rare, buying both is also a good idea.

The stairs leading down eventually connect with the part of Hengsha where you freed Ning, and there’s little else to do there so you can safely ignore it, unless you want to chat with NPC’s. There is a LVL2 storage room to the right of the stairs, however, which you can hack. Do this quickly, because the police officers don’t like you snooping around there. Once you’ve hacked it, everything’ll be fine though. Inside a [4x SHOTGUN CARTRIDGES] and a [SHOTGUN] (which sells for 750 credits).

You can find [107 CREDITS] in one of stores’ storage rooms here [TRAVELER 100XP] and [10x COMBAT RIFLE] on a container in a corner above the subway station. There’s also a LVL2 storage room here, but you’ll want to knock out the nearby police officer first or he’ll probably turn hostile against you. This has the added bonus that you can sell his Combat Rifle for 630 credits.

Alternatively you can find a [POCKET SECRETARY] with the code (6830) for the container box behind the counter of the nearby store. You can still knock out the police officer regardless and make some money of his Combat Rifle, of course. It’s basically possible to do this with more officers, but always save your game beforehand and make sure there are no other officers in sight. After a while you’ll start to find it hilarious how Lin Fu Ren keeps saying how you make him poor, and that dealing with you is no fun. The only thing that happens when civilians are around is that they’ll go into emo-mode for a few minutes. Just hide the body in a place where no civilians can see it and they will return back to normal after a few minutes of your absence.

Inside you can find a [POCKET SECRETARY] with the keycode (9900) for the safe; it’s lying under one of the heavy crates (which requires Strength Enhancement to lift). The PC contains the conversation of the intro of the game and some other mysterious hacker emails. The LVL2 safe contains a [REVOLVER] and [3x REVOLVER AMMO].

You’ve pretty much explored the entire district, so head into the subway station and travel to the Youzhao District. You can also enter this district via various streets, but this route is closest to us now.

When you reach street level you’ll be halted by Belltower Guards. This is actually your current destination, so we’ll explore the rest of this district later. You can take the time to open the LVL1 storage cabin next to the subway through; inside is a [P.E.P.S.], a [P.E.P.S. ENERGY PACK] and [125 CREDITS]. Now … How to get into that penthouse?

The Penthouse

Path #1: Head around the corner of the street and climb the ladders nearby the store, then jump on the iron attachments to reach the roof. You’ll most likely overhear two Belltower guards talking about security issues. You can either hack the LVL1 door and go through the vent, or you can take out the guard on the roof (and the second guard on the far side of the roof).

Explore the roof on your right to find [10x MACHINE PISTOL AMMO] on a small table. Yeah, I always bring my machine pistol ammo too when I go out for a drink on a rooftop in Hengsha, and then forget to take it with me.

Take out the guards, head through the door, go downstairs and use the elevator to enter the penthouse. (You could also take out the two guards on your left with a double takedown if you wish. More importantly, when you exit to the right, you can hack the apartment here and find a [HUGH DARROW EBOOK] (Understanding Vision (Part 1)) in the kitchen.)

Move one of the vending machines away from the ventilation shaft, then head left down the hall. The other ventilation system leads to an elevator shaft [EXPLORER 200XP], but we’ll ignore this for the moment.

Sneak towards the corner, wait for the two guards to finish their conversation, and hide behind the wall on your right. Take down the guard that passes, then take out the other one. The garbage room in the far left corner holds a [BEER].

The other room is where the action’s at. There are three guards here. Hide behind the desk and wait until one of the guards moves towards the desk; take him out when he’s about to turn his back towards you. The other two guards only look outside the window, although the other strolls every once in a while from one window to the other. Taking these two out shouldn’t be a big problem.

The ventilation shafts here lead back to the one you revealed by moving a ventilation shaft. The garbage room contains a [BEER], the bedroom holds a [10MM PISTOL] in the open drawer, a [STOP! WORM SOFTWARE] in the dress room and [PAINKILLERS] in the bathroom.

The Toy Doll in the middle of the office reveals a secret opening, but you could also jump through the destroyed wall to reach your objective. There are two [STOP! WORM SOFTWARES] and a [NUKE VIRUS SOFTWARE] on the desk. Hack the LVL1 PC and read the emails to complete your objective [2500XP].

The Hive

Head back to the Hengsha streets and go to The Hive [250XP]. You’ve already found the membership card on the 3rd floor of the Hung Hua Hotel, so the bouncer will let you pass. Otherwise you’ll need to flash your credit card. Speak with Bobby Boa the bartender and ask for Tong. Also buy his drinks and down them all at once, along with a few beers you might still have (unless you’re already at 200 health). An excellent way to get Jensen wasted.

Head inside the men’s restroom to find a [POCKET SECRETARY] with a keycode to the basement. The women’s restroom has a vent leading back to the Hengsha streets; it leads back to the place where you had to crawl under a fence to continue. This is also an other way to get inside The Hive [TRAVELLER 100XP]. There’s also a [BEER] in the women’s restroom.

Go upstairs and look around for another [BEER] and [WINE], then proceed to the manager, Tong. A social battle commences. The best first option is Pinpoint. The second and third answers that will usually work are Advise and Pinpoint, but save your game beforehand to ensure victory [750XP] + [SILVER TONGUE 1000XP]. You’ll also unlock a trophy for winning this social battle.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Darker Shades

You convinced a fast-talking bartender to let you see Tong Si Hung.

Trophy icon

Head downstairs and go through the door on your left. The storage room contains a [WINE]. Head downstairs and, if you want to do some optional exploration, head left past the bouncer. Head through the halls and before you continue past the camera, head through the vent to find a [NUKE VIRUS SOFTWARE], and a dead body in a room (someone Tong must’ve tortured). He has a [POCKET SECRETARY] on him that hints at the reason for his demise. Search the room for a [RATE-OF-FIRE] upgrade on the small cart, then go outside.

Going upstairs leads to a small office with a [HUGH DARROW EBOOK] (Optical Enhancement Functionality), a LVL3 safe (code: 8953) with [378 CREDITS] + [533 CREDITS], and two PCs.

Head back to the bouncer at the intersection and head the other way to enter Tong’s office. You can also spot him from the vent shaft on the left side. Look around for [383 CREDITS] in his office, as well as a [HUGH DARROW EBOOK] (The Use of Neuromuscular Facilitation Systems). Speak with Tong to get the info you need [1000XP].

Before you leave The Hive completely, talk to Bobby (the bartender) again to start the Bar Tab sidequest.

Alice Garden Pods

We’ll first continue with the main storyline, so head to the Alice Garden Pods. Go to the reception and head through the door. The LVL3 door here (3824) leads to an office with an Rebook (MY DIARY (by Chou Jian)), a hidden [POCKET SECRETARY] behind the small box under the desk with a login code: ASGARDEN/ rbbthole, a LVL3 PC (with this login), another Ebook (Dragon Heads: The Triads of the 21st Century), and a LVL2 safe with [1015 CREDITS]. You DON’T want to be seen in this room by the receptionist or Harvesters or they’ll turn hostile.

Continue and head up the stairs where you’ll run into Malik. You can now start the Shanghai Justice sidequest if you accept. In any case, we’ll continue with the main quest right now.

You can find a [CYBERBOOST PROENERGY BAR] on the counter of the cook in the center. There’s a [BEER] on a table in the southeastern area, and a [CYBERBOOST PROENERGY BAR] on a crate nearby the southeastern stairs. Behind these containers you can find a more hidden [ARMOR-PIERCING UPGRADE] for the 10mm Pistol. If yours already has the upgrade, sell it for 750 Credits to the dealer located nearby.

The dealer Peng Xin Hao can be found in the storage room to the northeast.

**Items** **Price** **Available Quantity**
Revolver Ammo (x5) 150 2
Combat Rifle Ammo (x10) 120 5
Shotgun Cartridges (x5) 150 2
P.E.P.S. Energy Pack (x1) 70 4
Tranquilizer Darts (x2) 4000 1
Stun Gun Darts (x2) 750 1
10mm Pistol Ammo (x5) 3000 1
Revolver 2000 1
Combat Rifle 150 2
Shotgun 200 1
P.E.P.S. 500 1
Tranquilizer Rifle 500 1
Stun Gun 250 1
10mm Pistol 1500 1
Mine Template 1500 1
Gas Grenade 1500 1
Concussion Grenade 1500 1
Rate-of-Fire Upgrade 1500 1
Exploding Rounds Package (for the Revolver) 1500 1
Stop! Worm Software 1500 1
Nuke Virus Software 1500 1

The Gas Grenade is well worth its money, and so is the Exploding Rounds Package for the Revolver (is you like to use it). Stocking up on Stop! Worm and Nuke Virus Softwares is always a good idea if you have the credits to spare.Head up to the third floor and do some exploration.

Pod 09: Ebook (Rooftop Pitfalls Claim Another) - this is part of the Shanghai Justice sidequest, and a [POCKET SECRETARY]. Reading the Ebook grants you [100XP].


Pod 25: Ebook (HOW TO WIN AT MAHJONG).



Pod 139: [BEER]

Pod 143: [HUGH DARROW EBOOK] (Electrogravitic Technology Applications), [CYBERBOOST PROENERGY BAR], [2x STUN GUN DARTS], [99 CREDITS].

Pod 201: [100 CREDITS] (on the nearby bench).


Pod 211: [95 CREDITS]. (a [POCKET SECRETARY] with a “manager’s safe code” lies nearby this pod, the code is 3785).

Pod 233: [POCKET SECRETARY] (not inside but directly in front of it).

Pod 241: [WINE].

Pod 243: [POCKET SECRETARY] (with code to office: 3824).

Head up to the fourth floor to continue your exploration. Don’t speak with Van Bruggen just yet.

Pod 301: Van Bruggen’s Pod.

Pod 333: [2x P.E.P.S. ENERGY PACK].

Pod 405: [95 CREDITS].

Pod 411: [96 CREDITS].

Pod 425: Ebook (DEAR DIARY).



Pod 501: [103 CREDITS].


Pod 517: [SPIRITS].

Pod 543: [10MM PISTOL].

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